Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Recently, World of Warcraft Classic gamers have been having a heated discussion about “how to beat the NAXX Ice Dragon more smoothly”. Although Blizzard has announced that the Ice Dragon’s Frost Aura damage will be changed to 600 points per 2 seconds, Ice Resistance is still the focus of the discussion. As a result, the price of various items that can improve ice resistance has gone up, such as today’s “Petrified Scarab”.

Petrified Scarab Profit Analysis

Petrified Scarab is a defensive accessory dropped by the Three Jewels of Qi’ra from the Anchorah replica in World of Warcraft Classic, which increases spell resistance by 100 points for 1 minute and decreases spell damage by 10 points per spell. In the regular state, it takes 10 times damage and then no more, from 100+90+80…… 20+10, the total spell resistance gain in a CD period is only 550 points, plus Princess Hahoran can already RUSH, so this equipment is not so hot in the Angela stage.

However, as we get closer to NAXX opening time, the price of Petrified Scarab is getting higher and higher, and the reason for this is that tests have shown that Ice Dragon’s aura damage does not reduce the number of layers of Petrified Scarab, in other words, Petrified Scarab can reside with 100 points of spell resistance for 1 minute.

Damage Reduction Analysis for NAXX Ice Dragons

NAXX Ice Dragon’s aura damage is 600 points every 2 seconds, which is 18,000 points for 30 damage per minute. According to the classical resistance formula, 1 point of spell resistance can offset 0.24% of the damage, 100 points is 24% of the damage, which can offset 18,000*24% = 4,320 points of damage for the duration of the Petrified Beetle, which is more than enough to reduce the damage of a powerful frost protection potion.

Since the damage reduction effect of the Petrified Beetle is so powerful, is it really a must-have item to open up the Ice Dragon? Not really.

Since the duration of Petrified Beetle is 1 minute, but the CD period is 3 minutes, the profit of Petrified Beetle fluctuates up and down. You can maintain 100 points of resistance gain at 1 minute, not to mention the opening period, even if you enter the FARM period. Trying to defeat an ice dragon in less than a minute is difficult as well (possible in the later stages of the race), and once the battle lasts too long the petrified beetle’s profitability decreases steadily. The 3-minute low was only 33.33 points of resistance gain, then it rose again and fell again.

Of course, the minimum 33.33 points of resistance gain is also very good, but the problem is that the Petrified Beetle is an accessory, and accessories improve the profession much more than other parts of equipment (except weapons), and wearing the Petrified Beetle means the loss of other attributes, not to mention the fact that the Ice Dragon not only does one type of damage, the Ice Ring, but other skills also weaken the layers of the Petrified Beetle normally.

In addition, the spell resistance limit for classic World of Warcraft characters is 315 points, 315-100 = 215 points, which means that a petrified beetle can only gain full benefit if the character’s ice resistance is less than 215 points, and if it is higher than that, the benefit will be reduced again.

Whether it’s worth it depends largely on price

To be frank, the petrified beetle is an item more suitable for those who are looking for the ultimate speed group, and is not as helpful to the average player as one might think. If the price is too high, you can Buy classic wow gold from, which offers fast delivery, abundant inventory and safe harvesting, and I think players of the classic World of Warcraft game will be satisfied.
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