He became disinterested in the stories


He was always the academic type and whenever he wasn’t out playing fetch or even stealing eggs, he would take out his histories books. Entangled by a sense of madness Aderes determined to burn all these books since she believes that the only proper reading’ was the texts written by Deckard’s ancestral ancestor, Jered Cain. In the end, he became disinterested in the stories of his mother and believed that they were just fables, particularly the one about the existence of angels and demons – a belief that didn’t age well in Diablo. Deckard fled his home and his mother said he was lost.’

In his youth, Cain lived most of his life in the pursuit of knowledge, from studying ‘archaic teachings’ of Kehjistan, a city returning to D2R Ladder. to that behind the Order of Zakarum. This continued to the point of obsession that it led to tensions between him and the rest of his family members as they were shut out completely to pursue knowledge, including the wife Amelia along with his child, Jered who was named for Deckard’s ancestral ancestor. Through his studies and research, he missed significant moments of his son’s life and he wasn’t phased by the fact that Jered caught a fever that almost took his life. Bewildered, Amelia would take Jered and then leave Tristram, only for their train to come under attack by bandits and eventually their deaths. Their deaths would forever haunt Deckard for the rest of his life.

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