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People suffering from SAD either are unable cheapest wow classic gold to function or function minimally during the season in which their disorder occurs. Seasonal affective disorder shares several symptoms with other forms of depression including lethargy, sadness, hopelessness, anxiety and social withdrawal.Strategies to Help Seasonal Affective DisorderThere are many effective treatments for winter depression, some of which you can do to help yourself.

Raessens, J. and Goldstein, J. (eds.) (2011)(Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press). This has an excellent collection of essays and covers a very wide range of topics. We have 4 copies of the 2005 hardback edition in the library. What I am uncertain about is whether the 2011 paperback is the same content simply in soft jacket or has been revised!

Earlier this year, a 9 year old schoolgirl in northeast China gave birth to a healthy baby boy. In 2008, another 10 year old girl in Idaho, who got pregnant at age 9, carried a baby to term. And back in 1939, as TIME reported, Lina Medina of Peru, became pregnant at the age of 5 years, 8 months, and became a mother by age 6 years, 5 months.

One line that came up pretty often throughout the expansion is to never do anything that would leave you alone. This is exactly what Emet did, and why his promise took such an heavy toll on him. He left his friends behind, and he is filled with regret. Similarly, Elidibus also mentioned how Emet was always one step ahead everyone, even when you thought you were fighting against him. Do you really think the most cunning ascian plan was merely to let you get all 5 sin eater and turn into one? Early on, Emet himself mention how it would end for him if he went directly against you? Did he forget his own advice? I doubt so. Emet knew what he was doing, from the beginning to the end.

Kingston supporta i principali sistemi e offre numerosi tipi di tecnologie di memoria; una peculiarit che fa dellazienda uneccellente fonte di approvvigionamento per clienti con qualunque tipo di esigenza nel campo delle memorie. La gamma di prodotti Kingston include memorie per server, desktop, dispositivi di rete e per le telecomunicazioni, workstation, stampanti, e anche per apparati e fotocamere digitali. Inoltre, il nostro servizio di supporto tecnico sempre a vostra disposizione per rispondere a qualunque domanda in materia di memorie. Tutti i moduli di memoria Kingston sono coperti da una garanzia a vita (visitate la pagina relativa ai termini e alle condizioni di garanzia Kingston per informazioni dettagliate sulla garanzia) e da una garanzia di compatibilit
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We want to ensure that Soul Wars is great fun for everyone, so since its launch last week we’ve worked hard to refine the minigame and make it a better experience.

What is Soul Wars?
Soul Wars is a members-only team minigame, a remake of the original Soul Wars released in RuneScape on 10 February 2009. In Soul Wars, two opposing teams compete against each other to gather soul fragments and offer them to the Soul Obelisk in order to weaken, and ultimately defeat, each other’s Avatars through combat. Each game lasts 15 minutes.

How to Getting there?
– Minigame teleport to Soul Wars
– Amulet of glory – teleports outside of Edgeville bank.
– Combat bracelet – teleports to the Monastery near Edgeville.
– Ring of dueling – teleports to Ferox Enclave, where players can access the Ferox Enclave Dungeon and the portal.
– Paddewwa Teleport – teleports the player into the Edgeville Dungeon, just a few steps away. Uses the Ancient Magicks spellbook.

We can now confirm that from this week, there will be a single waiting room in the lobby and team selection will be randomised.

Soul Wars Improvements & Changes:
– The inactivity timer will begin to tick down 10 seconds after a game starts instead of immediately.
– You can now examine the items in the ‘Other’ section of the Reward Shop.
– The Soul Wars tutorial will now display bearded characters’ chatheads in all their fuzzy glory.
– A ‘Check’ option has been added to the Spoils of War in the Reward shop to show how many you’ve opened so far.
– The time before you’re allowed to exit a Graveyard has been reduced from 15 seconds to 10. You’ll also receive immunity when exiting. This will last for a few seconds or until you attack another player.
– Attempting to attack Avatars from outside the boss room will now cause the minigame to pull you in, instead of telling you to move closer.
– Bandage healing will now display the name of the player that healed you instead of your own name.
– Skulled players on Deadman worlds can no longer start the Soul Wars tutorial or enter a waiting area.
– Bones and soul fragments will now appear above other dropped items while in Soul Wars.
– It is no longer possible to open Spoils of War on Entrana.
– Gravestones will no longer appear in Soul Wars waiting areas.
– Players will no longer be able to bypass the temporary ban for leaving a game early by hopping to another world.
– Rebalanced the quantities of certain items in the Spoils of War.

