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Taking a page from their last campaign, the group has convinced over rs gold 130 candidates for the House of Delegates and the Senate to sign pledges promising to vote for a 10 cent per drink tax increase to fund programs to reduce alcohol abuse, underage drinking and healthcare for residents with special needs.

Then again, I don care about it enough to go screaming about it to anyone who would listen.I12curTTs 82 points submitted 29 days agoAnyone who has been paying any amount of attention and leans even a little to the left should understand that voting for a democrat is virtually the only thing we can do to end the ridiculousness and corruption in the white house and in congress.

So, you seem to know this stuff already, you have some elements of it in your deck as is. I think your issue is you don have enough of some of these elements. [[Solemn Simulacrum]] and [[Burnished Hart]] will help put something on the board early, since you only have 1 creature currently under 5 cmc (Big Game Hunter). Not everything will be a gem to feed to Volrath, but if you draw enough you should be able to find them easily enough, or tutor for them. You have lots of draw, but you seem to have quite a bit that spends life. Not bad in itself, but without a board to protect you you gonna lose life pretty quickly. Also I wholeheartedly agree with the commenter saying you might want to move your instant/sorcery effects onto creatures with similar things where possible.

The weather is so critical to audience building that a station in Honolulu, KGMB, reached the top spot in its market after it began calling itself “Hawaii’s Severe Weather Station” in 2004 and began emphasizing stories about high winds, mudslides and storms, says Jim Willi, a principal at Audience Research Development, a Fort Worth based consulting firm. Willi’s firm came up with the slogan for the station.

Lets order all these teams in order of how many tests they play: 1. England, 2. Australia, 3. India, 4. NZ. I think Australia plays only marginally more tests than India so we can assume its basically even. Root is the least consistent of the 4 but the number of tests he plays will more than offset that issue and keep him in the race. Smith and Kohli are probably the closest but even at his best, I don think Kohli was still as good as Smith was in his pre ban peak. They put up a good fight for 2nd place but it all depends on Smith post ban form. Williamson, in terms of ability alone, is at par with the rest but being handicapped with significantly lesser tests means he won get anywhere close. If we assume that all batsmen finish their careers having played roughly the same number of years of test cricket then I think it end something like this: 1. Root (has the most runs despite debuting last among fab 4 and being the least in form, simply because England play the most), 2. Kohli (so dominant and seems to have good consistent form in tests after a rough start to test career), 3. Smith (the best when he at his peak but he surely take at least a few series to get back in form), 4. Williamson (probably the most aesthetically pleasing of the fab 4 and in good form but he played less tests than Root Kohli even though he was the first to debut)

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