Jul 13

Smallable Designer Little Girls Dresses For Sale & Jollyhers

The first year of a Jollyhers cute summer dresses for little girls baby’s life is probably the most intense one. So much happens during these first twelve months of human life: that wrinkly, curled-up newborn you welcomed into your arms for the very first time on the day he or she was born, will turn into a smiling, babbling, eating, crawling (or even walking!) toddler in no-time. It’s crazy!

Documenting baby’s first year in a baby book is a wonderful way to take a pause, to step back from the madness of everyday life and review the milestones of your little one and the journey you have thus far made together. A photo of one of the first smiles, that first, messy baby bite, perhaps a snapshot of the first steps… All these very special moments and memories can find a place in a baby book, which will forever be a special reminder of those first months together.

My First Year is a minimal yet beautiful baby book. It has a gorgeous blue-grey linen cover embossed in gold lettering and a tiny baby hand. The pages are made of thick, high-quality paper. The font, which again is very minimal, is gorgeous and very reserved — leaving the story to be told to the entries, which can be both photos as text. Little details make the book extra special, such as a tiny envelope meant to hold a lock of baby’s hair or an occasional vellum page with a lovely quote or poem.

My First Year makes creating a baby book easy and doable, and the beautiful framework will ensure the result will be amazing. It will be a true keepsake for your family! The book comes with a pretty sleeve, which is perfect to protect the book while stored away. It also makes it an extra luxurious, thoughtful gift; both for a pregnant friend or a for newborn baby.

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Jun 21

Kids Clothing: Fashion Girl Dresses At Jollyhers

The runways might start the trends, but Google Search shows us which styles really catch on with shoppers. To get the latest consumer insights, we looked at search patterns and geographic data driving this year’s biggest Jollyhers girl clothes free shipping .
ashion may have gotten fast, but consumers have gotten faster. On Google, they’re shopping in countless micro-moments every day—looking for ideas, finding the best, and buying with a tap. Taken together, all of these retail-related searches give a snapshot of styles on the rise that can make for impactful trends.

Our latest Google Fashion report highlights three of these trends—military chic, free-spirited, and ready-to-go outfits—that stand out in both the United States and United Kingdom. More than just the latest fads, though, these styles (and how people search for them) hint at broader shifts in consumer behavior and cultural values.
Bomber jackets are the new uniform

There was a time when women dressed for men. Today, they’re dressing more like men, reappropriating traditionally masculine styles like bomber jackets and biker jeans. At the same time, men are sporting these styles in more “feminine” colors and patterns. The result is a growing and evolving trend in “military chic” that’s giving fierce a new face. When we interviewed a group of shoppers in the U.S., one woman said she liked this style because “it makes anything look a bit edgier.”
The bomber jacket is leading the trend. While search interest has been growing steadily for years, it just recently surged, starting in London late last year.1 Since then, it has spread to most major cities across the U.S. and U.K.2

How people search for bomber jackets reflects its style evolution from military to mainstream. While it’s often searched with words like “flight,” “army,” and “MA1” (the traditional style), “David Beckham” and “Kanye West” are also common, reflecting the influence celebrities have had on the trend’s adoption. General terms like “mens,” “womens,” “petite,” and “plus size” suggest interest has made its way to the average consumer. Where’s it heading next? Check the playground—”kids,” “baby,” and “toddler” are all top-associated terms.
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May 29


As Salam & Salam Sejahtera.. Kereta sewa pandu sendiri

Terdapat pelbagai model AXIA / MYVI / PERSONA / SAGA / TOYOTA Vios 1.5 (A)

*Harga Serendah RM80/day
*Sewaan jangka masa panjang, boleh nego.


RAHIM – 013-5805283

Dokumen (Photocopy) :
-Kad Pengenalan / Passport
-Lesen Memandu
-Bil Utiliti (Astro / Air / Elektrik)
-Student Pass @ Working Card
– Deposit RM100 (Refundable)


May 24

2015 BMW i8 – AWD 2dr Coupe

2015 BMW i8 – AWD 2dr Coupe

I want to sell my 9 month used 2015 BMW i8 – AWD 2dr Coupe, I am the first owner of this car and it is barely used for Nine months, No accident record and there is no mechanical or engine fault, So i need to sell it urgent.

Price 18,250 KWD
MILEAGE 14,242 miles
ENGINE 1.5L I3 Twin Turbocharger
TRANSMISSION Automatic 6-Speed
FUEL Plug-In Hybrid
EXTERIOR COLOR Crystal White Pearl With Gray Accent
INTERIOR COLOR Carum Spice Gray (Very Light Gray)

The specs are impressive: 357 hp, 420 lb-ft of torque, 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds, the equivalent of 76 mpg, and a range of up to 330 miles. Of course, being a BMW, the most impressive part happens when you get behind the wheel and just drive it.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions at all.