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It buy wow gold took me an entire summer to conquer Super Mario Brothers. My brother and I were grounded for 2 weeks each due to fighting over being player 1 (remember when player 2 couldn’t start until player one died?). It was in those 2 weeks of playing solo that I defeated the flame and axe throwing Bowser! My life was complete. I entered Grade 4 a better woman.

I’ve dabble in the videogame arts here and there, but haven’t owned a console since. Now gaming consoles allow you to watch movies, download and play against gamers from around the world but what do you use your console for? Do you have one?

I work in the 3d industry, and everyone I know owns (more then one) new console system, but I can’t seem to purchase one. I find the games now seem to be kind of a time suck now that I have to work 45+ hours a week. (The guys I work with here would probably roll their eyes, but I guess since I’m the only girl I know who works in this position (compositing 3d assets.) it’s probably not terribly surprising. )

I used to be a HUGE fan of video games. I still break out my SNES sometimes, (who doesn’t love that 16 bit sound?) and play some Zelda or Mario brothers. I still own a N64 and I think I had bought a Playstation 2 six years ago but I don’t use those anymore.

Happy anniversary Mario!

Not really anymore, I have a Wii but barely use it. If I could’ve got myself to do something useful instead of play endless hours of games, ugh, I don’t like to think about it. Could have learned an instrument, been social, dated more. Something!

Best console of all time: SNES, hands down.

up up down down left right left right B A 😉

If it has a great beat and sound, I like it! I hear good 8 bit music. Megaman had the best music though. Waaaaay too much time that I just don’t have to lose!

I never had a console when I was a kid but always had a computer of some sort in the house. I remember playing Wolfenstein 3D and thinking it was the most amazing game ever.

Consoles were like a special treat that I got to play sometimes at other people’s houses, but they would invariably be bored of the console and not want to play.

Nowadays I use console emulators on the PC if I need to get a Sonic or Mario fix. Talk about advancing technology! There are emulators of various utility all the way up to the PS2 generation of console.

Secret codes I still remember: iddkfa, iddqd, and of course there’s the good old god or noclip. I’m sure some people will recognize those ones.

I have a Playstation, a Gameboy, and a DS Lite. The DS Lite is the only one I’ve used recently. I’m not entirel sure where the other two are.

My sister had a N64 when we were kids/teenagers (she got it the same time I got the PS). We both played the N64 more because we liked the games better.

I might get another console at some point, mostly because I prefer Linux for my actual computer, and playing games on Linux is kind of a pain in the ass. On the other hand, I don’t spend a lot of time playing games.

The only console I have these days is a Nintendo DS Lite, unless my iPhone counts since that’s how I got sucked into Plants vs Zombies. I’ve been working on a way to play Cobra Triangle and RC Pro Am on the DS Lite since those are the games I miss the most. Altough I have a soft spot for Super Mario 3 since I realized that Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley was the girl in The Wizard and it dawned on me that I’ve had a crush on her for about 20 years. sigh

Here’s a Video of Cheerleader Polar Bears doing the Konami code.

I have a PS3 and a Wii, and I don’t play either of them all that often. I’m not good at all at any of these new fangled video games, so I need to play things that are designed for children. Most Wii party games are right up my alley. About the only game I play somewhat regularly is RockBand, though lately I’ve been more into learning to play nonplastic instruments.

Somewhere in my house are functioning Atari, NES, and SuperNES systems that I may have to dig out after today’s conversation. (Oh Dr. Mario. so addictive, such earwormy songs.) Somewhere in my brain I remember the warps for the original Mario Bros and the whistles for Mario 3.

Don’t think I could listen to it for hours on end, but I have a soft spot for 8 bit music. I remember thinking that Beck’s Hell Yes EP was the greatest thing ever.

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