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What is Desert Diary? It is a set of achievement diaries whose tasks revolve around areas within the Kharidian Desert, such as Pollnivneach, Nardah and Sophanem.Rewards can be collected from the NPC named ‘Jarr’ in the Shanty pass.Diary difficulty is sorted by levels needed to complete: Easy require skills up to level 40, Medium up to level 65, Hard up to level 75, and Elite can require skills in the 90s. In addition, it is important to note that you can also buy runescape 3 gold and use temporary skill boosts to complete the dairy tasks.

So, without further ado, Let’s get started!


Catch a golden warbler. A golden bird that requires a hunter level of 5 to capture and is located in the Uzer Hunter area, east of the Shanty Pass. Items needed; Bird snare, Necklace of Passage (Eagle’s Eyrie takes you right there).

Mine five clay in the north – eastern desert. Use a Necklace of Passage to Eagle’s Eyrie, then head north – east. Any type of pickaxe can be used to mine clay.

Enter the Kalphite Hive. The hive is located north of the Bedabin Camp, in the Kharidian Desert. You’ll need a rope in order to climb down the passage.

Enter the Desert with a set of desert robes equipped.The desert region is located south of the nations of Misthalin and Morytania. Items; Desert shirt, desert robe, desert boots.

Kill a vulture. They can be found north – west of the Agility Pyramid in the Kharidian Desert. Melee doesn’t work when vultures are up in the air, you’ll need a ranged weapon to kill one.

Have the Nardah herbalist (Zahur) clean a herb for you. Zahur is a woman in Nardah, found in the building just north of the bank. Have any grimy herb and 200 osrs gold coins in your inventory.

Collect 5 potato cacti from the Kalphite Hive. This item spawns in the south – west room where the Kalphite Soldiers are found. Rope, food and anti-poison is recommended to bring along with you.

Sell some artefacts to Simon Templeton. Simon can be found near Jaleustrophos (Agility Pyramid), south of Nardah and north – east of Sophanem. You can sell him any artefact collected from Pyramid Plunder (Thieving Minigame).

Open the sarcophagus in the first room of Pyramid Plunder. The minigame is located in the Jalsavrah pyramid in Sophanem. You’ll need to have started the quest ‘Icthlarin’s Little Helper’ to access the pyramid or you can use a Pharaoh’s sceptre to enter directly. A thieving level of 21 is also required to enter the room.

Cut a desert cactus open to fill a waterskin. Desert cactus can be found anywhere in the Kharidian desert. A knife and empty waterskin is required to fill cut and fill the cactus.

Travel from the Shanty Pass to Pollnivneach by magic carpet. Shantay Pass is a small area that separates Al Kharid from the Kharidian Desert. A travel fee of 200 gold coins is required.


· Desert amulet 1

· 1 Antique lamp worth 2,500 experience in any skill above 30

· Desert goat horn will be dropped in noted form

· Simon Templeton will buy your artefacts as bank notes

· Pharaoh’s sceptre holds up to 4 charges
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