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WoW Classic is hosting the Feast of Winter Veil. This is one of the original WoW celebrations. It starts on December 15th and ends on January 2nd. Players will find the event NPCs in the capital cities of Orgrimmar and Ironforge. Each faction has the same quests. Your character needs to be at least level 10 to pick up these quests.

The first quest is called Great-Father Winter is Here. You can pick it up from any of your faction’s cities and turn it in Orgrimmar or Ironforge. The next quest requires you to bring cookies to Great-Father Winter. The gingerbread cookies are made with the cooking profession. The initial rewards for this quest are some crafting materials, but after a while you will get Graccu’s Mince Meat Fruitcake in your mail. The Reason for the Season is a quest that tells more about this celebration. It takes place within the city. All you need to do is to visit some NPCs.

Don’t miss this quest as it rewards you 200 reputation with Ironforge or Thunder Bluff. For the Stolen Winter Veil Treats, you will need to be level 30. This quest takes you to Alterac Mountains. The last quest requires you to kill The Abominable Greench which is an elite mob for which you will need a party of five.

The reward for this quest is a random alchemy, enchanting, blacksmithing, leatherworking, engineering, or tailoring recipe. Players need to be level 40 for the Metzen the Reindeer quest. The location of this quest is the Searing Gorge or Tanaris. The rewards include holiday items that change the appearance of your mount, Steamwheedle Cartel reputation, 20 Graccu’s Mince Meat Fruitcake, and, if you happen to be max level cooking, the opportunity to get more mount changing appearance items. During the Feast of Winter Veil, players can throw snowballs at each other.

The hardpacked snowballs are found in Alterac Valley and used in PvP. Green and red winter hats are cosmetics that drop from random mobs and dungeon bosses. Use the Winter Wondervolt machines to gain the appearance of a gnome for 30 minutes. You will find these machines in Booty Bay, near the flight master in Orgrimmar and Stormwind, right outside Ironforge, Gadgetzan, and Menethil Harbor.

Don’t forget to /kiss the winter revelers. You will find them in inns. They will regale you with an item to change your mount into a reindeer or an item that gives +20 spirit. Visit the holiday vendors to buy items such as wrapping paper, candy cane, cooking recipes, and more. Starting with December 25th, you can open presents under the holiday tree and receive consumables, pets, and crafting recipes. If you need wow classic gold cheap , remember you can buy it in WOWclassicgp.
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Each expansion of WOW will bring new system functions, so does Shadowlands, Soulbinds is an important part of it, but there may be many players who feel curious about these new mechanisms, so this article mainly introduces Soulbinds.

About Soulbinds

Soulbind is the answer to Legion’s Artifact Weapons or Battle for Azeroth’s Azerite equipment. In fact, when you choose your WOW Covenant at level 60, you will have the opportunity to Soulbind one of several famous members of the Covenant. In return, you will get a small part of the power from them. Once you choose the Soulbind, you can customize it through the talent tree interface, and you can increase the strength of your character in many different ways.

How to unlock?

When you reach level 60, you can choose one of 4 Covenants. Each contract governs different zones, and they will provide you with different goals and rewards.

Once you have finished the introductory questline in the Covenant you picked, you can begin the Forge of Bonds. The two NPCs around you play a key role. They will give you certain power in the form of a Soulbind. When you complete the Covenant battle, you will unlock the third key NPC.

How to unlock the extra abilities of Soundbinds?

In the beginning, most of the abilities of Soulbind are locked, so when the Covenant you choose increases your Renown, you can get more rows.

Some rows have more than one choice for you to choose from, so you need to consider which one best meets your needs.

You will find that the abilities of Soulbind are integrated into the unique Soulbind tree, and the empty slots also need to be filled with a Soulbind Conduit. As for Conduits, you can get them through different activities, and each activity will provide a bonus. This also means that you can further customize your character.

How to switch between Soulbinds?

Each Covenant has three Soulbinds, so you need to set them for different purposes when appropriate. For example, one type of Soulbind is suitable for causing extra damage during a raid, while the other is more suitable for open-world quests.

