Oct 19

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Mages don’t directly use their weapons to attack enemies, as they’re not dependant on them for dealing damage. These weapons just act as a stat stick for them, so that they can alter the high amount of natural energy in them to cast spells. Their spells can vary depending on their offensive or defensive combat class.

There are quite a few notable wands you can find from vendors, outdoor quests, dungeon quests, and are listed as follows –

· Level 5: Lesser Magic Wand crafted by Enchanters

· Level 13: Greater Magic Wand crafted by Enchanters

· Level 15: Firebelcher from Deviate Faerie Dragon in the dungeon Wailing Caverns

· Level 18: Gravestone Scepter from Blackfathom Villainy / Blackfathom Villainy

· Level 26: Lesser Mystic Wand crafted by Enchanters

· Level 30: Nether Force Wand, Icefury Wand or Ragefire Wand from Mage’s Wand

· Level 46: Noxious Shooter from Noxxion in Maraudon

· Level 51: Rod of Corrosion from Shade of Eranikus in The Temple of Atal’Hakkar

· Level 58: Ritssyn’s Wand of Bad Mojo from Baron Rivendare in Undead Stratholme

We do know that weapons are not as important for Classic Mages during levelling, but there are still weapons that can help you in your journey. The rewards that I’ve listed below have one common link between them and that is ‘Spell Power’ – which is by far the best stat for levelling mages.

· Level 32: Orb of the Forgotten Seer, Off-Hand from Bloodmage Thalnos in Scarlet Monastery Graveyard

· Level 34: Hypnotic Blade, Dagger from Arcanist Doan in Scarlet Monastery Library

· Level 35: Celestial Stave, Staff from quest Celestial Power

· Level 35: Celestial Orb, Off-Hand from quest Celestial Power

· Level 42: Zum’rah’s Vexing Cane, Staff from the Witch Doctor Zum’rah in Zul’Farrak

· Level 47: Spirit of Aquementas, Off-Hand from It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

· Level 48: Spire of Hakkar, Staff from Shade of Hakkar in The Temple of Atal’Hakkar

· Level 49: Drakestone, Off-Hand from Several Bosses in The Temple of Atal’Hakkar

At level 60, you can purchase several powerful upgrades for your weapon.

After the release of a level 60 horde raid called ‘Ahn’Qiraj’. It is recommended that you switch to One-hand and Off-hand weapons, rather than staves. Now, before you ask why? The reason is because this zone depends heavily on what you have, so it’s better to use whatever give you more stats.

· Type and Level: Search for a certain type of item, like all Cloth Helms + Gloves or all rare staves. You can further narrow things by their required level if you’re interested in twinking or levelling upgrades.

· Phase Availability: There are six content phases in Classic WoW(here classic wow gold so cheap & fast), with many pieces of gear coming from PvP, dungeons, or raids in later phases, so we’ve organized all items by their phases.

· Stats: You can filter gear by every statistic in Classic WoW, ranging from Primary stats like Intellect to defensive ones like Fire Resistance.

· Source: There are filters for all types of sources, including drops, crafted items, and quests.
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Oct 09

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Blizzard has released patch notes for WoW Classic PTR Build 1.13.6 which includes Naxxramas, and new Items and Content!When do you think Phase 6 Classic WoW is coming? The notes imply this is a staggered launch, with possibly some content and Cheap wow classic gold coming before the Naxxramas raid.

The next version of WoW Classic is now available for testing on the Public Test Realm (PTR).


Floating above the Plaguelands, the necropolis known as Naxxramas serves as the seat of one of the Lich King’s most powerful officers, the dreaded lich Kel’Thuzad. Horrors of the past and new terrors yet to be unleashed are gathering inside the necropolis as the Lich King’s servants prepare their assault. The Scourge marches again…

Please note: Raid testing in this PTR will be available only at designated times.

