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I am selling EMV Chip Cloning software and Java Cards
[EMV SOFTWARE] EMV Smart Сard Chip Reader/Writer Software
EMV Software Studio Writer 3.0 DDA/SDA/CDA
The program is able to work in most countries of the world
Our recording technology allows you to work anywhere in the world. We have buyers from many countries: USA, Europe, Russia, China, India, Brazil, etc.
EMV Reader Writer Software Is able To read write or duplicate Credit Or Debit Card’s.
MCR 200 orMSR 605 Magnetic& EMV Software
Original New Model of MCR-200 or MSR 605 IC Chip Card Reader Writer Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Writer & EMV chip Encoder Track 1,2,3
Comes with EMV Reader/Writer Software v8.6 for Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10/MacOS/Linux (Only Ubuntu and Debian)
Multifunctiton All in one IC chip / Magnetic swipe card reader writer encoder.
Innovative technology for recording information on a chip
Using this program you will be able to successfully write information to the chip. Transactions are processed in a standard way, without disturbing anything in the process. We have developed a special technology that allows you to work with payment systems: VISA, MasterCard, American Express.
DDA Implementation
EEPROM Emulation
CVM Support
Package Includes:
x1 MCR-200 or MSR-605
x1 USB(User’s Manual, USB Driver)
x1 EMV Chip Reader Writer software
x1 Magnetic Reader Writer Software
x50 ( Free ) IC Smart Cards Ready to be use
1x A/C Adapter with power cable and 1x RS232 to USB convertor
The best out of all the encoders!!!!!
Price: $450 USD or euro for x1 lifetime license and 2 year update. + MCR 200 Magnetic worldwide shipping *you must cover shipping costs
You get download link and access to panel area for download,updates and knowledge base of tutorials, instructions with telegram group with 200+ other buyers for support and chat.
MSR605 is Good Quality and 100% Compatible with MSR206/MSR606.
It is ideal for access control, time keeping, banking, ID recognition & credit verification and
related applications. In fact, wherever a magnetic stripe ID or transaction card is used, one can find a related use for the versatile, user-friendly MSR605 reader/writer.
MSR605 is designed to offer a reading and writing solution of high and/or low coercivity cards that will attractively complement an existing system.
Reading/Writing magnetic stripe card complied with ISO formats
Reading/Writing Drivers Licenses
Read/Write High & Low Coercive (300~4000Oe)
High/Low Coercivity encoding circuitry selectable on screen
Program software for Windows 98/Me/XP/Vista/windows 7
Programming software for various read/write performance
Can be use directly with Mini123ex etc
Pure USB directly
+9VDC, 2.5A Max external power adapter attached
100% USER Satisfy And Exeba Software Support
Dimensions of Box 290(L) x 180(W) x 100(H) mm

[b]Electrical:[/b] Power requirements
+9VDC +/- 5%
Typical 350mA Max. 600mA plus for each writing track
Power supply
External switching power 9V/2.5A
Standard RS232 or USB with USB-to-RS232
50mVp-p or less
Dielectric strength
500 VDC for 1 minute
[b]Performance:[/b] Read card
Track1 Track2 Track3
Bit per density
210 bpi 75/210bpi 210 bpi
Coercive force
Read/write 300-4000 oe Mag.cardCard thickness 0.76-1.2mm
Read speed
STD card Jitter +/-15% Amp. 60%5-55ips 5-50ips 5-50ips
Write speed
Write jitter
Interval < +/- 10%, Sub-interval < +/- 12%
Error rate
Read < 0.5% Write < 0.8%
Head lifeRate
Min. 1000K swipes for both read/write headCE , FCC, UL, CUL, ROHS

/– Exakep's Hacked & Carded 2022 – Western Union, Money Gram , Cash App & Bank Wire Transfers – EU/USA/ASIA INSTANT! –/
Minimum* You receive: €/£/$ 1,200 You pay: €/£/$ 180
You receive: €/£/$ 1,600 You pay: €/£/$ 250
You receive: €/£/$ 2,000 You pay: €/£/$ 300
You receive: €/£/$ 3,000 You pay: €/£/$ 350
You receive: €/£/$ 5,000 You pay: €/£/$ 450
You receive: €/£/$ 7,000 You pay: €/£/$ 650
You receive: €/£/$ 9,000 You pay: €/£/$ 850
To split the transfer into smaller separate transfers, a fee of 25.00 will be applied.

*Security Question & Answer is AVAILABLE to some countries, and NO I.D is necessary; request this option (Not Available for all countries).


