Diablo is mostly played by picking up


Beyond that, Blizzard has added heavy modifications to controllers, a long list of bindable actions for mouse and keyboard setups, brand new interactive skills that can be bindable, such as interact and 12 bindable keys which allow actions and abilities to be assigned in a particular way.

Diablo: Resurrected gameplay options

“Diablo is mostly played by picking up and holding items and continuously clicking,” design and UX accessibility manager Drew McCrory explained. “We know that lengthy holds and repetitive actions could be a significant barrier for certain players, which is why we’ve added quality-of-life features to ease the fatigue caused by many kinds of actions. We also allow many controller abilities to continuously be activated if the button is pressed for players who can’t repeatedly tap buttons quickly.”

Diablo: Resurrected audio options

On the audio aspect, Diablo: Resurrected permits players to modify their sound channels and cut sounds out which aren’t vital to them. Sliders for voices or UI cues, monster hit impacts, weapon noises, ambient objects, combat gore, and much more, can be changed. Blizzard confirmed that further optional accessibility features are under development in advance of the game’s forthcoming launch. Diablo: Resurrected preorders for PC, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4. and PS5 are now live and give access to an early access beta on all platforms, with the exception of Switch.

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