Items and Content

This patch includes the following new pursuits:

Being exalted with your Warsong Gulch faction now offers epic-quality leg gear.
Crafted nature resist pieces are now available with Cenarion Circle reputation.
Nature resist enchants for leg and head gear are now available from Zul’Gurub.
Several skill books for new skill ranks (Frost Ward, Shadow Ward, Flame Shock, Conjure Food, Eviscerate, Ferocious Bite) are obtainable.
There are now PvP objectives in Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands.
An Epic nature resist ring is available from a quest to kill an Elemental Lord in Cenarion Hold.
The Argent Dawn token system offers a way for players to earn gear by turning in components at Light’s Hope Chapel.

Please note: The release of some items above may come before or after this patch.

Bug Fixes

Many helpful auras and buffs that improve Attack Power now properly apply to Ranged Attack Power.

Developers’ notes: This was an issue that was the result of a technical limitation in original World of Warcraft that was fixed in later updates to the game. During internal testing we discovered that this issue also affected the Paladin and Shaman 6-piece Tier 3 set bonuses, and in fixing that, we decided to also fix it in many other situations where buffs and auras should affect Ranged Attack Power.

Resolved an issue that caused the Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether to sometimes stop functioning for Priests talented into Spirit of Redemption after logging out and back into the game with the trinket equipped.
Resolved an issue that caused the Shaman talent Improved Weapon Totems to not apply its damage improvements to other players in the Shaman’s party.
Developers’ notes:This talent was introduced late in original World of Warcraft and behaved in this unintended way until the beginning of Burning Crusade. It was considered a bug at that time, and will now be resolved here, as was originally intended.
Fixed some terrain exploits in Booty Bay that allowed players to grief players arriving or leaving via Flight Masters with no fear of reprisal from guards or other players.
Resolved an issue that caused the Mail recipient auto-complete filter to behave in a frustrating way when attempting to send a mail to someone who shares a similar name with a member of your current guild.
Stabling a pet with Prowl active no longer prevents other pets with Prowl from using the same ability.
Resolved an issue that caused a Hunter’s Auto Shot ability to occasionally experience a slight delay on recast if its cast was interrupted by Aimed Shot.

Additional bug fixes will be added in future builds of the 1.13.6 PTR. Please use the in-game bug report tool for any issues you encounter, and thank you for testing with us!
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Sep 27

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It is challenging, WoW classic is such a lot tougher than the fashionable retail version of WoW. the first vanilla game was hard and difficult which has been preserved in WoW classic, which might be both an upside and a downside.

This is what made WoW popular in the first place. What you see, experience and feel in WoW Classic is what made it the foremost played MMORPG within the world. These are the weather that combined together to be that fantastic title that many players loved over the years; which is why WoW Classic is that much good. it’s time tested, players loved the concept sometime past then they still do now in 2020.

It is also not a hidden incontrovertible fact that players that play WoW Classic are literally older than most gaming communities within the world, this is often mostly because WoW Classic is really a revamp of a very old game, so most of the players that come to enjoy it are old because of the game itself. This brings forth a more mature community that understands the sport thoroughly preventing any sort of unnecessary friction and toxicity.

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Runescape 3 Gold with Up to 7% off Code SHR7 for RS 10th Annual Golden Gnome

After a month of voting to allow netizens to choose their favorite content and content creators, the list of RS 10th Annual Gnome Awards finalists was announced on September 18. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the selection of the 10th annual Gnome Awards finalists: buy rs3 gold

1. Best New RS Video Creator

– Hanannie

– Laser Shark

– Tusoroxo

– Waswere

Honourable mentions: Eddiemoo, The Cook’s Assistant, Noxious IRL and Jaxyys.

2. Best RS Video Creator

– DarkWorldOrder

– Maikeru

– ProtoxxGaming

– Silenced

Honourable mentions: Manatee Gaming.

3. Best RS Video

– FlagArmada Productions: Fall of Zaros

– ProtoxxGaming: RS 3 – 1-99 Archaeology Guide

– TheLazyPeon: RS 3 First Impressions “Is it worth playing?”

