Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

I care Foundation for Drug rehab is the process of medical or psychotherapy treatment for dependency on the psychoactive substance, like drugs, street drugs, cocaine, heroin etc. The Drug rehab intent is to empower the patient to confront substance dependence. We at Awakening Rehab – Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Treatment includes meditation, yoga for depression or other disorder. Psychological dependency is addressed here and to teach patients new methods of the drug free environment. They are encouraged not to associate with friends who are still an addictive substance.
Various type of programs are held in drug rehab like residential treatment, outpatient, local support groups extended care centers recovery houses, addiction counseling, mental health, medical care. Even there are gender specified programs.
Medications are widely used to treat addicted who are dependent on drugs like heroin, morphine. There are maintenance therapies to reduce cravings. The drug rehab centers environment is safe and successfully delivers treatment to the patients.
I care Foundation Recovery, we provide effective treatment for those who are struggling with addiction to drugs. Our goal is to bring out the addiction sufferers reverse the physical and emotional damage so that they can get back their place in society and enjoy productive happy lives.
For information please visit or email call 8693092000
Address is Block no.89, Yeoor Gaon, Patana Pada, Near Garwa Hotel, Yeoor Hill, Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra Pin code 400606

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