Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

World of Warcraft classic game development to this day, take the world buff has become the vast majority of players must do before playing instance, and even many players in order to get a full amount of buff before instance, began to choose only once a week online, the rest of the time all in the offline insurance buff, even after entering instance, the team interface is also a gray. Over time, however, world buffs have become the biggest liability for wow classic players.

Playing Instance in the upper line, BUFF in the lower line.

The world buff is undoubtedly powerful, not only can break through the equipment gap, but also can infinitely close the gap between different players on the operating methods. To take the simplest example, a just full level of berserk war, as long as the AH to buy a nearly blue and purple equipment from AH, and then go to 20 people instance mixed bottom price equipment, in the full BUFF’s addition, you can use the “gopher” method to fight the graduation of the Ankara without BUFF berserk war damage, which is also the root cause of the world BUFF is becoming more and more popular.

Although the world buff is powerful, but make players more and more exhausted, before playing instance, players will try to collect all kinds of buffs, perhaps the time to get buffs may be about half an hour, but in the process of getting buffs but often because they were killed and lost buffs, and occasionally encounter the thief called “you do not deserve to take the dragon head” and “you do not deserve to take the haka”.

Even if you manage to get all the world buffs and then enter instance, you may still perish for various reasons, and if the world buffs are gone in the opening phase, then the effect on the player’s mindset is tremendous.

Some players will say: “No one is forcing you to take the world buff” is true, but the problem is, wow classic development today, the gold group has become the mainstream, and in the gold group want to score wow classic gold, you must hit the so-called “wow classic gold line”.

Because of the existence of the world buff, when some of the players with the world buff, without the buff to play instance is very difficult to hit the “wow classic gold line”, even if there are players through a powerful technique, barely hit the “wow classic gold line”, spend far more energy than the players with the world buff. If you want to get a great thrill out of World of Warcraft, buy wow classic gold is a good choice.

The gains and losses of the World Buff

There’s nothing wrong with players taking the world buff, it’s even still a positive attitude, not to mention the fact that the world buff largely improves the instance progress in wow classic, reduces the difficulty of starting equipment, and makes players feel powerful, but the world buff also ties up players to a certain extent.
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