– Will Miss It: Archaeology Makes No Sense

4. Best New RS Streamer

– JamesRakei

– mika279

– UrBoiDakota

– Zilandraa

Honourable mentions: Vaseline Fairy, Sarahdominists.

5. Best RS Streamer

– Evil Lucario

– iTrolledU

– Maikeru

– ScardyGinge

Honourable mention: Wazzy

6. Best New RS Artist

– BakeyCakez

– Olifirefly

– Suizzy

– Xpluisje

Honourable mentions: Atrox, Elej.

7. Best RS Artist

– Enkoro

– Magenixy

– mavrick882

– Willoway

Honourable mentions: Glacyte, SaxSpieler, Cabege.

8. Best RS Artistic Creation

– Chaos_Elemental: “A Hard Fall” (fanfiction)

– mavrick882: Invention

– Shikimoko: RS Christmas Legos

– Suizzy: “Et Legatum Persevero” – The Legacy Continues

9. Best Music Creation

– Beats by Tickle & Ian Fire: Raps of Gielinor

– J1mmy: Sandy Confession

– Levi Niha: Making Music but every sound is RS

– OSRS Beats: Song of the Elves (Trap Remix)

One more thing, later RS Team will reveal the finalists for the “Best Costume”, “Best Cosplay Prop” and “Community Achievement” categories.

After revealing the 10th annual Gnome Annual Awards finalists, you can now vote on this finalist until midnight on October 4. Once the winners are determined, the award ceremony will be broadcast live on November 7 in a spectacular live event.

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We see a new update on New D&D from the latest rs blog. You know, the one where they announced an all-singing all-dancing new monthly D&D where you get to create your very own effigies? If you missed it, then now’s your chance to catch up – and if you tuned in, you’ll still get to learn all the juicy details with Cheapest rs3 gold . Let’s get started!

It took Desperate Measures to save the world from Kerapac’s meddling, but recent discoveries on the island of Anachronia suggest that there’s more to his experiments than dark anima and destruction. Some of the Anachronia Base Camp staff have seen a mysterious, but perhaps somewhat familiar, figure lurking in the hills. Mr Mordaut wants you to use your adventuring expertise to investigate.

You’ll need at least level 85 in either Crafting, RuneCrafting, Invention or Smithing to uncover the truth of the matter – but the rewards are well worth it! Once you’ve solved the mystery, you’ll gain access to a whole new area of Kerapac’s Lab, where you can repurpose ancient dragonkin technology for your own gain. Do you have the skill and knowledge required to tame the Effigy Incubator?

Effigy Incubator D&D

The Effigy Incubator is a brand new monthly D&D that takes place in a secret lab in Anachronia. With your trusty assistant’s help, you’ll use a variety of materials – some of them kinda gross – to create effigies, which you can then take along on your travels to fill with knowledge.

Once they’re full up, you can crack them open to reveal an XP-boosting reward!

Gathering Materials

Before you can get started, Kerapac’s Lab needs a bit of spring cleaning. While you’re working at the different nodes, you’ll gather four essential materials – and as a bonus, you’ll get some XP for your efforts. Each node provides material and XP for a different skill.
Node Material XP Type
Scrap Metal Smithing
Nicknacks Invention
Anima Nuggets RuneCrafting
Dragonflesh Crafting

There are 12 nodes in total. Each one randomly cycles between one of the four materials and a blank slate – so you’ll have to carefully pick the right one for the material you’re after. Luckily, there’s more than enough for everyone in the lab to work on the same nodes at one time.

There’s also the chance that your rummaging will awaken an effigy remnant, a burst of pure energy left over from the creation process. If you can get it to sit still, you’ll be able to harvest XP and materials from it at a much higher rate.

Lastly, you’ll need an effigy casing, which you can grab from the node at the centre of the room.

Effigy Creation

Once you’ve gathered your materials, you can make your way over to the workbench, where you’ll get to try your hand at shaping an effigy. You’ll need 20 of any material to take on this particular craft project, but at the end you’ll be left with your very own uncharged effigy.

