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In this guide, we will provide a guide that can easily make money through handmade, medium-sized or expensive routes into the 99-making craft. However, from level 1 to level 46, you will perform the same method no matter which path is used. In general, making money through crafts is not the most efficient option, you have a better way. rs 3 gold

Level 1-7-Making leather gloves (26k xp/hr)

First, you will make leather gloves between levels 1 and 7. This is fast grinding, but necessary! To make these leather gloves, all you need to do is a piece of leather, some thread and a needle. From there, go to the bank, where you can quickly extract the leather, such as the Grand Exchange. Just pierce the leather with a needle and select the glove icon that appears to make leather gloves.

Level 7-20-Making a gold bracelet (40k exp/hr)

Next, you will make a gold bracelet from level 7 to level 20. In addition to the crafting experience, you will also make some gold. To make these gold bracelets, all you need to prepare are some gold bars and a bracelet mold. From there, head to furnaces such as those in Edgeville and Al Kharid. Use gold bars on the stove, and then select the “gold bracelet” option in the interface. From there, just rinse and repeat until level 20.

20-46 level-cut sapphire (125k exp/hr)

Before breaking down into the required process path, you will complete the final grinding of the sapphire from level 20 to level 46. For this, you only need a lot of uncut sapphires, you can find all around RuneScape, or on the Grand Exchange. You also need a chisel. Here, just use the chisel on the sapphire, select “make all”, and then you can start making the sapphire. Continue until level 46.

Old school cut sapphire

Congratulations, you have reached level 46! From here, you can choose from three options. If you want to save some money, use the cheap route, and if you want to speed up with this method, use the fast and expensive route. If you want something in between, we also have a medium route. Feel free to try all the features and see what works for you! But keep in mind that expensive routes do cost a lot of GP, so if you need to use some cheap and fast OSRS GP, make sure to go here.

Level 46-87-Make an unpowered orb (80k xp/hr)

Starting from the cheap part of this OSRS production guide, you will make an unpowered ball from 46 to 87. This is a long process, but fortunately its AFK. For this method, you only need a blown glass tube and some molten glass. You should stand beside the one-click bank deposit. Next, use a blown glass tube on the blown glass, and select the sphere in the subsequent interface, and then make it all. Rinse and repeat until level 87!

Level 87-99-making light balls (120k xp/hr)

Complete the cheapest part of this production guide (from level 87 to level 99) and you will make a light sphere. To do this, you need to blow glass tubes and fusion tubes (sound familiar?). This time use a glass blowing tube on the molten glass, and then select the “non-powered ball” option in the interface, called “Dorgeshuun light ball”. From there, repeat until level 99!
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