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“Don’t try to buddy up to people,” he says. “Just keep to yourself and don’t be seen talking to the guards. You were already part of the government that put people behind bars and if people see that you’re still buddy buddy with the prison administration, that could get you hurt.”

“Russell’s goal and his hope was that he would continue his career with the Seahawks and continue to bring championships to this town,” Wilson’s agent Mark Rodgers said. “He believes there is still unfinished business and he is looking forward to pursuing that without having to worry about contracts and his future.”

Unless you going all fancy and buying a Blu ray drive, all the CD/DVD drives I looked at ran around $20, and the operating system and processor I chose for my machine were the same as Central Computers rig. (We went with the version of windows 10 (windows 10 iso download), Windows 7 because it can be made to emulate Windows XP, advantageous in certain situations.)

“Both national and international students attend the Bondurant School on a regular basis and learn competition driving, police pursuit driving, evasive driving, and stunt driving, among other types of high performance driving and racing,” the school said in bankruptcy filings, noting it also taught “recreational high performance driving to individuals and corporate groups.”
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More updates for Soul Wars! These include the exciting new Clan vs Clan mode – are you ready to accept the challenge?

What is Soul Wars Osrs?

Soul Wars is a members-only team minigame, a remake of the original Soul Wars released in RuneScape on 10 February 2009. In Soul Wars, two opposing teams compete against each other to gather soul fragments and offer them to the Soul Obelisk in order to weaken, and ultimately defeat, each other’s Avatars through combat

Soul Wars Changes

Grouping for the Soul Wars minigame has been rebalanced. Right now players can choose their teams, which sometimes means that one team is much stronger.

– The blue waiting area has been changed into the Soul Wars waiting area (which now has a white barrier).
– All players looking to join a game are put in this same waiting area.
– When a game starts, players are automatically assigned a team.
– Combat level is used to keep the two teams approximately even.
– The unnecessary green portal is removed.

Clan Vs Clan

The red waiting area has been reworked into a clan waiting area (and now has a snazzy purple border). This area can be used on any world, but the player must still meet the Soul Wars requirements (total level, Combat level, tutorial completion and membership).

Within the waiting area, clan members can challenge each other to Soul Wars games. Only clan members ranked Captain and above can issue and accept a challenge. Challenges can’t be issued to members of the same clan. Once issued, the challenge will show up in the Chat Box and players must click to accept.

Upon accepting a challenge, players see a confirmation screen. Once both hit accept, the game begins! If either player closes the screen, the challenge is cancelled.

Once underway, folk in the waiting area who are part of the two challenging clans will be pulled into the game. One clan is assigned the red team and the other the blue team. From this point, the game mostly progresses as normal. However, actions in a clan game don’t contribute to statistics on the lobby scoreboard. Zeal is given for clan games, but only at a 1/3 of the usual rate.

Leaving a clan game does not apply a leaver’s penalty like normal games. Players with a leaver’s penalty can still join clan games.

Other Changes

– You will now always unfreeze at the end of a Soul Wars game.
– Time remaining messages are now handled by the server. This should stop them from appearing twice.
– Spoils of War can no longer be opened in Glarial’s Tomb and Koschei’s Arena:
– We’ve also added a few more NPCs to the list of spectral creatures that give Prayer XP while you have the Ectoplasmator:
– – Nazastarool
– – Barbarian spirits (all types)
– – Tree spirit (Lost City)
– – Temple Trekking Shadows

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We want to ensure that Soul Wars is great fun for everyone, so since its launch last week we’ve worked hard to refine the minigame and make it a better experience.Last week we made a few hotfixes, which can be found here. We can now confirm that from next week, there will be a single waiting room in the lobby and team selection will be randomised.

In the meantime, here are the Soul Wars changes going live with this week’s update:
– The inactivity timer will begin to tick down 10 seconds after a game starts instead of immediately.
– You can now examine the items in the ‘Other’ section of the Reward Shop.
– The Soul Wars tutorial will now display bearded characters’ chatheads in all their fuzzy glory.
– A ‘Check’ option has been added to the Spoils of War in the Reward shop to show how many you’ve opened so far.
– The time before you’re allowed to exit a Graveyard has been reduced from 15 seconds to 10. You’ll also receive immunity when exiting. This will last for a few seconds or until you attack another player.
– Attempting to attack Avatars from outside the boss room will now cause the minigame to pull you in, instead of telling you to move closer.
– Bandage healing will now display the name of the player that healed you instead of your own name.
– Skulled players on Deadman worlds can no longer start the Soul Wars tutorial or enter a waiting area.
– Bones and soul fragments will now appear above other dropped items while in Soul Wars.
– It is no longer possible to open Spoils of War on Entrana.
– Gravestones will no longer appear in Soul Wars waiting areas.
– Players will no longer be able to bypass the temporary ban for leaving a game early by hopping to another world.
– Rebalanced the quantities of certain items in the Spoils of War.

