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The OSRS Rum Deal quest is a part of the pirate quest series, and during this quest, you will have a very important task to keep the peace and get the rum brewer going again. Why is that? Because a large number of zombie pirates have recently appeared, demanding the factory’s ‘rum’. runescape 3 gold

Since then, the brewery has not produced any rum, and a band of angry, protesting undead pirates stake out Braindeath Island. Will you be able to overcome the horde of drunken, undead pirates? Can you even get to the island without getting a headache?
Skill and Quest Requirements

The quest requirement for the OSRS Rum Deal quest is the completion of the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest. Skills needed for the OSRS Rum Deal quest are:

40 Farming
47 Prayer
42 Slayer
42 Crafting
50 Fishing

Items Needed From The OSRS Rum Deal Quest

Rake and a seed dibber
Slayer gloves or Relicym’s balm
2 stamina potions
Weapon and some food

Braindeath Island

To start the OSRS Rum Deal quest you must talk to Pirate Pete at the dock north-east of the Ectofuntus (north of Port Phasmatys). Talk to the Pirate Pete and agree to help him, then refuse the money he offers you.

He will knock you on the head and take you to Braindeath Island after the cutscene, talk to Captain Braindeath. He will tell you that he needs to make some “rum” to get Captain Donnie drunk. You will have to gather the ingredients to make the rum. The Captain will give you a seed to grow a blindweed.

Brewing “Rum”

Exit the small room and head west towards the ladder to climb down, go to the southeastern corner of the basement. There you will see a red dot on your mini-map, next to that red dot you will see a cupboard. Search the cupboard and take all the items from it.
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