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Teak dressing table

We have the finest quality of outdoor furniture for all your needs. Our furniture is made of top quality wood, and aesthetic to be delivered in Malaysia. Diversified categories of furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom, and outdoors.

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Address No. 54, Jalan Presiden FU1/F Accentra, Glenmarie,

Shah Alam, Selangor, 40150, Malaysia

Phone Number – +60166166489

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Jan 27

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Dungeon scarlet monastery was one of the best farming spots on WoW Classic beta. Players farmed this dungeon not only for gold or equipment’s but also for the experience that can be gained from level 30-40. The following guide will list all the best gold farming ways relating to the Scarlet Monastery, as well as the best drops you can get.


– Silk Cloth

– Mageweave Cloth

– Large Knapsack

– Various Herbs

– Bind-on-Equip & Bind-on-Pickup Greens

– Bind-on-Equip & Bind-on-Pickup Blues

– Bind-on-Equip Epics


Huge Iron Bound Chest and Large Solid Chest are among the sorts of chests you’ll discover in each wing of Scarlet Monastery. Huge Iron Bound Chest requires Lockpicking or a Golden Skeleton Key. Huge Solid Chest is free for anybody to open. Chests get an opportunity to drop a wide range of treats, remarkably including Large Knapsack, Herbs, other calling materials, cloth, BoE greens and blues and that’s just the beginning.


According to the rundown above, you’ll discover a huge load of materials inside Scarlet Monastery, especially important for Tailoring, First Aid that you can utilize yourself or sell on the Auction House.


You can also find a variety of herbs in the dungeon, which can also be found in various chests.


If you’re an enchanter, having the option to Disenchant drops in Scarlet Monastery, and some other dungeons so far as that is concerned, can end up being very important. The key shard you’re searching for is Small Radiant Shard, which is disenchanted from level 40-45 Rare things yet, in addition, gets an opportunity to come from Uncommon stuff, as well. Among these you may also find the following:


If you’re not of a rogue class with the ability lockpicking, but at the same time you are looking to farm at the scarlet monastery, you can open locked chests with the help of your crafted golden/true silver skeleton key.


Without saying, mage class is the best for AoE solo farming using the abilities such as Blizzard, Nova, Cone of Cold, Arcane Explosion, Evocation, Ice Block etc. This class can spend an entire day easily at level 60 farming dungeon.

The classes known for their stealth runs are Rogues & Druid, and because of their ability to lockpick chests in the dungeon, they have an advantage in terms of gold that is farmed per hour.

Solo farmers are the hunter & warlock class, but they’re not so good with their AoE or stealth. You can do an instance with one of these classes, but it won’t be as fast as compared to the other classes who can. Maraudon would be a good place for these two classes to quickly and efficiently solo farm.

Paladin class is great for farming in the following dungeon, alongside their abilities; Retribution Aura, Consecration, Blessing of Sanctuary, Thorium Shield Spike, Oil of Immolation and much more, as these abilities are a powerhouse.

Classes like warrior, priest and shaman can surely solo the dungeon at around level 60, but farming for them is going to take longer as compared to the other classes. However, Priest can mob things up and spam the ability of holy nova, where a warrior can join in and use his whirlwind or cleave ability.

Level 40

At around level 40, the player can farm all 4 wings of the dungeon with a group of 2DPS Warriors and 1 Paladin healer alongside him. If you mix & match a group of three, you can move at a solid pace, passing easily through each wing. You would need a healer as well because the DPS warrior or tank class can switch to sword and board when they feel it is necessary, while another DPS switches to speed up the kills.

In any case, if you’re going for a kite group. It is recommended that you pull more mobs than the group mentioned above, with a good amount of eating and drinking to heal your health or stamina. In groups like the one mentioned above., a single run may take up to 15-20min.

Level 30-39

The Staff of Jordan isn’t just unimaginably notorious, yet it is so all around expressed that it stays practical at level 60, especially in stage 1. All things considered; it is regularly among the costliest item on the auction house despite its low level. Epic quality items are regularly sold and bought at horribly expanded costs. When selling Epic quality things, it is normally insightful to begin high and lower the value gradually or search out the best proposal in the chat.

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Can you believe it’s been 20 years since RuneScape first launched? Yes, from those early days of killing cows and baking cakes we’ve expanded into one of the biggest MMOs ever – but we couldn’t have done it without you! Whether you’ve been there from the beginning or not every single player in our community has helped RuneScape become the fantastic game it is today.

If you haven’t already, join us as we celebrate at the Grand Party, a month-long extravaganza where we’ll toast everything RuneScape. Head to Lumbridge Crater, pick up your exclusive Anniversary Cape and Outfit from the Wise Old Man, enjoy a 10% XP buff while in the Crater and get your party on!

4 Weeks Of Celebrations
Each week, we’re celebrating another thing that makes RuneScape great. Take a look at the schedule to see how you can get buffs for all your favourite activities!