Also, after the initial launch of Soul Wars and the addition of new worlds to handle all the players wanting to try it out, we have decided that we will be continuing with 3 Soul Wars worlds, one in each global region:
– 350 UK
– 535 AUS

To clarify, the Ectoplasmator works on all spectral creatures. You can check a monster’s spectral status using the Monster Examine spell, but for quick reference, here’s a list:
– Ghosts
– Ghasts
– Banshees
– Shades (including Mort’ton shades)
– Tortured souls
– Spiritual creatures
– Aberrant spectres
– Death wings
– Revenants
– Barrows Brothers

In addition, the following enemies have been marked ‘spectral’:
– Ankou
– Deviant spectres
– Twisted banshees
– Treus Dayth
Lastly, the experience given by the Ectoplasmator has been increased from 15% of the creature’s health to 20%.

God Wars Dungeon
All four God Wars Dungeon generals now have their own shared Ironman instances. If you’re an Ironman, upon entering one of the boss rooms, you’ll be transported to the shared Ironman instance. Regular players can’t enter this space, although other Iron players can, which means you have much less chance of being inconvenienced during your battle.

The ‘Peek’ option at the door of each room will show you how many players are already in the Ironman instance for that boss. You can also check the braziers outside the rooms – if the brazier is lit, that means someone’s in there.

Regular players won’t see these braziers or be able to access the Ironman instances.

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Gold is that the standard currency in World of Warcraft Classic. Your total gold is shown at the rock bottom right of your open backpack window. Gold is typically just mentioned as money. WoW Gold Cap: the foremost money one character can carry is 9,999,999 gold; an equivalent limit applies to guild banks.

Auction House

The auction house (AH) may be a brilliant way of creating money if you recognize the tricks on the way to roll in the hay. the essential strategy with the AH is to shop for things cheap, re-list them on the AH, then sell them for a profit. Even better, of course, is to urge goodies from drops then sell them on the firm for pure profit. Many players generate most or all of their cash flow just by speculating on the AH. So an honest understanding of it, also as a while to take a position, is important to turn it into a money-making proposition for you.


Farming is the simplest and most guaranteed thanks to making gold. It comprises using gathering professions (Mining, Herbalism, Skinning, Fishing) to collect commodity then sell them on AH. Usually, you’ll not earn plenty of gold/hour doing this, but there are only a few risks involved and the level of data required to start out is minimal.


Crafting means using your production professions (Jewelcrafting, Inscription, Alchemy, etc.) to craft items and sell them on AH. Requires having chosen professions leveled up and stocked valuable recipes also as understanding which products sell well. Crafting features a lot of potentials, but involves investment and risk.


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An intermediate quest that is first in line in the quest series of Twisted Tales. These quests are short and take place in Great Kourend, as well as Kebo’s Lowlands. In this quest, you’ll have to bring the head of a deadly beast to discover that the beast is actually headless.

Skill Requirements

– 30 Crafting

– 26 Construction

Items Required

– Bear or Grey Wolf Fur

– Soft Clay or a Pickaxe to mine

– Hammer (Can be obtained near the cattle gate)

– Saw (Can be obtained in the shed north of the house)

– 2 Planks (Can be obtained near the cave entrance)

– 6 Nails (Can be obtained from the workbench north of the house)

– Knife (Can be obtained from the kitchen table in the house)

– Red Dye (Can be obtained from the shelves in the house)

– Pot of Flour, Needle, Thread (Can be obtained by heading upstairs in the house)

Recommended Items

– Skills Necklace / Battlefront Teleport / Fairy Ring Teleport (c*i*l)

Enough combat level to fight a level 82 NPC (Beast)

Start the mission by addressing Gordon in his ranch, only south of the Farming Guild. Inquire as to whether he needs a hand with anything, and he’ll disclose to you that some odd monster has been taking his domesticated animals, and is looking for a globe-trotter to help them, as the Shayzien warriors are caught up with managing lizardmen to help. Consent to help him, and he’ll disclose to you he doesn’t have the foggiest idea where the monster is, yet he’ll advise you to have a go at asking his better half, Mary, who is in their home. Mary will reveal to you that the monster just comes in the night, so they’ve never gotten the opportunity to get a legitimate gander at it. She recommends, notwithstanding, that if the monster was covered in flour, it very well may be simpler to find.

Quest Rewards

· 1 Quest Point

· 3,000 Gold Coins

· 4,000 Experience in Crafting

· 3,200 Experience in Construction

· Access to a tannery in the Kebo’s Lowlands. You can speak to Mary to access the tanning services.