These Soulbinds can be switched to each other, which is the same as the talents. You need to make the process in the rest place. If you want to switch your personal abilities to a Soulbind, you can do it in your Covenant Sanctum.

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OSRS Tale of the Righteous quest is one of the newest OSRS quests made by Jagex, OSRS Tale of the Righteous quest was released on 21 March 2018 and it was added to the Great Kourend quest series. But enough with the history of this quest and let’s continue with this guide. buy rs3 gold

The story of the OSRS Tale of the Righteous quest is that King Shayzien VII made an expedition to Mount Quidamortem but something went wrong because the expedition never returned and it was assumed that all members perished in the field. So your task will be to join another expedition led by Phileas Rimor to find out what happened with the first one.

Quest and Skill Requirements

The quest needed for OSRS Tale of the Righteous quest is the completion of the Client of Kourend quest and 20% of Shayzien favour quest. Skills needed are:

10 Mining
16 Strength

Items Needed For The OSRS Tale of the Righteous

Runes to cast any magic combat spell
Ranged weapon with ammunition. Darts also work.
1-3 Stamina potions
Weapon and food
Weight-reducing clothing
Xeric’s talisman
Dramen staff or Lunar staff for the fairy rings
Skill necklace
Ability to use Lovakengj Minecart system and 50 to travel to Mount Quidamortem

Searching In The Archives

To start this quest you need to talk to Phileas Rimor in his house just north of the Shayzien bank. Ask him if he needs any help, and he will tell you that his ancestor, Magnus Rimor, led an expedition to Mount Quidamortem in the Kebos Lowlands over a thousand years ago and never returned.

But he received a parcel from an unknown individual containing an old journal written by King Shayzien VII, with a note on the parcel claiming the journal was stolen from the Tower of Magic during the uprising against Xeric in the 47th decade. Phileas will ask you to help him find out what happened, so agree to help by asking him what he needs?

He will tell you to try and learn more about the expedition by visiting the Library Historical Archive. Go to the Arceuus Library (you can go there by Arceuus teleport, fairy rings code CIS or games necklace to the Wintertodt Camp), in the main floor go next to the transportation sign.

Right-click on Archeio and choose the teleport option, talk to Pagida, and he will tell you that King Shayzien VII spent more time in the Tower of Magic than any other king, and oversaw construction of various new sections, including a prison, which was built around the same time as the expedition, but has been abandoned for many years. Ask if you can access the prison, and he will teleport you there.

Head to the middle of the prison and right-click on the big cristal, push the strange device as far west as you can, then stand on the north side of the device and attack the device using magic. Then, standing on the south side of the device, attack it using melee (your fists work).

Push the device all the way east, and attack the device using ranged from its south side.Once all the crystals are turned white the north prison cell will open, go inside and you will see a skeleton. Investigate the skeleton by clicking on it, and you will discover some writing on the floor stating “Lizards on the mountain. Do not trust the King. The altar is a lie.”
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Introduction: With the official launch of World of Warcraft 9.0 getting closer and closer, career adjustments are also being made in the beta, however, in the previous career adjustments, each career was either strengthened or weakened. As more and more changes are made to the weakened ones, players are questioning the direction of the designer’s career adjustment, is the designer playing a game again?

The last two rounds of adjustments have weakened almost all professions

It’s normal for World of Warcraft to adjust professions between new versions, but frequent adjustments like 9.0 are rare, especially when it comes to large-scale weakening of all professions. “. The latest changes are only reinforced for the augmentations, and that’s because World of Warcraft’s new designer, “Big Viking,” is a shaman player.

It is reasonable to say that weakening powerful professions should be accompanied by strengthening weak professions, such as the Demon Hunter profession, Revenge Specialization in the 9.0 version of the beta is very strong, in the Great Mystery has been dominant, while the Havoc Specialization whether the mechanism or damage are lackluster, and even once became the weakest melee DPS.

Weakening the Vengeance Specialization is more reasonable, but the designer did not strengthen the Havoc Specialization while weakening the Vengeance Specialization, and even made the DPS of the Havoc Specialization lower due to the weakening of the Covenant skill, so this so-called professional balance adjustment is obviously not satisfying to players, so it’s reasonable for players to question the level of the designer.

