Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Welcome to FIA Home Foods
Meet Mr. Madhukar Nekkanti founder of FIA HOME FOODS, a man who wanted to share his passion and love towards food through authentic home made food products.
He was an all round first class cricketer, cricket coach, Tollywood actor , successful businessman and a philanthropist. He don’s many hats and never fails from doing something more magnificent. He mentored many movie stars, sports personalities and startup companies. Priyanka Chopra( from Quantico Series, Baywatch) started her movie career with him before she went on to become a Hollywood star.
His simple and genuine idea of showcasing hidden culinary skills of mothers and housewives on a platform where like minded people meet and exchange the recipes, had led him to start FOODIES IN ANDHRA(FIA).
Through his popularity and the right strategy, FIA has gathered about 90,000 strong active members from all round the world. It is quiet evident to see his ideology transcending onto FIA members. In these few years, since the time of the FIA inception they have done more then 100 Major charities for the needy and the poor in various states. His popularity, motivation and good heart has already made him a youth icon and an amazing person to look up to.
It all started with the passion for food and a simple idea. Within each individual home is a unique tradition and way of cooking, using age-old ingredients and recipes passed down to generations with love and care. We gathered a team of inspirational women to share and create their own recipes to bring back those nostalgic flavours to you.
Our idea is to deliver this love and care to your homes, in the form of our mouth-watering and remarkably fresh range of sweets, savouries and pickles. Just one taste will take you back to your sweet childhood memories and that’s our guarantee!

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