Oct 21

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This week’s update brings further changes from Poll #73. The point cap in the Volcanic Mine has been raised. You can read more below.

Volcanic Mine

The point cap in the Volcanic Mine has been raised from 65,535 to 2,097,151. Now you’ll be able to mine for much longer, without having to run to the store to get rid of your extra points.

In addition, the interface in the Volcanic Mine Waiting Room will now count down to the start of the game, so you’ll know exactly when you’ll be able to start playing.

Ava’s Devices

Ava’s Attractor, Accumulator and Assembler will no longer be lost during PvM deaths. They will, however, be lost on a PvP death – so watch out!

Revenant Caves Proposals and Other Ideas

Alongside last week’s game update we asked you for feedback on our plans for the Revenant Caves, the Vesta’s Longsword and Blighted Items.

Vesta’s Longword

We received a lot of feedback regarding the Vesta’s Longsword and we’re still discussing the next steps. We won’t make major changes without first consulting you, and we’re actively working out the best approach right now. Once we’re aligned as a team, we’ll restart the conversation with you.

Blighted Items

Blighted items are another casualty of the Bounty Hunter removal, and just like Vesta’s Longsword, we’d like to make them usable on PvP worlds. We’re still ironing out the details, but they might appear in limited areas, everywhere at once, or in stages.———The first stage of introducing Blighted items would be to make them available only in designated PvP hotspots – the same places where the Looting Bag works.

No matter how we release these, we’ll be making tweaks to the Last Man Standing store to ensure that we’ve hit the right balance of Blighted items flowing into the game economy.

Revenant Caves

There was general support for our Revenant Cave plans. You can read about these plans in more detail in last week’s game update, but here’s the TLDR: We’ll spread the Revenant spawns more thinly throughout the caves, reduce the value of their drop table and replace the multi-way combat system with a new mechanic that we’ve coined ‘singles plus’ (it’s single-way combat, but PvP combat will take priority over NPC combat).

A lot of your feedback centered around two things: concerns about ‘ragging’ and the implementation (or trial) of a ‘PJ timer’.

We plan to keep a close eye on the situation within the caves, but, if you like the sound of the ideas below, we’re open to making content changes ahead of time to pre-empt these issues.

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Oct 11

Detail of Gielinorian Giving and Up to 50% off runescape 3 gold for Pre-Halloween Top Sale

Looking to complete the Holy Grail quest in OSRS gold and runescape 3 gold ? Look no further for a concise guide to aid your journey in completing this quest!This quest can be difficult to tackle, but we’re here to explain everything in a simple, digestible manner. By following this quest guide, you can enjoy the lore more than gameplay gimmicks, or simply complete the quest quickly in order to progress your main goals.

This quest is rated as having an official difficulty of intermediate, and an official length of medium. However, by following our guide, you can expect to reduce the ratings of both of those factors. Without further ado, let’s get right into the requirements.


One thing to highlight is that if you’re an Ultimate Ironman, you will visit the island of Entrana. The importance here is that Entrana doesn’t allow any combat items, or you can’t enter. The island excludes all forms of combat gear: weapons and armour, with the exception of runes. As such, this is a quest you should prioritise as an Ultimate Ironman, to do before others, or consider item retrieval storage services. It’s a worthy note even if you’re not currently playing one of these characters, as you may decide to do so in the future. Proper planning guarantees near-perfect performance.

You must have completed Merlin’s Crystal, a short quest. There are no other requirements or prerequisites in terms of quests. From Merlin’s Crystal, you need to have the Excalibur with you. You will need level 20 Attack to complete the quest.

Whilst you will face a level 120 enemy, it’s not very notable if you have done practically any training in Magic or Ranged. The reason being is that you can safespot this enemy very easily. If you haven’t trained either of those skills, for Melee builds, you can use any Halberd instead. Or gain some simple levels, the choice is entirely yours. Given you’ve completed Merlin’s Crystal, you probably won’t have anything to worry about in terms of combat, given you’ve defeated a level 39 enemy already. The only thing you need the Excalibur for is to deliver the final blow.

· If you are below 55 combat, bring armour, weapon, and food as an emergency.

· Excalibur is required, without it, you will waste time fighting the boss.

· Preferably some form of safespotting equipment: any Ranged weapon, any Magic spells, or a Halberd for melee users.

· 3 Camelot teleports, 1 Falador teleport, 1 Ardougne teleport. If you haven’t completed Plague City, you can use a Castle Wars teleport or any alternative to get to Ardougne.

· 60 coins on you, for chartering ships.

· If you’re below 45 combat, bring an anti-poison potion. This is because enemies will be aggressive towards you who can inflict poison.

· Combat bracelet and Amulet of Glory for teleportation.

That’s all you need to complete the quest. As always, if you’re a higher level, consider wearing Graceful. Stamina potions are always nice-to-have in any spare inventory slots you may have.
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Sep 15

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In this article, I’m going to talk about how to complete the OSRS Recipe for disaster Freeing Evil Dave quest. The OSRS RFD (Recipe for disaster) Freeing Evil Dave is a mini-quest that is part of the RFD subquests. During the OSRS RFD Freeing Evil Dave quest, you will be asked by Dave to make him some kind of spicy stew. Of course, you won’t be able to make it alone so you will need help from his mother.

