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In the aftermath of the war, chaos came to Pandaria, the Alliance and Horde soon realized that their negative emotions caused the Sha which created the monstrous creatures which terrorized the country. The pandaren were aware of the Sha and were able to battle them, however it would be up to the outsiders to fix the harm they caused. Prince Anduin Wrynn of WoW’s Alliance faction remained among the pandaren after having been discovered by his fellow pandaren determined to discover everything he could about Pandaria and correct the mistakes of his people. Warchief Garrosh, on the contrary, saw the Sha as weapons, and he immediately sought out a way to use the remnants of Y’Shaarj’s army to eliminate his foes.

Many pandaren have observed the Horde and Alliance and felt drawn to their ideals. Some decided to join the Alliance which is known as the Tuishi due to their values of compassion, patience and discipline. Those who preferred the Horde formed the Huojin under Huojin. Huojin and pursued aspects like ambition, determination and adventure. This means that players in Mists of Pandaria could play as pandaren and choose which faction they’d like to fight according to their personal preferences.

Before the Sundering in the past, the pandaren weren’t a free people. They were slaves to the mogu, an ancient group of warlords with brutality who valued only force and might. The mogu were Titan constructs that became mortals after Yogg’s Curse of Flesh (another Old God in the mythology in WoW: Wrath of the Lich King).

Unsure where their purpose now was, Lei Shen beseeched the Titan Keeper Ra for advice. After Ra the Keeper of Storms and Storms, displayed weakness in place of power, Lei Shen was able to take on the older Titan Keeper, stealing his power over storms and the sky, and becoming Thunder King. In the present, possessed of godlike abilities, Lei Shen united the mogu clans, and created mogu empire. Mogu Empire.

The Zandalari trolls at the period sought to collaborate with Lei Shen but were not looking to create enemies of him. The Thunder King agreed to their proposal, and was able to teach them how to resurrect him in the event of his be slain. Lei Shen lived for a long time before he succumbed to his own hubris, executed by the tol’vir in Uldum. After a long time, the Zandalari determined to take back their vast empire by going back to Pandaria and bring their beloved Thunder King again.

They had success in their quest, and World of Warcraft players had to beat the Zandalari as well as mogu and fight their way to the Thunder King’s side. There, Lei Shen met his final end, and mogu clans that remained split yet again. With Pandaria secure from mogu and the Zandalari returned to their homeland. This would become a major zone in WoW’s next expansion, the Battle for Azeroth.

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