Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

This week’s shuriken are looking extra sparkly – seems like the Ninjas have been to Prifddinas. The Ninjas have been up to their usual tricks this week, and this time they’ve been extra sneaky and hacked the broadcast system! Let’s take a closer look…

Player Broadcasts

Historically, players haven’t had that much control over the broadcasts they receive in chat. For the most part they were very useful, but after a while they’d get repetitive – and worse, if you were in a busy world, they could fill up the entire Chat Box!

Well, your broadcast woes are over! The Ninja Team have had a word with the Chat Box Goblins (you know, the tiny goblins who control the Chat Box?) and they’ve agreed to let players toggle more broadcasts on and off so that you can properly customise your experience.

You can toggle various broadcast now in settings -> gameplay -> Broadcast world, friends & clan.

By default, all options will be toggled on.

Global Broadcasts

Some broadcasts that previously highlighted achievements by wider groups have been narrowed down to only include your Clan and those on your Friends’ List, which we hope will reduce the number of extraneous messages you see.

This includes broadcasts about total XP achievements and rare item drops like the Blade of Nymora.

In some cases, we’ve done the reverse, and made it so that big achievements are properly celebrated with a world-wide announcement.

The table shows the different broadcast tiers and the broadcast tier changes we’ve made this week:
Broadcast Tiers
1 All Worlds, Clan, Friends
2 Current World, Clan, Friends
3 Clan, Friends
4 Broadcast removed
Broadcast Previous Tier New Tier
Arcane Sigil 2 3
Divine Sigil 2 3
Elysian Sigil 2 3
Spectral Sigil 2 3
Dragon Full Helm 2 4
Malevolent Kiteshield 2 3
Vengeful Kiteshield 2 3
Merciless Kiteshield 2 3
Dragon Limbs 2 3
Steadfast Scale 2 3
Glaiven Wing-Tip 2 3
Ragefire Gland 2 3
Kethsi Outfit Scroll 2 3
Blade of Nymora 2 3
Blade of Avaryss 2 3
Lucky Dragonkin Coin 2 3
Draconic Visage 3 4
Dragon Claw 3 4
Dragon Pickaxe 3 4
Statius’s Warhammer 3 2
Pneumatic Gloves 3 4
Tracking Gloves 3 4
Static Gloves 3 4
Razorback Gauntlets 3 4
Ascension Grips 3 4
Celestial Handwraps 3 4
Crystal Pickaxe 3 4
Gemstone Armour 3 4
Gloves of Passage 3 4
Greater Flurry Ability Codex 3 2
Greater Fury Ability Codex 3 2
Greater Barge Ability Codex 3 2
Blast Diffusion Boots 3 2
Superior Long Bone 3 2
Volcanic Fragments 3 2
Tribal Fin 3 2
Inquisitor’s Staff Ornament 3 2
Inquisitor’s Staff Rod 3 2
Inquisitor’s Staff Censer 3 2
Spear of Annihilation Tip 3 2
Master Quest Cape, 5-10-15 Year Veteran Capes 2 1
50m, 150m XP 2 3

Crystal Chests

We’ve upgraded the Chest Interface for Crystal Chests with a new toggle that allows you to take items in noted or unnoted form. You can also Bank your items straight from the chest, a feature that you’ll know from the standard Reward Chest Interface.

This update should cut down on unnecessary clicks and let you organise your items in record time.

Triskelion Keys

Lastly, the Ninjas have made some changes to the Triskelion. Previously, combining the different parts of the Triskelion was a slow and painstaking task – now, you can combine as many keys as possible in just one action. That leaves you with more time to gloat over your Dragonstone Armour drops!

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