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WOW Burnsios is one of the special stewards active in celebration of Steward’s Day. Burnsios and other stewards can give you a Steward’s Golden Key that can be used to unlock Steward’s Golden Chest. Below are the locations of Burnsios and other special stewards.

WOW Burnsios locations during Steward’s Day

If Elios requires you to visit Burnsios during Steward’s Day, you should go to Kala’s Den within the Garden of Respite to find him. The entrance to Kala’s Den can be found at /way 48.92, 57.94. When you access, please turn left and enter the southwest alcove. And then you can see Burnsios is standing on a lounger at /way 46.81, 59.27.

Locations of other special stewards WOW

Apart from Burnsios, you may also be asked to visit other special stewards for Steward’s Golden Key in Steward’s Day. To help you find them smoothly, below WOWClassicGP provides a list of stewards’ locations for you:
– Chaddius: /way 57.0, 77.2
– Wylia: /way 33.93 66.86
– Alexandros: /way 53.50 85.50
– Angeliki: /way 42.96 27.33
– Pagius: /way 45.64 64.62
– Platnos: /way 60.60 61.81
– Chaddius: /way 57.00 77.35
– Covinkles: /way 53.63 09.57
– Giannakis: /way 70.91 37.51
– Ioanna: /way 25.89 33.55

Come to find WOW Burnsios and other special stewards for Steward’s Golden Key with the locations above. Opening Steward’s Golden Chest may reward you with Ethereal Pomegranate, Medallion of Service and other items. By the way, if you lack of WOW gold and Cheap wow classic gold , you can come to WOWClassicGP to place orders at anytime.
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