Also, after the initial launch of Soul Wars and the addition of new worlds to handle all the players wanting to try it out, we have decided that we will be continuing with 3 Soul Wars worlds, one in each global region:
– 320 US
– 350 UK
– 535 AUS


To clarify, the Ectoplasmator works on all spectral creatures. You can check a monster’s spectral status using the Monster Examine spell, but for quick reference, here’s a list:

– Ghosts
– Ghasts
– Banshees
– Shades (including Mort’ton shades)
– Tortured souls
– Spiritual creatures
– Aberrant spectres
– Death wings
– Revenants
– Barrows Brothers

In addition, the following enemies have been marked ‘spectral’:
– Ankou
– Deviant spectres
– Twisted banshees
– Treus Dayth
Lastly, the experience given by the Ectoplasmator has been increased from 15% of the creature’s health to 20%.

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We hope you haven’t had your fill of 20th Anniversary Cake just yet, because the Grand Party’s only just beginning! By the way, don’t forget to grab your free 20th Anniversary cape and outfit from the Wise Old Man! He spent all of December sewing those little buttons on.

The Grand Party: Celebration of Combat
Week two of our month-long event is the Celebration of Combat, where you’ll get all sorts of exciting combat-based buffs.
– Better chance for Rare Drop Table drops, with a further increased chance when using luck-enhancing items
– A greater chance to receive the better loot from the Rare Drop Table
– 50% more Slayer XP on all tasks
– No death costs

Oh, and do you see that golem chap pottering about the place? Give him a whack on the noggin and you’ll get an hour-long Elder Overload buff. Nice!

On top of that, the Lumbridge Crater’s been spiced up with a few new additions, including a golem target dummy to assist you in your combat adventures. There’s a reward for interacting with them all, so keep checking back throughout the week.

You’ll also notice that the special anniversary portal will now take you straight to War’s Retreat.

Yak Track: The Knight Before Christmas
Technically it’s now the Knight After Christmas, but anyway… You’ve still got until January 24th to keep the holiday spirit going, help Robin the Reindeer Yak check off his list, and get rewarded with some fabulously festive cosmetics – including Robin himself, who’ll follow you on all your adventures.

If you’ve already made your way up the tiers, why pick up the Premier Pass for just 2 Bonds? As well as getting you access to the Premium Track, you’ll also unlock all the prizes from the tiers you’ve passed so far. It’s a real deal – and if you’re a Premier Club member, you’ll get it for free!

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One of the greatest generals of the Qiraji forces. He is encountered at the second stage in the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj raid. General Rajaxx was described in the war of the shifting sands as a towering monstrosity, who swings his limbs and shouts his commands to the soldiers during battle.

General Rajaxx Loot Table

Class Libram:

Cenarion Tokens:

Exclusive Drops:

Notable Classes

Classes with long term CCs, for example, Mages and Warlocks makes this battle much simpler. When absolutely necessary, roots and stuns can assist them with getting their CCs set up. Raid with alliances has a good advantage in this battle, as they can keep a Warrior alive between waves to recoup Mana with a Paladin’s Judgment of Wisdom. Mages can likewise buff the strike with Amplify Magic spell to additionally expand Andorov’s passive healing. There’s next to no magic damage during the whole battle

Quick Tips

DPS & Tanks

Focus on what wave your raid is as of now in, and be mindful so as to not coincidentally break any CCs. Healers will require a great deal of help saving their mana, so in the event that you have a window to gauze, it is recommended that they do it.


This is a long battle, so Mp5 or potentially Spirit Gear is significant, just as mishandling downranking spells to monitor mana. Bandaging additionally makes a difference. The attention must be on mending Andorov and his Kaldorei elites, yet particularly Andorov – His Aura of Command makes your employment that a lot simpler. In spite of the fact that the assault will be continually at low wellbeing during Rajaxx himself, you don’t have to panic heal the entire raid – Thunder crash bargains at least 100 damage, so you just need to keep everybody except the tanks over a 100 heal points.

