Following the success with World of Warcraft on mobile devices


A portion of the deal stems from the numerous acquisitions WoTLK Gold that Activision has made over the last decades. Even though Activision is no slouch with big franchises, most notably the annual World of Warcraft releases and the ongoing battle royale World of Warcraft : Warzone however, it has also made large moves of its very own that will now fold into Microsoft. Microsoft umbrella.

It was in the year 2008 that Activision merged with Blizzard which brought the massively successful World of Warcraft franchise along with games like Starcraft. Blizzard has several other IPs under its belt and also includes the more recent ones such as World of Warcraft and the WoW spin-off World of Warcraft . Following the success with World of Warcraft on mobile devices, Blizzard has also started to stretch into the market of mobile games with titles such as the forthcoming World of Warcraft .

Speaking of mobiles, Activision also acquired King in 2016. This acquisition was among the most profitable for Activision and has seen huge mobile games like Candy Crush leading the way. This is important because Microsoft has kept an eye on the mobile space, in recent times, focusing its attention on cloud gaming through Game Pass.

As per Axios report Stephen Totilo, documents show many other defunct trademarks that could be Microsoft trademarks if the transaction goes through. They comprise IP such as Hexen, Gabriel Knight, and Pitfall!, along with trademarks that cheap WoTLK Gold aren’t in use, like Sierra.

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