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Underneath the Fossil Island Volcano, there is a large volcanic chamber called the Volcanic Mine. The entrance is located in the north-eastern corner of the volcano, with an NPC named Petrified Pete guarding its entrance. You need to have a Mining level of at least 50, 150 Kudos and five unidentified small fossils from Peter.Keep in mind that players have to pay 30 numulites (a form of currency on the Fossil Island) to Petrified Pete if they wish to enter the mines again.

Equipment Setup

– A good equipment setup consists of the full prospector kit for the 2.5% extra Mining XP.

Inventory Setup

· 12-16 Monkfish or Better

· A Prayer Potion (Not needed if you have 91+ Prayer and 30+ Prayer bonus)

· A Pickaxe

· Stamina Potion

· Numulite

· Teleport to House Tablets

· Volcanic Mine Teleports


An item called heat-proof vessel is given to whoever enters these mines. The time limit given to a player to organise themselves is 30 seconds, after which the game will start as the volcano rumbles. After the game begins, the players will have exactly 10 minutes to mine and get out, because after that the volcano will erupt and anyone who hasn’t escaped will be killed

Your first and foremost goal is to mine the large boulders that can be found in the lava channel. These boulders get smaller in size as they’re mined and are carried downstream as you mine it, so you must follow it down the stream and mine it whenever it stops. The smaller the boulder gets the more points are to be gained. Depending on the player count, a boulder will spawn. If the player count is around 10, then the boulder will spawn in the central channel, and if there are more then another boulder will spawn at the western channel. Likewise, if there are more than twenty, then the third one will spawn at the eastern channel.

NPCs called lava beasts start to appear as well, upon entering the lower level. They attack by launching fireballs, and it is recommended that the player keep ‘protect from missiles’ on to reduce the high damage attacks to 1. To walk around in the lower level where lava is more, one must harden the lava by pouring water on it from the heat-proof vessel that you received when you entered the arena. The vessel can be used up to 35 times per game and around 70 if the player has unlocked the larger capacity with his points. The lava that is hardened has a time limit of melting, which is around 90 seconds and can be indicated by its colour change (orange indicated that it’s about to melt). Falling into the lava will not kill you depending on your hp, but you may take in a massive amount of damage.

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Alchemy is one of WoW Classic’s most popular professions because you can earn benefits from things it created, like Elixirs, Flasks, and Potions, these can provide powerful buffs for you. They’re good for giving your low-level character a slight edge while leveling, and also become fairly important when you run through dungeons and raids.
This WoW Classic Alchemy Guide will cover the aspects of Alchemy, so let’s dive into it!

1. WoW Classic Alchemy Trainer Locations

Apprentice and Journeyman Alchemy Trainers are located in major cities; if you don’t know where to find them, ask a city guard for help and they will place a red flag with a golden ! on your map.

Alliance Alchemy Trainers

Horde Alchemy Trainers

PS: If you happen to be in Booty Bay, you can find a neutral faction Alchemy trainer named Jaxin Chong, and you can learn Level 50 Alchemy both Horde and Alliance from him.

If you want to locate the right alchemy trainer for your skill level, check this out:

Apprentice (1-75) – You can find the entry-level trainers in any major city, just asking a guard!

Journeyman (75-150) – You can learn Journeyman Alchemy from most trainers in major cities.

Expert (150-225) – You can become an Expert after achieving 125 in Alchemy.

Artisan (225-300) – You can be an Artisan when reaching a 200 skill level in Alchemy.

2. Leveling WoW Classic Alchemy ( 1-300)

So how to level Alchemy from 1 to 300 quickly? To level up your skills, you will need to make orange items in the Alchemy menu, because this will ensure a skill-up of each skill. If you can’t make something orange, yellow recipes are OK, because these usually give skill-ups. Green recipes are only worth using when alternatives are scarce or expensive, they rarely provide you with skill points. And you should keep in mind that gray recipes cannot give you any skill point at all.

Now, let’s start with the required materials for leveling to 300:

60x Peacebloom
60x Silverleaf
80x Briarthorn
15x Mageroyal
30x Bruiseweed
40x Stranglekelp
30x Liferoot
30x Kingsblood
45x Goldthorn
5x Wild Steelbloom
70x Sungrass
15x Khadgar’s Whisker
20x Arthas’ Tears
40x Blindweed
40x Golden Sansam
20x Mountain Silversage

3. Crafting Flasks in WoW Classic

After maxing out your wow classic alchemy skill, you’ll probably want to learn flask crafting because Flasks are powerful buffs that persist through death and last for 2 hours. But unlike other alchemy recipes, you gotta know that there is an added requirement to the creation of flasks.