Rajaxx’s Gauntlet

Before you engage Rajaxx himself, you’ll need to go through waves and these waves will be sent to your direction by the general himself.

Lt. General Andorov

After Kurinnaxx is dead, five NPCs will come forth and run further into the occurrence: Lieutenant General Andorov and four Kaldorei Elite.

The Gauntlet

The hordes brought by General Rajaxx will move towards the raid in waves. Each wave will contain various Swarmguard Needlers and Qiraji Warriors that can and ought to be CC’d, just as a named small boss with a particular capacity. Needlers are delicate however bargain a great deal of damage, while Warriors deal lesser damage and have more health points. In this raid, you’ll have 3 minutes to kill each wave before the following one is conveyed, and in case you’re sufficiently quick, you will possess energy for some aloof mana recovery. There are 7 waves altogether before Rajaxx himself draws in the strike in battle. The best procedure for the gauntlet is to appoint CCs to classes with long CCs, for example, Mages and Warlocks and spotlight on the smaller than expected mini-boss of the wave. After he is dead, gradually break and execute the CC’d targets.


In wave 1, Chief Qeez has a low-range Intimidating Shout AOE dread. Ranged DPS and healers should avoid Qeez while melee classes should be cautious about the dread. In wave 2, Commander Tuubid has Attack Order, a centre assault capacity that sends all hordes in the wave to kill the stamped target. CCs are truly significant in this wave and should be kept up no matter what while Tuubid is alive.

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The latest Old School RuneScape community poll for a new quest to be added to the game – A Divided Kingdom – came with flying colors. Almost 93% of the votes cast were in favor of adding, and Jagex hopes to roll out the new content in 2021.

The Old School RuneScape team always conducts community surveys before adding, modifying or removing large amounts of content to the game. The goal is to keep all players engaged in the world and to provide a layer of transparency that you don’t normally see with other developers. So far, this tactic has paid off, and OSRS has pulled an incredible number of players by 2020.

Polls have been completed for A Kingdom Divided, a new Kourend mission that Jagex will be developing next year. Almost all of the votes were in favor and only a few players voted against. Out of over 30,000 votes cast, only 2,256 were against the change.

“A Divided Kingdom is another mission in the Kourend series. Investigate the underlying corruption in the ruling Kourend Council and uncover a much deeper conspiracy spanning hundreds of years, ”reads an official poll. “In addition to the quest, there are also some suggested alterations to the Arceuus spellbook and the Shayzien area. We want to offer beta worlds to test some of the new spells on offer if successful. ”

Jagex officially announced the results on his Old School RuneScape Twitter account, although no further split of votes was given – or the timetable for the coming of the Divided Kingdom -. We’ll probably find out more in the new year, so come back after the holidays.

2021 is a big year for RuneScape, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Old School RuneScape is a bit younger – since it’s a spin-off that was only made a few years ago – enabling players to relive RuneScape’s early days. There are some important events planned for January and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for fans.

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Yes we know, it’s hard to believe it – but the end of 2020 is nearly in sight! As a bright new year approaches, we’re thinking back on all we’ve achieved in this one, from The Nightmare to Leagues II – Trailblazer. Hey, it was only a year ago that we got you all eating in the Bank!

We’d like to thank all our players for their overwhelming support. The world of Gielinor would simply not be the same without you – and neither would we! In these difficult times you’ve kept our spirits high with memes, fanart, livestreams, and some extremely helpful feedback. We hope that whatever adventures you have planned between now and New Year are merry and bright, and that you’ll be able to take a break from the festivities to cosy up with a Slayer task or two.

Now, onto business: this is the last update of the year, but we’ll see you again in early January to embark on a year jam-packed with exciting updates. It’s also worth noting that on January 6th Leagues II – Trailblazer will officially end – so make sure to finish up any outstanding tasks before then!

Lastly, just so you’re aware, there will be a reboot on December 23rd to ensure that everything’s running smoothly before we all disappear to eat our own weight in mince pies.

