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Revenant caves, also known as Forinthry dungeons, are a group of caves found in the wilderness. Only members can enter, it is an extremely dangerous cave, ranging from level 17 to level 40 wilderness, and only a single player + combat area.

These caves are refuges of refuges. There are three entrances:

Level 17: Wilderness-east of the Dark Warrior Fortress.

Level 26 Wilderness-North of the Bandit Camp.

Level 40 Wilderness-Southeast of the lava labyrinth.

Players wearing the amulet of greed will find that all the drops from the relics will also appear in obvious forms, but they will be permanently skullized when equipped.

In the past few weeks, the developers made changes to the Revenant Caves OSRS last week after carefully studying the player’s feedback.

1. The respawn rate of revenants has been increased

2. The protection period will now only activate when you pay the entry fee for the first time

3. The amount of ether dropped by revenants has been doubled

4. The new Wilderness Slayer Cave now has its own audio track, which you can unlock by exploring it

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Blizzard has announced that WoW Classic 1.13.6, the final major content patch of Classic WoW, will release on December 1st, with the Naxxramas raid following on December 3rd as a global release.
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Testing of the Naxxramas patch is wrapping up over the next few weeks, and WoW Classic Version 1.13.6 will go live on December 1.

The Naxxramas raid and Scourge Invasion content will unlock at the same time for all realms in the world on December 3. We’ll let you know the exact time in advance. With the content unlock, players can become attuned to Naxxramas by fulfilling Archmage Angela Dosantos’s requirements in Light’s Hope Chapel.

Keep an eye on the patch notes for version 1.13.6, which includes all of the new quest content and bugfixes coming with this patch.In order to enter the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj, and its big brother the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj for that matter, the Gate in the Scarab Wall needs to be opened. In order for this gate to open, the server-wide War Effort Event must be completed and at least one player will have to complete the whole Quest line.

The first Boss in the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj is a relatively simple tank and spank fight. Here’s what you need to know:

The Tank should face him away from the raid, as his Wide Slash will hit everyone in front of him.
Two Tanks will need to alternate tanking the boss, as Kurinnaxx applies a stacking Mortal Wound debuff on the tank. Tank should usually swap at 5 stacks.
The boss will place Sand Traps, which explode, silencing players and reducing their hit chance by 20% for 20 seconds. This simply needs to be avoided.
During the fight, a pack of flying adds will spawn. This pack needs to be picked up the whichever tank is currently not tanking the boss and focused down by the casters and ranged DPS as a priority.
Once Kurinnaxx reaches 30% health, he will enter a permanent enraged state. Any longer Cooldowns should be preserved for this phase if possible.

One thing many raids fail at is controlling the pack of adds while still keeping up the tank rotation. If you have enough DPS, you could take an additional tank for this, or you could tank the adds near the boss, so that a tank swap is not too difficult.
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In this approximately two-month League you will start off as a fresh account on a separate game mode locked in Misthalin, where it all originally began. You must complete tasks to unlock more areas, but choose wisely – you can only pick so many options! As with the last League, the more tasks you complete, the more points you get and the more Relics you can unlock.

Let’s drill down into the details. We recommend you expand each section fully.

Removed the Dragon Slayer 2 quest unlock suggestion.
Added 5 Runecraft as a starting stat.
Added a Dramen staff to the starting equipment.


Area Locks

You will start locked to Misthalin.
– You can unlock more areas by completing a fixed number of tasks (instead of League Points)
– Your choice of area will be limited, so choose wisely
– Kourend and Kebos cannot be unlocked
– Only the existing respawn points for areas you’ve unlocked will be available
– Death’s Office, the Player Owned House, Random Events and the Essence Mines will be accessible from all areas
– Tasks assigned by Slayer Masters will take place in areas available to you
– Be warned – should you manage to somehow escape the area you’re locked in, you’ll quickly be teleported back!

We’ll be revealing which areas you’ll be able to unlock closer to release.

Ironman/Ironwoman Mode with Accelerated XP Rates

Everyone will play as an Ironman or Ironwoman.
– There will be no trading between players
– To accommodate the increased number of Iron players, selected shops will have more supplies and accelerated restocking rates
– Everyone will have a 5X accelerated XP rate

Starting Stats

Your fresh Iron account will have basic stats, along with:
– Herblore: Level 3
– Agility: Level 10
– Runecraft: Level 5


Tasks are a collection of goals and achievements that you can complete within the League. These span various activities such as skilling, obtaining drops, killing creatures, completing quests and even playing minigames. Completion of a task will award League Points that can be used to unlock Relics and other rewards. Points received for completing each task will be subject to balancing, but will ultimately be based on the tier of the challenge. Tiers range from Easy to Master. However, area unlocks will be gained according to the total number of completed tasks regardless of points or tier.