General Points

– The name of the mission is a joke, as the player must get ahead, yet a phoney one, to finish the journey.

– This mission is comparative in reason to A Porcine of Interest, which was delivered two months earlier. In the two missions, the player helps an upset rancher murder a monster that is undermining their animals and brings back something to demonstrate their deed.

– Other than the earth head, Gordon can be indicated sure different things to endeavour to demonstrate the bear was executed, bringing about extra discourse where he is unconvinced by them.

– Neilan’s diary makes him state anybody might have composed it.

– The enormous bones make him state that the bones might have been from anyplace.

– The ensouled bear head makes him state that the monster was something other than a simple bear, and he advises you to return to work finding the genuine head.

– The Bear head from Mountain Daughter makes him state that the head is important for an ensemble.

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Meanwhile, you can get early access to Soul Wars in Old School RuneScape. There’s something for everyone. This loot drop contains the following item(s): Old School RuneScape Prime Plays: Soul Wars Early Access

What is Prime Plays: Soul Wars?
Prime Plays: Soul Wars is a hugely popular minigame that combines PvP and PvE elements.
Soul Wars is an upcoming members-only team minigame, a remake of the original Soul Wars released in RuneScape February 10th 2009. In Soul Wars, two opposing teams compete against each other to gather soul fragments and offer them to the Soul Obelisk in order to weaken, and ultimately defeat, each other’s avatars through combat. Each game lasts 20 minutes.

To get it, simply follow the instructions on Prime Gaming.

Have you got what it takes to dominate the battlefield in Prime Gaming Plays: Soul Wars!

Link your Prime Gaming account and join our dedicated worlds (highlighted in blue) to battle against the opposing team and take down their avatar to claim victory!

Membership, exclusive events and Umbral Chests – whether you’re RuneScape or Old School, there’s something for everyone!

So without further ado, let’s talk Soul Wars!

From December 15th, those of you who link your Old School RuneScape and Prime Gaming accounts will be able to play Soul Wars before anyone else. You’ll be able to log onto special Soul Wars game worlds and access the entirety of the minigame.

Players without Prime Gaming are still able to access the Soul Wars island via the portal in Edgeville (or Ferox enclave) to unlock the new music track required for the Music Cape.

But wait, there’s more! Although Soul Wars is a members-only minigame, this Prime Gaming event will also let free-to-play players grab a slice of the action, all the way up until January 5th.

Please note that new RS or OSRS users will need to complete the tutorial before being able to access certain content. RuneScape users can skip the RS tutorial by clicking the gear button (settings menu) or ESC on your keyboard, and then click ‘Skip tutorial’.

Do I need an Amazon Prime membership to be eligible for the RuneScape or Old School RuneScape offer?

Yes, you will need to have Amazon Prime membership to claim these drops. Amazon offer a 30-day Prime trial if you are new to the service.
If you are already an Amazon Prime user, click on the ‘claim name’ button on the RuneScape offer above, and sign into your Amazon Prime account.

How do I find a Prime Plays: Soul Wars world?

You can find the Prime Plays: Soul Wars worlds within the ‘Select a World’ menu. These dedicated worlds will be highlighted in blue.
Once you have selected a Prime Plays: Soul Wars world and have logged in, players will be teleported straight to the Soul Wars game lobby.

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Naxxramas Raid Guide – Frostwyrm Lair MapNaxxramas Raid Guide – Frostwyrm Lair Map

Sapphiron Boss Guide

Sapphiron is one of the harder Bosses in Naxxramas. As with most dragons, he has a Tail Sweep and a Cleave ability, so the raid should position on one side of the boss. wow classic gold cheap

The rest of the Raid should stand spread out on the same side, as this makes it easier to avoid Sapphiron’s Blizzard ability. In Addition, because of the massive amount of Frost Damage, the whole Raid should pop Greater Frost Protection Potions!

Frost Aura will deal ~600 frost damage every 2 seconds. This is where Frost Resistance of any kind help a lot. Paladins Aura and Shamans Totem are great, but if this ticks for too much, 2-3 pieces of Frost Resistance Gear per player should be enough.
Sapphiron will place a Life Drain curse on players, which will heal the boss when it ticks. This needs to be decursed by Druids and Mages!
He will summon Blizzards, which road the room and to 2000 damage per tick. They need to be avoided by the whole raid.

Sapphiron Air Phase

After a while, Sapphiron will take to the sky. He will then cast Icebolt on a few players, placing them in an Ice Tomb. This deals damage to surrounding players as well, so spread out!

