Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

The latest Old School RuneScape community poll for a new quest to be added to the game – A Divided Kingdom – came with flying colors. Almost 93% of the votes cast were in favor of adding, and Jagex hopes to roll out the new content in 2021.

The Old School RuneScape team always conducts community surveys before adding, modifying or removing large amounts of content to the game. The goal is to keep all players engaged in the world and to provide a layer of transparency that you don’t normally see with other developers. So far, this tactic has paid off, and OSRS has pulled an incredible number of players by 2020.

Polls have been completed for A Kingdom Divided, a new Kourend mission that Jagex will be developing next year. Almost all of the votes were in favor and only a few players voted against. Out of over 30,000 votes cast, only 2,256 were against the change.

“A Divided Kingdom is another mission in the Kourend series. Investigate the underlying corruption in the ruling Kourend Council and uncover a much deeper conspiracy spanning hundreds of years, ”reads an official poll. “In addition to the quest, there are also some suggested alterations to the Arceuus spellbook and the Shayzien area. We want to offer beta worlds to test some of the new spells on offer if successful. ”

Jagex officially announced the results on his Old School RuneScape Twitter account, although no further split of votes was given – or the timetable for the coming of the Divided Kingdom -. We’ll probably find out more in the new year, so come back after the holidays.

2021 is a big year for RuneScape, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Old School RuneScape is a bit younger – since it’s a spin-off that was only made a few years ago – enabling players to relive RuneScape’s early days. There are some important events planned for January and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for fans.

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