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Druidic Ritual Quest is a short, initial OSRS mission designed to help the Druids restore the Circle to Varrock. Druidic Ritual is a quest that sends you on an adventure to help the druids found north of Taverley. You must help them make a potion that will allow them to return to the circle south of Varrock. There are a few key conditions, so keep OSRS gold,runescape 3 gold and meat on hand if needed.

Requirements for OSRS Druidic Ritual Quest

What do we mean by meat? Well, the only OSRS item required for this short OSRS druid ritual is raw meat, including raw bears, rats, beef, and chicken. Since this is just a short beginner’s mission, that’s all you need to get the job done. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Druidic Ritual quest itself.

Kaqemeex at The Stone Circle

First, go to the stone circle north of Taverley and talk to Kaqemeex. You can find it east of the path that leads to Burthorpe. Here you will learn that the stone circle in Varrock once belonged to them, until it was conquered by the dark wizards. From here you will be asked to go to Sanfew and talk to him.

Go south to Sanfew

To the south, you’ll find Sanfew’s octagonal Herblore store above. Tell Sanfew that you have been ordered to assist with the ritual that will clear Varrock’s stone circle. To do this, you need to put raw rat meat, raw beef, raw chicken meat, and raw bear meat into the Cauldron of Thunder to continue.

For these OSRS items, it is best to transfer your OSRS gold to the Grand Exchange. If not, teleport to Varrock and go east. Around the mining areas you will find a giant kill rat in the southeast and a bear in the south. Continue south towards Lumbridge where you can kill both chickens and cows in the pasture. They can also be found at the southern entrance of Falador if you don’t want to go the previous route.

The last option is to buy four meat products from Meat Emporium Rufus after unlocking the road to Canifis. Regardless of the method chosen, the next step is to reach Cauldron or Thunder.

Enchant the Meat at the Cauldron

You can find Cauldron or Thunder in Taverley Dungeon. Go south of Taverley and go down the ladder. Head north past the skeletons where you will find two armor on level 19. You can kill them or make a donation to see where the cauldron is. Use the meat from your inventory on it, it will turn blue and create enchanted versions.

Return with Enchanted Meat

Once you have the enchanted flesh, exit the dungeon after entering and talk to Sanfew. He will take the meat off you before asking you to talk to Kaqemeex again. You will thank Kaqemeex and learn more about Herblore’s skills.


You will receive four quest points for completing the OSRS Druidic Ritual quest. It also provides access to the Herblore skills and 250 Herblore XP. It is also required to complete Recruitment Drive, Eadgar’s Rose, and Jungle Potion.
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