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Angry buy wow gold fans of Hot Blooded Legend staged the blockade to disrupt the launch of The Legend Returns, a new version of the popular massively multiplayer online (MMO) game.

The protesters massed their avatars at the gates of cities to prevent new people from entering. They also blocked roads in an attempt to paralyse traffic and bring the game to a standstill.

The unprecedented online demonstration was reportedly co ordinated in advance on Chinese gaming chat rooms, as it became clear that the makers of The Legend Returns had little intention of preserving the spirit of the original.

Fans were angry that players could spend real money to get in game advantages, rather than having to earn their spurs in combat.

The protesters swooped within minutes of the new game’s launch on last month.

Administrators were forced to take drastic crowd control measures “flying” protesters to empty parts of the online world, or dumping them out of the game completely in order to clear access to the cities.

The level of resentment about the rule changes reflects the obsessive commitment of many MMO players, who can spend hours a day in their virtual worlds.

A report earlier this year described the popular World of Warcraft game as “more addictive than cocaine” after a Swedish teenager who played non stop for 24 hours went into convulsions.
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