Designer’s Set Analysis

Then why did the designers make such unpopular changes? In fact, the designer’s inspiration for adjusting the professions came mainly from the lessons learned at the beginning of the last two versions – it’s better to strengthen than to weaken at the beginning of the new version. Some players may not understand this statement, but it’s very simple.

The real needs of players

Of course, the most desirable outcome for players, whether it’s full career strengthening or full career weakening, is career balance, but with more and more professions and specializations in World of Warcraft, more and more complex gameplay mechanics, and the addition of covenants, orange suits, and spirit guides in 9.0, it’s almost impossible to achieve true career balance, and when choosing their starting professions, players You can only choose a relatively strong one, or choose the one you like best. If you want to buy safe world of warcraft classic gold , I recommend you to read this article guide.
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A slayer boss that can be encountered in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. The alchemical Hydra is a 95 level NPC and can be fought after being assigned by a hydra slayer task. To get to the boss, a player must head north past the Tasakaal, and then switch east when they come across the hydras. Heading east, you’ll eventually come across the entrance to the lair by Orrvor quo Maten. Although you can also use the mysterious pipe just behind Kaal-Ket-Jor to easily get there, it requires an agility level of 88 to pass through.

When each phase does start, the hydra will auto-attack you three times before using a special attack.


The first phase starts with a green carapace, and the hydra should be lured to the red chemical pool. After the first kill, the player can run and stand right next to the pool to wait for the first phase hydra to be spawned and easily lure it in. After the first three attacks, The Alchemical Hydra will launch 4 or 5 poison blobs around the player’s location; 1 on the player, and 4 randomly around it.


After the Hydra reaches 75% in the green phase, the bottom-right head will fall off and it will change its carapace to blue. Now, the player as to run north to the green chemical pool to lure it in. In this phase, the hydra launches electric balls in the centre of the room, which then turns into currents in the four corners of the area. If you end up getting hit by the lighting current, you’ll be stunned and will deal with 20 damage. The easiest way to avoid this is by standing in the middle of the room until it shoots its lighting and then making your way out of the box they form. It is possible to trap the lightning by standing in the north-west corner, moving one tile diagonally south-east when the lightning is two tiles away from you, and instantly moving one tile north.


When the hydra reaches 50% of its health, the bottom-left head will fall off and it will change its carapace to red. The player will then have to lure the hydra to the blue chemical pool. In this phase, the hydra will walk to the centre of the room and face towards the direction of the player. This will result in the player being stunned, but at the same time, they can also attack the hydra. When it is in the centre, it will breathe out 5×5 layer of fire towards the players’ sides based on where they’re standing. The tracking fire follows the players’ movement, and it is recommended that you turn your runoff and walk around in the area to avoid getting damage. The hydra doesn’t attack until four seconds after the tracking fire is sent out, so you have a good amount of time there to move and get into position.


For the final form, once the hydra reaches 25% of its health and the middle head falls off. It changes its carapace to grey and does not require any counter, so you don’t have to lure it into any of the chemical pools. Now, a message will appear ‘The Alchemical Hydra Becomes Enraged!’ and increases its stack to a maximum, which is capable of killing a player in about two hits.

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Latest news from Runescape blog that they have had to move the date for the 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards back to Friday, November 20th at 19:00 Game Time.

Have you voted for RS & OSRS Golden Gnome 2020? If you haven’t, cast your vote for the awards until October 4th.

When can you vote for Golden Gnome Awards?

RS Golden Gnome Awards are an annual major Oscar-like award competition held by Jagex. The finalists of the 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards were announced during the 10th Annual Golden Gnomes Nomination Shortlist Livestream on September 18th. Until October 4th, you could vast your vote on osrs.game/GGAFinals.