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Gielinorian Giving is a grand event to celebrate World Mental Health Day on October 10th. The event will last until October 18th, so you have a lot of time to experience the joy of Gielinorian Giving. At the same time, you can also earn huge rewards!

Representatives of all three charity partners of this event came to Lumbridge Crater, and the charity representatives will prepare a new brain teaser for you. The answer is correct and you will receive a light bulb and travel craftsman patch. Participate in activities to increase people’s mental health awareness.

In Gielinorian Giving, all the funds raised will be distributed to our three charitable partners-Get Out of Trouble, CPSL Mind and the Prince’s Trust. You can talk to Kal, Lau’Ra, and Zoed in the northwest of Lumbridge Crater and answer their mental health-related questions every two days.

Since Gielinorian Giving is a charity event, your contribution will help them solve problems surrounding mental health and help gamers around the world obtain mental health resources. They did some truly incredible work, so let them be warmly welcomed by the people of Gilinorian!

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This year we warmed up with War’s Retreat, dug into Archaeology and started incubating effigies, all from the comfort of our own home! But while we were working on those updates, the community was busy creating art, filming videos and getting up to all sorts of mischief!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards finalists:

Best New RuneScape Video Creator
This award celebrates the new kids on the block, who started making videos just this year! They might be newcomers, but this category is packed full of talent.

The nominees are:
Laser Shark
Honourable Mentions: Eddiemoo, The Cook’s Assistant, Noxious IRL and Jaxyys.

Best RuneScape Video Creator
And now for the old guard! These video veterans have been creating top-tier RuneScape content for years – but which one will get your vote?

The nominees are:
Honourable Mention: Manatee Gaming.

Best RuneScape Video
From War’s Retreat, to Archaeology, to the Effigy Incubator, this year has had plenty of stuff to show off on the not-so-silver screen – but which video did it best?

The nominees are:
FlagArmada Productions: Fall of Zaros
ProtoxxGaming: RuneScape 3 – 1-99 Archaeology Guide
TheLazyPeon: RuneScape 3 First Impressions “Is it worth playing?”
Will Miss It: Archaeology Makes No Sense

Best New RuneScape Streamer
It takes time and effort to Twitch your way to fame and fortune, but this year the following newcomers have made an excellent start!

The nominees are:
Honourable mentions: Vaseline Fairy, Sarahdominists.

Best RuneScape Streamer
This year we’ve had more time to enjoy our favourite streamers than ever – so hopefully you’re all well equipped to pick one to vote for!

The nominees are:
Evil Lucario
Honourable mention: Wazzy

Best New RuneScape Artist
These budding Bob Rosses picked up their paintbrushes and started creating RuneScape art for the first time this year! Which one will get your vote?

The nominees are:
Honourable mentions: Atrox, Elej.

Best RuneScape Artist
Every year these artists pour blood sweat and tears – and hopefully some paint, too – into their work, so let’s celebrate their efforts and cast some votes!

The nominees are:

Honourable Mentions:Glacyte, SaxSpieler, Cabege.

Best RuneScape Artistic Creation

Look, you can see for yourselves that every one of these magnificent creations deserves a spot in the MOMA – but only one can receive the Golden Gnome!

The nominees are:

Chaos_Elemental: “A Hard Fall” (fanfiction)
mavrick882: Invention
Shikimoko: RuneScape Christmas Legos
Suizzy: ‘Et Legatum Persevero’ – The Legacy Continues

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Tailoring is one of the most important professions in WOW Classic. For example, if you are a mage or priest, you can craft a decent robe for yourself. Or you can craft bags to collect more loot. If you want to learn how to level your tailoring profession from 1-300 quickly and effectively, please continue reading.

How to level Tailoring

Tailoring trainer locations

Alliance Tailoring Trainers list with their locations you can check below.

Apprentice & Journeyman:

Stormwind City: Lawrence Schneider and Sellandus are located at the Mage Quarter.

Ironforge: Uthrar Threx and Jormund Stonebrow are located at the Great Forge.

Darnassus: Trianna and Me’lynn are located at the Craftsmen’s Terrace.

Elwynn Forest: Eldrin is located at the Eastvale Logging Camp.

Darkshore: Grondal Moonbreeze is located at Auberdine.

WOW Classic Tailoring leveling

Leveling Tailoring 1-75

(1-40) Bolt of Linen Cloth (Linen Cloth x2)

(40-60) Heavy Linen Gloves (Bolt of Linen Cloth x2, Coarse Thread x1)

(60-75) Reinforced Linen Cape (Bolt of Linen Cloth x2, Coarse Thread x3)

Leveling requires at least Linen Cloth x140 and Coarse Thread x65.

