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A nonprofit that a friend works at had someone make repeated donations like 30 of osrs gold them online in a matter of minutes. Each donation was for something like $30 from the same credit card and address, though a different e mail it seems. The last time this happened, their IT department shut down the donations portal. I don’t really understand why IT bothered doing that and what the scam was or why it keeps happening. I’m curious though. Is this a common scam and what does it accomplish?

I gotten a lot of mileage in the past few years out of deliberately exposing myself to artists or entire genres that I at first react very negatively towards, or simply can understand the appeal of. I like a lot of electronic music, for example, but a lot of the stuff I like most these days is stuff that I initially couldn wrap my head around the appeal of (oldschool dusbtep and drum and bass, or proper techno, etc). In my late adolescence, I sort of forced myself to get into metal, which I initially found abrasive and awful, and the experience was ultimately so rewarding that I realized I would generally like most music if I just gave it and honest chance and put some effort into understanding where it was coming from and what it was trying to be. I think that probably why I do like a lot of rap and country now, and am optimistic that I keep getting into new types of music as they change and evolve.

Sometimes I come into work a couple hours late because I had a flare or something the night before and didn fall asleep until dawn, after hours of extreme pain. If people ask why, it already hard enough to make them understand “I was really sick last night” because I seem perfectly fine now. Misinformation on crohns disease only makes it harder for people to understand what you are going through. Sometimes its exhausting knowing everyone thinks you full of shit and lazy when really you just weren sure if you needed to be rushed to the hospital. Misinformation on reddit just contributes to the problem.

If he didn’t know, he’s either more narcissistic than I perceive or he’s just plain stupid and/or arrogant.Funny thing is Dems don’t bow out when they’re caught. Repubs take to the hills over the tawdry innuendo. Barney Frank comes to mind a success story despite harboring (perhaps unknowingly) a lover who ran a prostitution ring, etc.To JUST ME: Consider that in 1998, TWO YEARS BEFORE Bush took office, Clinton, Madeline Albirhgt, Sandy Berger were talking about the WMD’s in Iraq!! BUSH inherited what Clinton had not taken on 5 times we were attacked under Clinton including the FIRST TRADE TOWERS attack which damaged the buildings but did not bring them down.

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