4. Get to know Elixirs

Unlike Flasks, you lose the effect of Elixirs when you die. However, you may have multiple elixirs up at a time, as long as they don’t provide the same effect.

Elixir of the Mongoose – Dropped by Satyrs in Jadefire Run, Felwood. Used by Melee DPS and Hunters to increase their damage.

Elixir of Shadow Power – Sold by Algernon/Maria Lumere for 1. Used by Warlocks and Shadow Priests.

Greater Arcane Elixir – Rare world drop. Used by all caster DPS.

5. About the best Potions

We all know that Classic WoW has some great high-level potions, here are the best 2 in the entire game.

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After many years of silent permission, Blizzard has announced they are changing this TOS policy in World of Warcraft to make input broadcasting software a punishable offense. This decision will have a crippling effect on multi-boxers and dramatic consequences for the community and economy in the game. Cheap wow classic gold

Input broadcasting software is an essential tool for the controversial practice of multi-boxing. In laymen’s terms, multi-boxers run multiple instances of WoW at the same time which allows them to play more than one character at the same time. Multi-boxers run anywhere from 5-20 characters at the same time as a way to quickly farm a mass amount of items like gear and herbs to sell at the auction house. Multi-boxers use input broadcast software to link all of these characters together so that they are all controlled with the same inputs on the mouse and keyboard. When using this software, controlling one character works the same as controlling multiple characters.

There’s an important distinction to make: Blizzard is changing the policy in order to ban the software, not the practice of multi-boxing. It is not against the rules to play on multiple accounts simultaneously, but starting soon, multi-boxers won’t be allowed to do it the easy way.

While opinions are somewhat divided on this decision, the vast majority of the community seems enthusiastic about the change. At its core, this software gives multi-boxers an unfair advantage because it allows them to gather items and earn gold at a rate no other players could ever compete with. Further, multi-boxers can be a real nuisance when questing or trying to farm materials because they can so easily get ahead of you can kill every mob or farm every herb before you have a chance to. The decision to ban input broadcasting software creates a more even playing field for everyone.

The big question now is how this change will affect the in-game economy. It’s long been assumed that multi-boxers flood the market with materials like herbs, lowering the price. With fewer materials in the wild, the law of supply and demand dictates that the price will go up. Certain factors make this a bit less straightforward, but we’ll find out soon enough when the masses come flooding back to World of Warcraft later this month for the release of Shadowlands.
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world of warcraft shadowlands professions bannerBlizzard Entertainment has just dropped a new dev blog and video survival guide in preparation for the World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion next week.The dev blog gives players and fans a quick overview of how Professions will work in Shadownlands. This includes the introduction of Legendary Runecarving, less backfires for Engineers, optional reagents, and the removal of Star Ranks. “Characters with gathering professions in Battle for Azeroth will notice that Star Ranks have been removed,” explains the devs. “But don’t fret—you’ll obtain greater quantities of harvested material as you go up in skill.” Buy wow classic gold

A number of consumables from previous expansions will also be reappearing in Shadowlands. These include Armor Kits for Leatherworkers, Sharpening Stones and Weightstones for Blacksmiths, and Weapon Oils for Alchemists. “Some potions can interact with Weapon Oils to create additional effects, so keep an eye on Potion tooltips to see which combinations are available! In Shadowlands, there are only two Flask types, one that increases your Primary Stat depending on your class and specialization, and one that increases your Stamina.”

One of the big changes coming to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is its addition of Covenants, which let players pledge their allegiance to a specific group in order to be rewarded with unique armor sets, special abilities, cosmetics and more. The four covenants are Kyrian (angelic guardians), Necrolords (undead necromancers), Night Fae (fairies attuned with nature), and Venthyr (gothic vampires).

Shadowlands will be launching with five new areas and a city hub. Bastion is a gorgeous and otherworldly floating land inhabited by angelic creatures called the Kyrian. Maldraxxus is an undead-infested nightmare similarly designed to many plague-ridden Wrath of the Lich King areas. Ardenweald is an enchanting forest occupied by the Night Fae and other beautiful wildlife. The Maw is a ruined vortex of souls, inhabited by the most awful creatures in the Shadowlands. Revendre is straight out of a vampiric fantasy, with a soul-siphoning covenant called Venthyr native to the area. Yes, there are vampires in World of Warcraft, equipped with gothic castles and copious amounts of bats.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is making some incredible updates to character customization, including the ability for currently existing toons to change their gender for free. Outside of that, every standard race will be given new options, including additional skin tones, faces, hairdos, eye colors and more.