Leveling Tailoring 75 – 150

(75-100) Bolt of Woolen Cloth (Wool Cloth x3)

(100-110) Gray Woolen Shirt (Bolt of Woolen Cloth x2, Gray Dye x1, Fine Thread x1)

(110-125) Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders (Bolt of Woolen Cloth x3, Fine Thread x2)

(125-145) Bolt of Silk Cloth (Silk Cloth x4)

(145-150) Azure Silk Hood (Bolt of Silk Cloth x2, Blue Dye x2, Fine Thread x1)

Leveling requires at least Wool Cloth x195, Silk Cloth x80, Gray Dye x10, Blue Dye x10 and Fine Thread x45.

Leveling Tailoring 150 – 225

(150-160) Azure Silk Hood (Bolt of Silk Cloth x2, Blue Dye x2, Fine Thread x1)

(160-170) Silk Headband (Bolt of Silk Cloth x3, Fine Thread x2)

(170-175) Formal White Shirt (Bolt of Silk Cloth x3, Bleach x2, Fine Thread x1)

(175-185) Bolt of Mageweave (Mageweave Cloth x5)

(185-205) Crimson Silk Vest (Bolt of Silk Cloth x4, Red Dye x2, Fine Thread x2)

(205-215) Crimson Silk Pantaloons (Bolt of Silk Cloth x4, Red Dye x2, Silken Thread x2)

(215-220) Black Mageweave Leggings (Bolt of Mageweave x2, Silken Thread x3)

(220-225) Black Mageweave Gloves (Bolt of Mageweave x2, Heavy Silken Thread x2)

Leveling requires at least Silk Cloth x740, Mageweave Cloth x100, Bleach x10, Blue Dye x20, Red Dye x60, Fine Thread x75, Silken Thread x35 and Heavy Silken Thread x10.

Leveling Tailoring 225 – 300

The most amount of recipes you can learn from vendors, but some of the best ones you can receive as a drop from raid bosses. You will also, find recipes from potting monsters or secret chests. So they are pretty frequent. The other thing is to find all the reagents for the needed recipe. But most of them can be bought from an auction, so you can concentrate on farming gold as well.

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Sep 14

WoW Classic Bloodlord Mandokir:How to Complete it with Up to 8% off wow classic gold cheap?

Bloodlord Mandokir is a formidable boss in World of Warcraft Classic. As you are probably aware, he’s located within the Zul’Gurub raids – a level 60 raid which recommends 20 players to compete in it. Of course, you are well rewarded for your efforts, with the chance to get epic gear, and some stuff that’s best-in-slot, compared to anything else you’ll find in the game.

It only makes sense that you do your research on each boss before fighting them. Engaging in a raid which you are not prepared for is how you get easily defeated. Further, you do not want to annoy your raid mates/buddies by asking them for every piece of information, doing your research shows you are looking to contribute towards your team.

In this guide, we’ll explore this boss completely. From his attack abilities to his rewards. It’s important to note though, this boss is optional for the raid. However, if your raid party chooses to do this boss, you’re left with no option but to also participate in the fight. Generally speaking, a raid team will do every optional boss that can provide a good amount of experience and loot. Only a party filled with complete newbies will skip every optional boss, optional bosses can be worth defeating, on a case-by-case basis. So, reading up on this boss, being aware of at least how to defeat it, is incredibly important.

This boss is located where you climb a small hill behind Venoxis’ Room and can go left or right. Going left allows you to fight this boss, otherwise, go right and continue with the raid.


Facing this boss can be difficult. Understand that if you die, he will level up – after precisely 3 deaths, Mandokir grows in strength. This means you need to know what you’re doing before you engage. Too many deaths? Then the boss is powerful beyond measure: defeating him becomes literally impossible.

Mages will be able to use the Amplify Magic ability to increase their healing abilities. Amplify magic can be a bad thing if there are magic attacks from the boss, but this particular boss has no magical attack, so there’s nothing to worry about.

If you are a Hunter, and ever charged at by this boss, you can consider using the Feign Death ability. Also note that the charge is often directed at those who are at the greatest distance away from the boss: by knowing this, you can set a trap for the boss. This makes the boss ignore you, and allows the tanks to attack the boss again and soak up the damage, rather than you (a DPS role).

The most important ability to watch out for is Threatening Gaze. If you are inflicted with this, you should do nothing – not use your mouse, not use your keyboard. If you do continue attacking and moving about, you will basically be charged at and die immediately. As previously mentioned, this empowers the boss. Trackers from healers and DPS should be on the alert for threatening gaze, but tanks also need to be aware of this ability.

Overall, we would definitely recommend pursuing this boss. This boss can be easily defeated if you’re well-coordinated. You must remember which strategy you’re going to use, and to be idle if the boss uses Threatening Gaze against you specifically. Best of luck in your WoW Classic Raiding, you’re bound to have plenty of fun in Zul’Gurub! By the way, buy Cheapest wow classic gold from us now, safe & fast.
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