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It’s wow gold pretty common for MMORPGs to feature content based around real world holidays, and World of Warcraft is known for having some of the best holiday content around. This weekend sees the kick off of this year’s Noblegarden celebration, an event based around the Easter holiday.

Blizzard Entertainment released details of this year’s Noblegarden on their website yesterday. Running from this Sunday, April 8th, through April 14th, Noblegarden features plenty of Easter like fun for both Alliance and Horde characters in World of Warcraft. From egg hunts to daily quests, there should be plenty of fun for every warrior and mage.

Rewards for Noblegarden activities range from vanity items like clothing to a spring rabbit pet and even an exclusive Swift Springstrider mount. World of Warcraft players can join in on the Noblegarden fun at several locations around Azeroth and beyond, including Goldshire, Azure Watch, Brill, Razor Hill, and Shattrath City.

Melissa Brumfield, a World of Warcraft player living in Charleston, looks forward to the various holiday events in the game throughout the year. “I have a group of friends in WoW who always get together and try to do all the holiday stuff together,” she says.
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