As for the video survival guide, you’ll find it just after the break. Definitely worth watching if you want a quick rundown of what’s coming to the expansion, or if you’ve been hiding under a rock these past few months. Shadowlands is scheduled to launch on November 23rd at 3pm PST.
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Recently, World of Warcraft Classic gamers have been having a heated discussion about “how to beat the NAXX Ice Dragon more smoothly”. Although Blizzard has announced that the Ice Dragon’s Frost Aura damage will be changed to 600 points per 2 seconds, Ice Resistance is still the focus of the discussion. As a result, the price of various items that can improve ice resistance has gone up, such as today’s “Petrified Scarab”.

Petrified Scarab Profit Analysis

Petrified Scarab is a defensive accessory dropped by the Three Jewels of Qi’ra from the Anchorah replica in World of Warcraft Classic, which increases spell resistance by 100 points for 1 minute and decreases spell damage by 10 points per spell. In the regular state, it takes 10 times damage and then no more, from 100+90+80…… 20+10, the total spell resistance gain in a CD period is only 550 points, plus Princess Hahoran can already RUSH, so this equipment is not so hot in the Angela stage.

However, as we get closer to NAXX opening time, the price of Petrified Scarab is getting higher and higher, and the reason for this is that tests have shown that Ice Dragon’s aura damage does not reduce the number of layers of Petrified Scarab, in other words, Petrified Scarab can reside with 100 points of spell resistance for 1 minute.

Damage Reduction Analysis for NAXX Ice Dragons

NAXX Ice Dragon’s aura damage is 600 points every 2 seconds, which is 18,000 points for 30 damage per minute. According to the classical resistance formula, 1 point of spell resistance can offset 0.24% of the damage, 100 points is 24% of the damage, which can offset 18,000*24% = 4,320 points of damage for the duration of the Petrified Beetle, which is more than enough to reduce the damage of a powerful frost protection potion.

Since the damage reduction effect of the Petrified Beetle is so powerful, is it really a must-have item to open up the Ice Dragon? Not really.

Since the duration of Petrified Beetle is 1 minute, but the CD period is 3 minutes, the profit of Petrified Beetle fluctuates up and down. You can maintain 100 points of resistance gain at 1 minute, not to mention the opening period, even if you enter the FARM period. Trying to defeat an ice dragon in less than a minute is difficult as well (possible in the later stages of the race), and once the battle lasts too long the petrified beetle’s profitability decreases steadily. The 3-minute low was only 33.33 points of resistance gain, then it rose again and fell again.

Of course, the minimum 33.33 points of resistance gain is also very good, but the problem is that the Petrified Beetle is an accessory, and accessories improve the profession much more than other parts of equipment (except weapons), and wearing the Petrified Beetle means the loss of other attributes, not to mention the fact that the Ice Dragon not only does one type of damage, the Ice Ring, but other skills also weaken the layers of the Petrified Beetle normally.

In addition, the spell resistance limit for classic World of Warcraft characters is 315 points, 315-100 = 215 points, which means that a petrified beetle can only gain full benefit if the character’s ice resistance is less than 215 points, and if it is higher than that, the benefit will be reduced again.

Whether it’s worth it depends largely on price

To be frank, the petrified beetle is an item more suitable for those who are looking for the ultimate speed group, and is not as helpful to the average player as one might think. If the price is too high, you can Buy classic wow gold from, which offers fast delivery, abundant inventory and safe harvesting, and I think players of the classic World of Warcraft game will be satisfied.
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Qetz Insight | Egg experiment science | 1558 | Kids Education

DESCRIPTION / AD TEXT What you need: 1 egg 1 cup vinegar clear jar or glass Directions: Pour 1 cup of vinegar into jar Add the egg Record what you see (bubbles rising from the egg) Leave the egg in the vinegar for one day. Remove the egg and feel it. Record your observations (the egg shell will be soft) What happened: Eggs contain something called “calcium carbonate”. This is what makes them hard. Vinegar is an acid known as acetic acid.
When calcium carbonate (the egg) and acetic acid (the vinegar) combine, a chemical reaction takes place and carbon dioxide (a gas) is released.
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This is what the bubbles are made of. The chemical reaction keeps happening until all of the carbon in the egg is used up — it takes about a day.
When you take the egg out of the vinegar it’s soft because all of the carbon floated out of the egg in those little bubbles. NOW TRY THIS: Leave the same egg sitting out on the table for another day. Now feel it again. It’s hard! The calcium left in the egg shell stole the carbon back from the carbon dioxide that’s in the air we breathe.