Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

With the recent release of Naxxramas coming with Phase 6 of WoW Classic, guilds prepared themselves for the final raid Classic has to offer. It was the European guild Progress who came out on top, taking down this final Classic World First with an hour 12 minutes on the clock! Buy wow classic gold

Thursday the 4th December marked the first day of Phase 6, and the first time that guilds were able to step inside the undead metropolis of Naxxramas, the final raid in Classic. Yet, while hoards of nostalgic players were still struggling with the first few bosses, it was Progress (EU) who once again who managed to take down the final boss, Kel’thuzad, in just an hour and 12 minutes.

The road to this Classic World First certainly was not an easy one, and while Progress were locked in combat with Kel’thuzad, their contemporaries were still battling the previous boss: Sapphiron. The fact that Progress did not record a single wipe during their time in Naxx certainly worked in their favour, giving them the edge in the race for this final World First in Classic.

World of Warcraft: Classic
World First Video
Raid Composition

Progress’s Raid group consisted of the following classes and specialisations:


4 Protection Warriors

6 Holy Paladins
7 Holy Priests

1 Restoration Druid

2 Marksmanship Hunters
5 Fire Mages
2 Combat Rogues
3 Destruction Warlocks
10 Fury Warriors
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