Jan 4 – 10: New Miniquests
The first week was the Celebration of Quests, where you could take part in three miniquests featuring iconic characters from the RuneScape roster.

Jan 11 – 17: Combat
50% more Slayer XP, no death costs, better chance for Rare Drop Table drops with a further increased chance when using luck-enhancing items, a greater chance to receive the better loot from the Rare Drop Table… it must be combat week! Those bosses won’t know what hit ’em.

Jan 18 – 24: Minigames
Chill out with a whole week of minigame fun! You’ll get double currency for every minigame in RuneScape, so grab your friends and get playing!

Jan 25 – 31: Skilling
As the party winds down, you’ll get to relax with 50% extra XP in all gathering skills. Lovely!

New Anniversary Quest
Keep your eyes peeled for the prologue to a multi-part, year-long 20th Anniversary Quest series coming later this month.

Exclusive 20th Anniversary Outfit and Cape

Got nothing to wear? Don’t panic – the Wise Old Man has been putting some of that bank robbery money to good use with some fancy duds: have a word with him at the crater to claim your exclusive 20th Anniversary Outfit and Cape.

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Online Trading Shop Share Free 15000 cheap wow classic gold for WOW Classic Use map directly

Time is money. so as to urge more WoW Classic Gold, you want to know the efficient ways to visit your destination, especially for completing a search. There could also be 6 ways you’ll choose. I will be able to discuss the following.


You can arrive instantly at your home by using the Hearthstones. you’ll find it in your inventory if you had got one. How can get it? Just attend an inn during a town, and ask the innkeeper to offer you one. Actually, once you visit another city, you’ll move from your home to the present new place. it’s very useful for farming gold in wow classic.

Use map directly

The map is the most useful gizmo for traveling. once you are lost or don’t the shortest way, choose map is that the first choice. Just press M and you’ll see where you’re. you’ll also concentrate or bent see more paths and find the simplest ways.

Flight Paths

There are times you’ll attend some places on foot for hours. If you’re lucky, and therefore the town features a Flight Master, you’ll speak to him and use his flight service. The flight fee is extremely small compared to the gold you’ll earn.

Goblin Zeppelins

Goblin zeppelins connect some Horde towns in much an equivalent way that boats do. they provide a nicer view than boats, but disembarking the conveyance before it’s safely docked at the terminal isn’t recommended (unless in fact, you’re carrying a parachute cloak).

By Boat

You know, the boat is that the fastest way once you will travel between landmasses. The Alliance offers regular ferries connecting ports in Kalimdor, Azeroth, and Northrend. Remember, don’t get down the boat otherwise, you will die.


Portals are the undisputed king of getting from point A to point B, pronto. Oh, don’t be so skeptical. It’s just employing a fistful of arcane energy to tear open the very fabric of space, time, and reality itself to chop down on time period – what could possibly go wrong? Mages and engineers can find out how to make portals to specific locations, and a few cities are connected by portal also.

Hope this guide will assist you.

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Trust Trading Site to Win wow classic gold cheap with Up to 7% off for WoW TBC Classic Beta

After the last raid Naxxramas of wow classic was released in Dec, 2020, players are beginning to look forward to what comes next. The Burning Crusade expansion has to be the inevitable next step, and it will be the next major expansion to World of Warcraft Classic, so a lot of wow classic fans are concerned about this new expansion’s release date.

If a recent rumored leak is any indication, Blizzard is already moving in that direction.

Nano (a former member of Nostalrius) said before: “TBC Beta will come in March 21, and there may be a chance of A TBC launch after that”.

He updated the information in his twitter.

“The TBC news is coming folks. Hold on to your butts, make sure you’re following all your favorite Classic streamers and stay safe out there…”

Now WoW youtubers are claiming that it will come sooner than anyone expected.

WoW Classic: the Burning Crusade (TBC) will be released on May 4th with a Beta kicking off in Mid-February.

The leak was covered by World of Warcraft streamer and Youtuber Staysafe, who claims that multiple sources have confirmed that this new information is indeed legit.

TBC Beta – Mid February. TBC 2.0 Prepatch earmarked for April 13th/14th (US/EU).
TBC release date earmarked for May 4th Global Release (meaning May 3rd 6pm US ESY)

“Here’s the information and the leak exactly as it was sent to me. I saw it posted on the classical fan forum and same exact wording and same exact punctuation, so it might have been the same person, but anyway TBC beta in mid-February, TBC 2.0 pre-patch earmarked for April 13th and 14th us eu. TBC release date year marked for May 4th global release. Here are my general thoughts on this timeline before we start really breaking this down. Honestly this timeline is much faster tha n we expected. I was sort of thinking we’d be playing TBC in june or july 2021, but I’m really really happy to see that this is the timeline if this leak ends up being true and confirmed.”

News of a Pre-patch means that in some way, we’ll see existing realms progressing from WoW Classic to TBC. If players want to keep their character as WoW Classic, they only need an option to copy/move it to a non-progressing realm.

