Enjoy RS Celebration of Skilling for 50% XP in Grand Party Week 4


The week 4 for grand party is RS Celebration of Skilling. During this week, you can receive 50% skilling experience and other rewards. But there are several notes you need to focus while using the extra XP.

Get 50% XP from RS Celebration of Skilling

The fourth week of 20th anniversary celebrations has been live. You can take part in Celebration of Skilling to earn 50% XP in the following gathering skills:

Notes for RS Celebration of Skilling week

When you join in Celebration of Skilling for bonus XP, you have to pay attention to these points:
1. 50% XP is not available for Archaeology’s restoration activity. But you will receive 50% extra base precision while excavating in Archaeology.
2. 50% XP is not available for the animals on your Player Owned Farm, containing the animals at The Ranch Out Of Time.
3. 50% XP can’t be claimed by Iron players.
4. Aubury turns the Anniversary Weeks Portal into an energy rift, which can gain both Summoning and RuneCrafting XP.

What’s more, RS 20th Anniversary event is coming to an end. So seize the time to get 20th Anniversary Cape and Outfit.

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