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Searing Gorge is a contested zone in the Eastern Kingdoms in the 43-52 range for players. Searing Gorge is home to a group of exceptionally stout dwarves called the Thorium Brotherhood, who have separated from the Dark Iron clan. Just as its name might show, the whole zone is a charred, burning hellscape, within a deep foreboding valley. Besides the outcast Dark Iron settlement of Thorium Point, there are few other friendly settlements in the zone, to either faction. Numerous gamers have many reasons for getting to Searing Gorge, but the most obvious reason most players do is that it contains one of the entrances to Blackrock Mountain. Within the mountain are the entrances to over four different dungeons, including some of Classic WoW’s premium endgame content. And,next is a guide for you to get to Searing Gorge.

Option One: Just walk in from the Badlands

There is a pass through to the Badlands and from there, there is a path north to Loch Modan which is next to the starting zone of the Dwarves,Dun Morogh. The zone is easy to get to for the Alliance even though it is a little boring unless you have flight or the flight point.
For the Horde, the journey is a long and even more boring route, the player will have to go to Stonard in the Swamp of Sorrows and then walk up there, trying to avoid the Alliance settlements .

Method Two: Through Blackrock Mountain

This method is a little easier for Alliance players, as the entrance to the Burning Steppes from the south is through the Redridge Mountains. Just head north into the Burning Steppes from Redridge and then follow the road a little north and then more fully to the west. If you are below level 50, you’re going to want movement, because everything here will kill you.

Once you can see Blackrock Mountain, you know where you’re headed. Keep going west until you find the turn off that leads to the mountain. Follow that road, straight North and through the mountain, until you reach the gate on the other side. Once there, you’re done. Just head to Thorium Point in the East to get the flight path.

Method Three: The Key to Searing Gorge (Only for Alliance Only)
This one is kind of cool, because you have to have already done one of the above methods to be able to get this option. To open up the gate to Searing Gorge, you have to go there first and find a Stegadon called Margol the Rager, who patrols a wide area in the Southeast of the zone.

Margol will drop Margol’s Horn, which is the beginning of a short chain that leads to the guard at the gate to Searing Gorge in Lock Modan, then to Ironforge and back again. Once you’ve finished the whole chain, Mountaineer Pebblebitty will reward you with the key to the gate to Searing Gorge. Boom – you’re done.

This method is quite unnecessary, as getting to Searing Gorge is required to complete it, though before the addition of Thorium Point having access to the gate made travel MUCH easier for Alliance players.

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