After casting 5 Ice Bolts, Sapphiron will cast his next ability from the air, before landing: Frost Breath. This deals massive Frost Damage and will kill any player hit by it instantly. The only way to avoid this is to stand out of line of sight from the center of the room.
Sapphiron Boss GuideNaxxramas – Sapphiron Boss Guide
Kel’Thuzad Boss Guide

Phase 1

During Phase 1 of the fight with Kel’Thuzad, the whole Raid will stay in the circle at the center of the room. There are three different types of enemies that will start walking towards the center, and need to be dealt with accordingly:

Unstoppable Abomination needs to be picked up by tanks and killed by the melees. They inflict a Mortal Wound debuff, so either kill them fast or have another tank taunt them off after a few stacks.
Soldier of the Frozen Wastes are packs of Skeletons. They walk towards the center slowly and if they ever reach a player, they will blow up for massive Shadow Damage.
Soul Weavers are Ghosts, that walk towards the center like the Skeletons. They need to be focused by range DDs, as they have an AoE Knockback called Wail of Souls, which also deals substantial Shadow Damage if they get to cast it.

Phase 2

After the add Phase, Kel’Thuzad will become active and needs to be picked up by the Tank quickly. Players need to get to their positions as quick as possible, as his Frost Blast can quickly kill the raid if players are not spread out.

Melees should create 3-4 camps around the boss, making sure that they are out of range of the other camps, so that Frost Blast doesn’t chain too much. Range DDs and Healers should spread out around the room.

Phase 3

Phase 4 starts as soon as he reaches 40% health. 5 Guardians of Icecrown will spawn at the portals around the room. Three of them need to be shackled immediately by the priests. If more than 3 get Shackled, Kel’Thuzad will break them all free.

The other 2 adds need to be tanked by off tanks. They have a stacking buff, increasing their size and damage. Once the damage gets too high, the tanks need to transition to kiting the two adds around the room. Priests should keep their three adds shackled.
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In a mixing bowl, mix 2 tablespoons baking soda with 2 tablespoons vinegar until fizzing stops. and 4 tablespoons cornstarch. Mix until a uniform consistency. Not liquid but a bit clumsy Pour the mixture into individual section cups, filling each about a third to halfway. Add five to 10 drops of food coloring to each cup, mixing in thoroughly, to reach desired colors. Allow paints to set overnight. Use paints on watercolor paper with a wet paintbrush.

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If someone tells you that he likes to collect scorpions what will be your reaction? To be honest, I’m a bit scared of scorpions, if you are like me I’m sure that you’re happy that this quest is in the game and not in real life. The OSRS Scorpion Catcher quest is about a wizard who apparently loves to buy runescape 3 gold and collect scorpions.

The wizard Thormac has lost his scorpions friends and he will ask you to help find not one but three of them. Somehow they manage to escape and they are on the loose somewhere. The good thing is that if you manage to find them all, he may just be able to perform an important service for you.

Skills and Quest Requirements

For the OSRS Scorpion Catcher quest, you will need the completion of Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl quest. The skills needed for the OSRS Scorpion Catcher quest is 31 Prayer.

Items Needed For The OSRS Scorpion Catcher

Dusty key (not needed if you have level 70 Agility)
Anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire shield (not needed if you have level 80 Agility)

1 Antipoison
Weight reducing gear and food
2 Stamina potions
Skills necklace
Camelot and Falador teleport
Games necklace
Combat bracelet

Catching The Scorpions

To start the OSRS Scorpion Catcher quest go to the Sorcerer’s Tower south of Seers’ Village and talk with Thormac on the top floor of the Sorcerer’s Tower. He’ll tell you that his rare Kharid Scorpions have escaped and are currently running loose.

He will give you a Scorpion cage to catch the scorpions in and tells you to go talk to the Seers that live just to the north. Teleport to Camelot and talk to any Seer in Seers’ Village, tell him your friend Thormac sent me and he will tell you about a secret room with nasty spiders nearby.

You need to wait for the Seer to be done with checking his mirror, don’t move and just wait for him to start talking to you again. Now make your way to the Barbarian Outpost and make sure to have completed the Grimhand’s Barcrawl mini-quest and go through the gate. Enter into the eastern building and on your mini map you will see a yellow dot, that is our scorpion, use your cage on it and you will catch it.

Once you catch him go to the Edgeville Monastery, enter into the east building and run to the southeastern ladder (You’ll need to have 31 Prayer to go upstairs), climb up the ladder. Next to the ladder you should see a scorpion on the floor next to the door use your cage on the scorpion to catch it.

The Last Scorpion

Go to the bank and take some food, an anti-poison potion, an anti-dragon shield, and the dusty key if you have one. Head to the Taverley Dungeon, climb down the ladder and you will find two shortcuts. If you have level 80 Agility, use the shortcut to the poison spiders or If you have level 70 Agility, use the shortcut to the blue dragons.


1 Quest point
6,625 Strength experience
The ability to have Thormac turn a battlestaff into a mystic staff for 40,000 coins
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