Skills and Quest Requirements

For the OSRS RFD Freeing Evil Dave quest, you will need 25 Cooking and the completion of the Gertrude’s Cat and Shadow of the Storm quests.

Items Needed

9 Stews
1 Pet cat
1 Edgeville Teleport
1 Lumbridge Teleport

Freeing Evil Dave

To start the OSRS RFD Freeing Evil Dave quest go to Lumbridge Castle dining room and inspect Evil Dave. Then Gypsy will tell you that you must make a very spicy stew but you have to take the recipe from Evil Dave who knows how to make it.

After that, go to Edgeville, head to Evil Dave’s mother’s house located west of the back (the building with the cooking and water signs). Talk to Doris and ask where is Dave? and she will tell you that he is in the cellar. Climb down the trapdoor to enter the cellar and talk to Evil Dave, asking him how to make the spicy stew he ate.

Dave will tell you that his mother made it, so go back upstairs and talk to Doris again. She will tell you that the hellrats stole all of the spices, so you must go back down to the cellar and use your pet cat to find them for you. Drop your pet cat, right-click on it, and select the case option.

If your cat catches a hellrat, you will get a brown, red, yellow, or orange spice, which contains anywhere from 1 to 4 doses. When your cat catches 7 hellcats it will become a hellcat. You will need to collect between two and six doses of each spice, keep in mind that the amount needed is random for everyone.

Now you must construct the perfect stew for Evil Dave, which will be a stew that contains all four of the spices, but at different random values between 1-3. First, add one spice of any color to a stew and it will change color, right-click and use it on Evil Dave to read what he says.

If he says, “one of the spices is correct, the rest is incorrect” which means the current number you used is correct. Write it down. If he says “none of them are right”, you will need to try again.

Make a stew with two doses of spice in it. If it works, the correct amount of that spice is two. If Dave still doesn’t like it, you know the correct amount of spice is 3. You do not need to “confirm” it any further. Keep doing this, and eventually, you will find out 1 value for each of the 4 spices.

Make this final stew with the correct values of spice and give it to Evil Dave, and he will say that it is correct. He will not eat all of the stew this time. Make sure you finish the entire dialogue! Bring it back to Evil Dave in Lumbridge and make sure you do not eat the stew, or you will have to buy rs3 gold and go back and get the spices again.
1 Quest point
7,000 Cooking experience
The ability to catch hellrats to get a Hellcat
The ability to have your cat fight Hell-Rat Behemoths
The ability to add coloured spices to stew by catching hellrats (Spicy stews can boost and lower certain stats)
Further access to the Culinaromancer’s Chest
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Sep 14

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Searing Gorge is a contested zone in the Eastern Kingdoms in the 43-52 range for players. Searing Gorge is home to a group of exceptionally stout dwarves called the Thorium Brotherhood, who have separated from the Dark Iron clan. Just as its name might show, the whole zone is a charred, burning hellscape, within a deep foreboding valley. Besides the outcast Dark Iron settlement of Thorium Point, there are few other friendly settlements in the zone, to either faction. Numerous gamers have many reasons for getting to Searing Gorge, but the most obvious reason most players do is that it contains one of the entrances to Blackrock Mountain. Within the mountain are the entrances to over four different dungeons, including some of Classic WoW’s premium endgame content. And,next is a guide for you to get to Searing Gorge.

Option One: Just walk in from the Badlands

There is a pass through to the Badlands and from there, there is a path north to Loch Modan which is next to the starting zone of the Dwarves,Dun Morogh. The zone is easy to get to for the Alliance even though it is a little boring unless you have flight or the flight point.
For the Horde, the journey is a long and even more boring route, the player will have to go to Stonard in the Swamp of Sorrows and then walk up there, trying to avoid the Alliance settlements .

Method Two: Through Blackrock Mountain

This method is a little easier for Alliance players, as the entrance to the Burning Steppes from the south is through the Redridge Mountains. Just head north into the Burning Steppes from Redridge and then follow the road a little north and then more fully to the west. If you are below level 50, you’re going to want movement, because everything here will kill you.

Once you can see Blackrock Mountain, you know where you’re headed. Keep going west until you find the turn off that leads to the mountain. Follow that road, straight North and through the mountain, until you reach the gate on the other side. Once there, you’re done. Just head to Thorium Point in the East to get the flight path.

Method Three: The Key to Searing Gorge (Only for Alliance Only)
This one is kind of cool, because you have to have already done one of the above methods to be able to get this option. To open up the gate to Searing Gorge, you have to go there first and find a Stegadon called Margol the Rager, who patrols a wide area in the Southeast of the zone.

Margol will drop Margol’s Horn, which is the beginning of a short chain that leads to the guard at the gate to Searing Gorge in Lock Modan, then to Ironforge and back again. Once you’ve finished the whole chain, Mountaineer Pebblebitty will reward you with the key to the gate to Searing Gorge. Boom – you’re done.

This method is quite unnecessary, as getting to Searing Gorge is required to complete it, though before the addition of Thorium Point having access to the gate made travel MUCH easier for Alliance players.

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