Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Along with the Scourge invasion of Icecrown, many recognizable bosses from Northrend have returned. These special Undead rares spawn on a set rotation every 20 minutes and drop epic items that are level 110, on par with Heroic mode Ny’alotha loot. When one spawns, it shows up on the map as a purple skull. Cheapest wow classic gold

Many of these bosses now drop updated versions of gear from their original loot tables:
Papa’s Mint Condition Bag references Papa’s New Bag from the Forge of Souls.
Miniscule Abomination in a Jar references Tiny Abomination in a Jar from Professor Putricide.
Keleseth’s Influencer references Keleseth’s Seducer from the Blood Princes.
Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake from Skadi the Ruthless

Rare list:
Noth the Plaguebringer
Blood Queen Lana’thel
Professor Putricide
Lady Deathwhisper
Skadi the Ruthless
Ingvar the Plunderer
Prince Keleseth
The Black Knight
Scourgelord Tyrannus
Forgemaster Garfrost
The Prophet Tharon’ja
Novos the Summoner
Krik’thir the Gatewatcher
Prince Taldaram
Elder Nadox

Bosses drop multiple Pitch Black Scourgestone. These can be turned in to Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard for Argent Commendation.
Argent Commendation can be used to buy gear and other items from Quartermasters tied to the Scourge event.

Anti-Doom Broom
Putrid Geist
Argent Conscript’s Cloth Set
Argent Conscript’s Leather Set
Argent Conscript’s Mail Set

Argent Conscript’s Plate Set

All the items will be removed on November 24.
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