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Farming is one of the P2P skills in Old School Runescape, so P2P methods can only be used for training. When you choose to accept the Farming training guide, it means that you are willing to invest a lot of time to get AFK. Making money through this skill can only make Farming Herbs profitable because their prices are really high.

The most effective Farming training guide

Farming is probably the simplest game training skill. Before planting crops, you can use a bucket of super compost on the agricultural patch. This increases the yield when fully grown plants are harvested, and reduces the chance of planting crops becoming diseased. The probability of plants that have undergone super-compost dyeing treatment is about 14%. The cost of a bucket of super compost is 2,112, and it gives 26 farming experience when used to treat farming patches. After using a bucket of super compost on the “farming” patch, the player will be left with an empty bucket worth 155.

Scroll of life detail

The Scroll of Life can be used to unlock the ability to restore seeds from farming patches. You can buy 10,000 dungeon tokens, and you need to use level 25 farming and dungeons. After removing dead spots or fully grown plants from the flowers (except for flowers and special flowers), the effect gives the player a 10% chance of getting seeds back. When clearing trees or dead trees from the bushes, players can also get a 5% chance to obtain seeds. The seeds recovered from the fully grown patch are the same as the seeds used to grow the plant, but the seeds recovered from the dead plant are the same type of random seeds that can grow in the patch.

The crops you grow have different types, these types are ordinary trees, fruit trees, herbs, allotments, flowers, vegetables, hops, shrubs, or special plants. Each type has its seeds and its farming patch. Please note that before planting trees, they must be seeded into saplings.

Amulet of the bountiful harvest

When wearing the harvest amulet, players have the opportunity to save seeds when allocating breeding. The amulet has 10 charges, and you can buy 739 from the big exchange.

Farmer’s outfit

Players who get the farmer hat add-on and farmer hat can combine these items to create a modified farmer hat. In addition to granting a 1% farming experience bonus, this modified hat can be teleported to the Morytania distribution zone 3 times a day. After wearing the improved hat, you can save 2% of seeds when planting.

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