Learn Golden Gnome Awards 2020 categories
Here you could learn categories for RS & OSRS Golden Gnome Awards 2020:
1. Video
Best New RS Video Creator
Best New OSRS Video Creator
Best RS Video Creator
Best OSRS Video Creator
RS Video of the Year
OSRS Video of the Year

2. Streaming
Best New RS Streamer
Best New OSRS Streamer
Best RS Streamer
Best OSRS Streamer

3. ART
Best New RS Artist
Best New OSRS Artist
Best RS Artist
Best OSRS Artist
Best RS Artistic Creation
Best OSRS Artistic Creation
Best Cosplay Creation

4. Community
RS Community Achievement Award
OSRS Community Achievement Award

Due to the recent spike in the COVID-19 infection rate around Cambridge and the imminent lockdown, they are no longer in a position to guarantee the safety of everyone involved in the production of an in-person Awards Ceremony Broadcast.

As a result, they’re switching to a fully digital show, produced entirely from their own homes. In order to prepare and guarantee a stream worthy of the Golden Gnomes title, they’re pushing back the date.

They apologise for the delay and look forward to welcoming you on twitch.tv/jagex, November 20th at 19:00 Game Time, when we crown our 10th Annual Golden Gnome Award winners.

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Pickpocketing is an ability for the Rogue class, that is learnt at level 4. This ability can only be used when Stealth is active, so it is recommended to use the ability before you engage a mob. Junkboxes, vendor greys, and small amounts of money that are on the loot table can be accessed by using the ability Rogue. These boxes contain healing potions, Rogue-specific reagents; Such as Binding Powder, and very rare items like Gut Ripper and Teebu’s Blazing Longsword. However, to unlock these bones, one must acquire the skill Lockpicking.

It is not confirmed that these items can drop from junkboxes, although some information suggests that it may be possible.

The ability Pick Pocket can be resisted, which removes Rogue from Stealth. The chance for it to happen is based on the player’s level in relation to the mob’s level. Higher the players level, lower the chances to resist.

Every humanoid mod has a Pick Pocket loot table, and the other mods; such as satyrs may or may not have a loot table. If the mob physically looks like they might have pockets, then it is possible that they have a loot table.

Before you pickpocket every mob, you encounter, it is utmost important that you understand how the ability Stealth works on hostiles.These kinds of mobs have aggro radius, although the way in which they aggro to the player is different while they are using stealth. If the player comes into their peripheral vision, they will turn towards the player and play a distinct sound. If the player is too close to the mob while in their peripheral vision, or comes into physical contact from any side, they will reveal the player and attack them.

While using the ability stealth, a player can navigate a hostile mob, as long as they are not within their vision. Depending on the mob’s level, the range at which a player can be detected may differ. Some mobs with heightened stealth detection are very hard to pickpocket, as they can detect a player regardless of where they orient themselves. In classic it’s simply a matter of learning which mobs have these properties, such as undead mobs and tracking mobs.

Abilities and Talents

· Stealth is required to use Pick Pocket. Rank 1 Stealth is learned at level 1, and each 20 levels another rank of Stealth is learned (rank 2 Stealth, rank 3 Stealth, rank 4 Stealth). Each rank effectively increases your movement speed, although an additional 15% movement speed can be gained with the Subtlety talent. Camouflage (3% per talent point). To further improve the effectiveness of Stealth, players may also be interested in the Subtlety talent Master of Deception.

· Distract (learned at level 22) provides unique utility, as it allows the Rogue to re-position a mob or group of mobs to face a certain
direction to use Pick Pocket without being detected. Preparation is also able to reset the cooldown of Distract.

· Vanish (requires Flash Powder) is a key ability as it allows the Rogue to leave combat in the event that they are revealed. Rank 1

Vanish is learned at level 22, and rank 2 Vanish is learned at level 42. Players may also be interested in the Subtlety talent Elusiveness to reduce the cooldown of Vanish to 3.5 minutes. Preparation may also be worthwhile to reset the cooldown of Vanish.

· Sap can also be a useful ability as it would allow players to physically pass through a sapped mob, although in Classic this ability will remove you from Stealth upon use. Rank 1 Sap is learned at level 10, rank 2 Sap is learned at level 28, and rank 3 Sap is learned at level 48, with each level increasing the incapacitate duration. Players that intend on using this ability in tandem with Pick Pocket are required to use talent points on Improved Sap in the Subtlety tree, and even then, there is a 10% chance that it may still remove the player from Stealth.

· Pick Lock (learned at level 16) can be used to open the junk boxes that can be found while using Pick Pocket.

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