Then it’s finally time to fire up the incubator! Your mysterious assistant will call the shots here – just follow their instructions and you’ll have the machine up and running in no time.

Depending on the material you collected, you’ll get one of the following effigies:

Effigy Type Material Requirement Skill Requirement
Explosive 20 Scrap Metal 85 Smithing
Unstable 20 Nicknacks 85 Invention
Erratic 20 Anima Nuggets 85 RuneCrafting
Volatile 20 Dragonflesh 85 Crafting

Creating and incubating effigies will net you a nice bundle of XP in the appropriate skill.

When you’re done, all that’s left is to take your new little buddy out into the world…

Using the Effigies

Effigies crave just one thing: knowledge! As you make your way around the world, your effigy will watch and learn as you train specific skills. Once they’ve absorbed a hefty 60,000 XP, they’ll become full.
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A Professional Supplier Share Free 10000 classic wow gold for WOW addons

World of Warcraft Classic was released by Blizzard Entertainmenton August26, 2019, which is a server option for the MMORPG World of Warcraft.Itruns alongside the main version of the game, Classic recreates the game in the state it was in before the release of the first expansion. Since its release, it has got tons of praise and criticism in regard to World of Warcraft Classicaddons. Here is a guide for you.

What are the best addons in WoW Classic?

One of the features that has changed dramatically since World of Warcraft launched is how much players are willing to alter the basic user interface to streamline the experience and eradicate even the smallest inconveniences.

In vanilla WoW, player additions to how WoW looked and gave them feedback and information were very limited. Today players tweak nearly every part of the game’s interface. Some of that is because WoW’s default UI is in desperate need of an overhaul, given that modern principles of usability weren’t pervasive 16 years ago. Some is because today’s Warcraft players are more familiar with the game and technically savvy about what mods can do and how to install them.

The good news for modern players returning to Classic WoW is that addons now exist to provide at least a few contemporary conveniences to the original version of the game.
Here is a list of the best World of Warcraft addons:
• ElvUI
• All the Things
• Deadly Boss Mods
• Weak Auras 2
• Details!
• Autioneer
• Bagnon
• Rarity
• Handynotes
• Angry World Quests

How to Install WoW Classic Addons
Once you download your chosen mod, it’ll be in a .zip file—which should be in your Download/Downloads directory. If you’re a Windows user, click on the file once in Explorer, then choose ‘Extract All’ from the menu toolbar. Then select where you want to save it.

By default WoW Classic addons are located in Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft/_classic_/Interface/Addons folder—this is where to unzip the new files. If you’ve put WoW somewhere different, navigate to the same folder, but in the directory where you’ve put your Warcraft installation. In either case, you’ll end up with a new folder or folders inside ‘Addons’ named after your mod.

Mac users must double click on the file to extract all of it into a new folder named after the mod. Then use ‘Finder’ to navigate to ‘Applications’. Look for the World of Warcraft folder, then the _classic_ folder inside, then ‘Interface’, then ‘Addons’. Copy your new folder (the one named after the mod) into the ‘Addons’ folder. Then the next time you start WoW from scratch your new addons will be active.

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Qetz Insight Water color Paint diy | Online Education | 1358 |

Qetz Insight is a cheerful destination with colorful animation for all the Happy Children of the world! Specially designed for kids as they explore the World of Kids Educational Videos, Classic Craft works, Phonics Songs, and trying to be both informative while allowing the students to find their own way of learning more! Come join us only on Qetz Insight.
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In a mixing bowl, mix 2 tablespoons baking soda with 2 tablespoons vinegar until fizzing stops. and 4 tablespoons cornstarch. Mix until a uniform consistency. Not liquid but a bit clumsy Pour the mixture into individual section cups, filling each about a third to halfway. Add five to 10 drops of food coloring to each cup, mixing in thoroughly, to reach desired colors. Allow paints to set overnight. Use paints on watercolor paper with a wet paintbrush.