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A one-phase encounter with splitting mechanics. Author of the Prophecy of C’Thun, Skeram is the most dedicated follower of the old gods. The boss also servers the first encounter in the raid Ahn’Quiraj. He is an important religious leader who can split into copies of himself, making it hard to kill, along with abilities that can teleport him around, and mind controls the players in the area.

Loot Table

Imperial Qiraji Drops:

· Imperial Qiraji Armaments

· Imperial Qiraji Regalia

· Qiraji Lord’s Insignia

Exclusive Drops:

· Amulet of Foul Warding (Attack Power/Nature Resistance Neck)

· Barrage Shoulders (Agility/Stamina Mail Shoulders)

· Beetle Scaled Wristguards (Intellect/Attack Power/Nature Resistance Mail Bracers)

· Boots of the Fallen Prophet (Strength/Agility/Intellect/Spell Power Mail Boots)

· Boots of the Redeemed Prophecy (Strength/Intellect/Healing Power Plate Boots)

· Boots of the Unwavering Will (Strength/Defense Plate Boots)

· Breastplate of Annihilation (Strength/Critical Strike/Hit Rating Plate Chest)

· Cloak of Concentrated Hatred (Agility/Strength/Hit Rating Cloak)

· Hammer of Ji’zhi (Strength/Intellect/Spell Power Two-Handed Mace)

· Leggings of Immersion (Intellect/Spell Power/Mp5 Leather Legs)

· Pendant of the Qiraji Guardian (Strength/Agility/Defense Neck)

· Ring of Swarming Thought (Spell Power/Spell Penetration Ring)

· The staff of the Qiraji Prophets (Spirit/Spell Power/Spell Penetration Proc Chance Staff)

· Thick Obsidian Breastplate (Blacksmithing Plans)

Notable classes during the battle with The Prophet Skeram

– Warriors, even those with just DPS gear, can become tanks on the fly once Skeram parts into different duplicates.

– Similarly, classes with low cooldown intrudes like Warriors and Rogues are additionally extraordinary to hinder. however, many of Skeram’s spells could be allowed, particularly after he parts into his duplicates.

– Warlocks and Rogues are likewise valuable to help increment Skeram’s cast occasions through Curse of Tongues and Mind-numbing Poison (iii).

– In spite of the fact that it is not completely vital, classes with mana depleting capacities, for example, Hunters, Priests and Warlocks can help recognize which Skeram is the genuine one and which isn’t – Skeram’s clones will consistently spawn with full mana, while the boss himself won’t recover mana in the wake of parting.

– Mages are ideal for containing mind controls from the boss, basically Polymorphing the mind-controlled individual and keeping it that path for the entire term.

Quick Tips


Some melee DPS won’t begin harming Skeram in his fundamental stage, rather moving to his side stages to immediately get aggro off them when he parts into his clones. The Arcane Explosions originating from both Skeram and his clones is the thing that will bargain most harm to the attack and should be hindered no matter what. Attack individuals mind-controlled through True Fulfillment should be CC’d quickly and saved CC’d for the whole span of the MC.


The main tank will tank Skeram on the lower stage, confronting him against a divider. You will need at any rate 3 tanks, one for the primary chief, and two for the up and coming clones from the split. These tanks should likewise be set up to take aggro from Skeram once a Blink occurs.


Healers must be careful to not get aggro once a Blink occurs. As Skeram’s clones will duplicate the spells cast by the primary boss, Earth Shocks and Arcane Explosions become particularly risky during the split stages.

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