Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

3W5W UV laser peels the paint on the plastic buttons, clear and bright without damaging the bottom

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Today, as the electronic product market continues to expand, plastic keys are used more and more widely. As parts of electronic products, the production quality of plastic keys also needs to be adequately guaranteed.

The RFH 3W5W UV laser in the peeling process of plastic buttons deeply impressed customers

The paint stripping process of 3W5W UV laser on plastic buttons has been used for many years. For Mr. Lin, who has always supported RFH, RFH has helped him when his factory was growing up in a bottleneck period. It is a rare conscience enterprise.

Stable 355nm nanosecond UV laser, excellent paint stripping technology to help customers grow up

Two years ago, Mr. Lin, who came to visit, saw a 3W5W ultraviolet laser at a glance, and his paint peeling process for plastic buttons deeply moved him. The RFH UV laser uses a small spot to peel paint on the surface of the material. Due to its small processing heat-affected zone, it will not produce thermal effects. Therefore, there is no problem of scorching and consumables for plastic materials, and the cost is greatly reduced.

UV laser is a machine that does not require maintenance and consumables

Secondly, the UV laser is a machine that does not require maintenance and consumables. It only needs to be plugged in to be able to work continuously for 24 hours, which is stable and efficient. At the same time, the RFH ultraviolet laser is very environmentally impacted and the operating cost is also very low. The full computer control reduces the difficulty of its use. It is a completely green and safe laser technology.

RFH 3W5W UV laser

Mr. Lin used all the funds to purchase a 3W5W ultraviolet laser two years ago, which also allowed his factory to successfully pass the long growth period and enter a stage of stable development. RFH’s help to growing-up companies has allowed them to make free publicity for RFH, and jointly make continuous progress for the prosperity of an industry.

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