Right then – we’ve got a Christmas event to show off, so let’s get to it!

Christmas Event

christmans event

Jingle bells, Bandos smells – it’s that time of year again in the world of Gielinor, the time to relax with friends and family, cuddle up by the fireplace, open loads of pressies, and get invaded by goblins. Hang on a sec…

Hmm, looks like the goblins are dreaming of a green Christmas! Speak to Scrubfoot by the large Christmas tree north of Falador to figure out what’s going on, then take on your greatest challenge yet: teaching goblins. Once everything’s looking merry and bright once more, you’ll be rewarded with some suitably festive rewards, along with all the rewards from previous years’ events.

Plus, head to the Goblin Village to try your hand at sled racing, a wintery new activity that’ll see you speeding along the course to try and beat your personal best!

You’ll also be able to unlock a new music track, as composed by Santa’s chief Audio elf (Mod Ian).

Settings Rework Improvements

We’ve made a couple of small changes to last week’s Settings Rework!

The Bond button has been re-added to the side panel.
Fixed a bug that occurred when teleporting with the Audio tab open in the side panel.
Fixed a typo in the Settings menu – sorry, ‘search search’!
The Brightness and Client Size settings have been moved back to the side panel.
The position of the Call Servant and Exit House buttons have been swapped in the Player Owned House Settings, so that the Call Servant button once again lines up conveniently with the side panel button that opens this menu.

Dragon – 45,210
Rune – 30,450
Adamant – 17,590
Mithril – 6,440
Steel – 2,120
Iron – 540
Bronze – 100

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Fankriss the Unyielding is the third important boss to defeat in AQ40. Even though his melee attacks aren’t that strong, he has a debuff called ‘Mortal Wound’. This stacked de-buff can reduce incoming healing by a whole 10% per attack. The 3 bug tunnels that are present in the room, spawns Vekniss Hatchlings every minute, but they aren’t a threat. The battle with this NPC is mostly about control, as Fankriss spawns’ level 63 NPCs in groups of three and to avoid being killed instantly, you’ll have to kill them as soon as possible.

Before we begin with the guide, let’s go through the loot table.

Imperial Qiraji Drops:

· Imperial Qiraji Armaments

· Imperial Qiraji Regalia

· Qiraji Lord’s Insignia

Exclusive Drops:

· Ancient Qiraji Ripper

· Barb of the Sand Reaver

· Barbed Choker

· Cloak of Untold Secrets

· Fetish of the Sand Reaver

· Hive Tunneler’s Boots

· Libram of Grace

· Mantle of Wicked Revenge

· Pauldrons of the Unrelenting

· Robes of the Guardian Saint

· Scaled Sand Reaver Leggings

· Silithid Carapace Chestguard

· Totem of Life

There are 5 notable classes and a few strategies that you’ll have to keep in mind.

– Warrior tanks role is to pay attention to the Mortal Wound de-duffs from Fankriss, as allowing too many to the stack will reduce incoming healing and lead to the tank being dead. Tanks need to provoke the boss to allow their stacks to fall off before facing him. The other off tanks aren’t assigned with this task, so they should focus on the other NPCs like Spawn of Fankriss or Vekniss Drones that pile up behind the boss.

– Melees like Warrior and Rogue should swap and burn down any nearby Spawn of Fankriss as soon as they can because they have a Berserker effect that empowers them and therefore cannot be left alone. Spawn of Fankris can either be summoned alone, in a pack of two or even three.

– Mages and Warlocks tasks in piling up Vekniss Drones when the warrior tanks make a call and then swap the damage over to Spawns of Fankriss during their time of summoning.

The following are quick tips for Fankriss the Unyielding.


All warriors and rogues should only focus on killing the Spawn of Fankriss because during the event they go berserk and need to be put down immediately to avoid heavy damage. Melee should wait for the tank to call out to burn down the piled up Vekniss Drones.


One main tank should keep Fankriss the Unyielding busy and away from the raid, and only switch with the other tank when the de-buffs stack too high. The new tank then takes over the task of the old one, while the old tank joins the melee stack behind Fankriss and wait for the de-buff (Mortal Would) to fall off.

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