Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Runescape fans have been able to relive the adventure of this ultimate MMORPG ever since Old School Runescape was officially released in February 2013. Among the three combat classes, warrior, hunter and mage, there is one skill that is particularly important. : magic. rs3 gold

A lot of players haven’t played Runescape before, and some were no doubt not in-depth leveling experts. Having a strong level of magic comes into play in defending against magic damage, enchanting items, teleporting and even earning money with high level alchemy. As one of the best ways to earn coins in the game, knowing how to improve this skill is essential.

5 Pest control

This cooperative method of magical experience is also very safe, making it a great choice for magical experiences. Players using this magic training minigame should try to cast Ice Burst as it provides the best experience possible. Ice Burst can also be useful in training the manic monkeys in Monkey Atoll.

4 High level alchemy

Players looking to try and earn coins while gaining experience will want to try this method if they can. The High-level Alchemy spell converts items into OSRS gold, and by choosing the right items, clever players cannot suffer losses. Going to the Alchemist’s room in the Mages Training Arena may result in no spell launch cost to lower the cost. This method can also work well when training other skills as players can convert other different items that they pick up during training.

3 Leather tanning

To use this method, players must have access to the Moon’s Spell Book and complete the Hard Fremenik Journal. Then all you need to do is cast Tan Leather and get 81 magical experience in one throw. Seasoned players will use this method on the Grand Exchange to easily buy and sell the materials they need. Players should also avoid cheating when trying to buy or sell their goods – players can make not only a profit but also a potential of 120,000 experience per hour.

2 Superheat Items

For players who are not so great in combat, using the Item Overheating spell is a great option to gain magical experience. When optimized, this method can yield 97,000 experiments per hour. However, this method is quite risky in terms of the number of coins to spend. If done carefully, players can make a profit or at least break even. Players just shouldn’t be surprised if they lose early.

1 Stringing Jewelry

This method provides not only 150,000 Magic Experience per hour, but also 6,265 Crafting Experience! Players with access to the Moon’s Spellbook can cast the String Jewelry spell. Players need a large supply of amulets to work with, so the use of a mud cane is recommended to reduce potential costs. Players can earn this Staff by defeating Dagannoth Prime and earning it as a drop.
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