Of course, this is merely a rumor at this point and a classic TBC server hasn’t even been announced just yet.

We have to wait and see what will happen in the months ahead, but here’s hoping to relive those cheerful TBC days from 2007.

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Free cheap rs 3 gold for you to Spend Most Popular and Special Christmas Holidays

It’s time to relax with friends during OSRS Christmas event 2020. This year you are asked to help goblins learn what the holidays are about. Once the Christmas event is completed, you can be awarded giant boulder, goblin decorations and previous years rewards.

How to complete OSRS Christmas event 2020?

Christmas event 2020 has begun on Dec. 9. And below is a guide to help you complete the event quickly:

1. Speak to Scrubfoot by the large Christmas tree in the north of Falador.
2. Head to Goblin Village.
3. Speak to the Generals and go through all chat options.
Then you need to collect loads of items listed below:
1). Decorations: Enter the cave in the northwest corner of the village and equip the sled to make your way along the path. While reaching the bottom, pick up 1 red firefly and 1 green firefly and then exit the cave via the crack in the wall by the waterfall. Please note that the tiles with the lines can let you go quicker.
2). Tree/Boulder: Head east, outside of the village, and then pick up the stick on the ground and use it on the boulder.
3). Gifts: Inspect the chest in the southwest building, then go through the options and get things. You need to choose 3 items. Upon the completion, take the bag of the presents to the generals.
4). Food: Speak to the chef underneath the eastern house. Then search the cupboard to the northwest, shelves to the southeast and sacks to the east to get all food items(rotten meat, stale bread, mouldy sawdust). Next put these items into the cauldron and inspect the cauldron to cook the food into a stew.
Finally you can come back to the generals and give them items. The event is completed. Congratulations!

OSRS Christmas event Rewards

After completing the Christmas event, you can be able to obtain:
1. Giant boulder: a cosmetic reward giving a unique animation. It’s not for members and can be stored in the toy box of a costume room.
2. Goblin decorations (for members): It can be used on already-existing furniture items like pool, fireplace, curtains and spirit tree spaces inside a player-owned house to change the furniture cosmetically to look Christmas-themed.
3. A Cosy Cabin wall decoration for Player-owned houses, which costs 35,000 coins.
4. Two partyhat sets
5. Two Santa hats
6. Two Christmas crackers
7. Winter holiday music tracks (from previous events)
8. Other rewards from previous year’s Christmas events, such as Christmas tree costume, snow imp costume, santa outfit, etc.
9. Access to sled racing

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Nov 25

rs 3 gold with Up to 8% off& Top-notch Services for OSRS Volcanic Mine Guide

Underneath the Fossil Island Volcano, there is a large volcanic chamber called the Volcanic Mine. The entrance is located in the north-eastern corner of the volcano, with an NPC named Petrified Pete guarding its entrance. You need to have a Mining level of at least 50, 150 Kudos and five unidentified small fossils from Peter.Keep in mind that players have to pay 30 numulites (a form of currency on the Fossil Island) to Petrified Pete if they wish to enter the mines again.

Equipment Setup

– A good equipment setup consists of the full prospector kit for the 2.5% extra Mining XP.

Inventory Setup

· 12-16 Monkfish or Better

· A Prayer Potion (Not needed if you have 91+ Prayer and 30+ Prayer bonus)

· A Pickaxe

· Stamina Potion

· Numulite

· Teleport to House Tablets

· Volcanic Mine Teleports


An item called heat-proof vessel is given to whoever enters these mines. The time limit given to a player to organise themselves is 30 seconds, after which the game will start as the volcano rumbles. After the game begins, the players will have exactly 10 minutes to mine and get out, because after that the volcano will erupt and anyone who hasn’t escaped will be killed

Your first and foremost goal is to mine the large boulders that can be found in the lava channel. These boulders get smaller in size as they’re mined and are carried downstream as you mine it, so you must follow it down the stream and mine it whenever it stops. The smaller the boulder gets the more points are to be gained. Depending on the player count, a boulder will spawn. If the player count is around 10, then the boulder will spawn in the central channel, and if there are more then another boulder will spawn at the western channel. Likewise, if there are more than twenty, then the third one will spawn at the eastern channel.

NPCs called lava beasts start to appear as well, upon entering the lower level. They attack by launching fireballs, and it is recommended that the player keep ‘protect from missiles’ on to reduce the high damage attacks to 1. To walk around in the lower level where lava is more, one must harden the lava by pouring water on it from the heat-proof vessel that you received when you entered the arena. The vessel can be used up to 35 times per game and around 70 if the player has unlocked the larger capacity with his points. The lava that is hardened has a time limit of melting, which is around 90 seconds and can be indicated by its colour change (orange indicated that it’s about to melt). Falling into the lava will not kill you depending on your hp, but you may take in a massive amount of damage.

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