Blizzard today will carry the spirit of the same developer


Brack isn’t having the best of startsdue to the launch of a mobile version of D2R Items which many players were not happy about. By Brack’s own admits, was a situation that could have been handled better. But in the midst of this controversy, and afterward, it’s the perspective of the developer and his history that he has that he focuses on when he’s asking supporters to put their trust in Brack and his studio.

Although Brack admits the messaging could have been clearer he is still a believer in Diablo: Immortal as a game and believes it reflects the Blizzard values as they have always been and always will be. And not only that, Brack is certain that the Blizzard today will carry the spirit of the same developer which brought us Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, and the many other beloved games in its collection.

Ahead of the climax in the Diablo League season and BlizzCon 2019. we spoke to Brack about the reaction to Diablo: Immortal, the protection of the brand’s identity, and his ambitions for Blizzard.

What was it like seeing World of Warcraft Classic launch due to your previous experience with the game as well as the company. Must have been strange seeing the halcyon times of Diablo revived.
J. Allen Brack: Yeah. It was about two years ago, at BlizzCon that I said that we were planning to release Diablo Classic. It was something the fans had been wanting since a long time.

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