Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

world of warcraft shadowlands northrend bannerAfter months of waiting plus a few extra hours for the servers to come online, World of Warcraft players finally got to dive in to the Shadowlands pre-patch last night. As expected, Blizzard Entertainment hit a few snags as soon as the floodgates opened on patch day including login queues, lag, and disconnection problems. wow classic gold for sale

Pre-patch 9.0.1, like previous pre-patches, gives players time to get used to the gameplay changes, new mechanics, and features and give the devs valuable feedback before the full expansion goes live sometime later this year. These include the level squish, leveling changes, Chromie Time, a new tutorial area, and newbie chat. Players can also take advantage of the new customization options that have been added for all races and classes.

While Shadowlands beta players will probably already be familiar with the aforementioned changes, there are a few changes and additions that caught them by surprise as detailed by Wowhead. Of significant note are a number of unannounced class changes such as the Expert Riding requirement for Druids, and the ability for Hunters to tame undead pets and cloud serpents. Artifact Weapon Transmog has also been introduced along with dungeon entrance markers for Old-World zones, even more character customization options, and flying unicorn mounts.

world of warcraft dragon desert bannerShadowlands is coming. In a new post on the World of Warcraft official site, Blizzard Entertainment announced that time is running short for Battle for Azeroth and that players should start working on their unfinished business in Azeroth before they’re whisked to the afterlife.

“When Sylvanas Windrunner shatters the veil between worlds, you’ll be leaving Azeroth behind—at least for a time. But before you journey to the Shadowlands, you may want to spend your remaining moments in the mortal realms seeking out a few rewards that will no longer be obtainable (or will be more difficult to acquire) in the next expansion.”

In other World of Warcraft news, Blizzard has pushed back a number of the planned US realm connection due to unforeseen technical problems. The studio is also gearing up for the opening of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj in World of Warcraft Classic.
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