*Minimum*: You receive: €/£/$ 1,600 You pay:€/£/$ 250
You receive: €/£/$ 2,000 You pay: €/£/$ 300
You receive: €/£/$ 3,000 You pay: €/£/$ 350
You receive: €/£/$ 5,000 You pay: €/£/$ 450
You receive: €/£/$ 7,000 You pay: €/£/$ 650
You receive: €/£/$ 9,000 You pay: €/£/$ 850

[Image: bank-icon.gif] (*Revolut, Wise, or any worldwide bank)
We are offering Transfers to your Bank Accounts (lesser for high amount transfers)
*Minimum* You receive: €/£/$ 1,600 You pay: €/£/$ 250
You receive: €/£/$ 2,500 You pay: €/£/$ 350
You receive: €/£/$ 5,000 You pay: €/£/$ 500
You receive: €/£/$ 8,000 You pay: €/£/$ 800
You receive: €/£/$ 10,000 You pay: €/£/$ 980

[[ transfer requirements ]]

Bank Name:
Bank Address:
Zip code / Postal code
Account Name Holder:
Account Number / IBAN
Swift code / BIC code
**Not all info is needed; it depends on what country your bank account is located in – EU & US beneficiary details differ.

First Name:_____________________
Last Name:______________________
Your country:___________________
City picking up from:______________________
*ID is required for picking up. Security Question & Answer does not work any longer because of new money laundering regulations.
* It is safe to do 2-3 times per ID. It's not risky, but the worst thing that can happen to you is that WU or MG will block your ID into the system, also known as a blocklist, which won't allow you to pick up or send money using your ID ever again. It will show "Transaction put on HOLD. Please call WU fraud department".

I have endless suppliers of hacked data logs in most countries as my network of suppliers phish or hack the data from eCommerce websites. Most transfers are instant but may take 3-5 days, depending on the country zone.

I can provide receipts and money order references of completed transfers from previous clients. Just contact me for more info.


• We are not responsible for any account restriction; make sure your accounts are fully functional.
• We will need to access your account to confirm that funds have been reversed.
• You cannot open a dispute on Carding Forum after a successful transaction.
• You are not allowed to leave negative feedback if we deliver your order.
• We may change any of the terms of service without prior notice.

[[ questions and answers ]]

How quick are transactions completed ?
Answer : WU/MG transfers take around 20 mins to complete and can be picked up anytime your local offices (if opened) or tracked instantly on the website "Ready for pickup".
Bank / Wire Transfers are done within an hour and dependent on the country (EU – 2 days) (UK/Ireland – instant) (USA – instant) (Cashapp, Revolut, Wise – instant) (ASIA – 3-5 days).

How do we guarantee complete anonymity ?
Answer : Firstly you are advised to use fake names when collecting payment as ID is required with our Western Union or Money Gram transfers. BANK, Cashapp, etc., just bank/wire details needed.

Secondly, our total control of agent terminals (administration level control) gives us complete access to the Western Union or MG terminal. Therefore, we can delete our transactions from the overall transaction list on the Western Union or Money Gram network. We pay people who own local WU/MG shops and give us access to their terminal to delete any transaction. An additional fee will cost if this service is requested.

How do we actually do hacked transfers, what is our method?
Answer : We use skimmed/phished cc/fullz/dumps data from e-commerce websites or email phishing to trick people into thinking it's their bank or cc login page, and when they input their bank or cc data, it gets sent to our servers hosted in bulletproof countries.

How successful are our hacked transfers ?
Answer : Our transfers have a 100% success rate. Our service is working as we have a high quantity of skimmed data from victims, and if the transfer doesn't go through due to insufficient funds, we use the following data available.

What are the rules ?
Answer : Our rules are straightforward. Do not waste our time and collect transfers within 48 hours of receiving the pick-up code to avoid transfer charge back. Also, remember to leave good feedback on our page when we have completed your transfer for you.

Why don't we send unlimited Western Union transfers to ourself?
Answer : We currently use cashiers for percentage (%) based work, and we encourage repeat customers to go through the verification process and join our worldwide team of cashiers. However, our current team of cashiers in Europe and the U.S cannot handle the number of available transfers, and it's simply too much to send. This surplus of transfers is instead sold here. We rather sell transfers for a secure value that will allow us to get crypto payments safely without having to launder cash which is very difficult due to money laundering regulations. High amounts of crypto funds can be laundered easily without the risk of us leaving our homes or having to create many fake IDs and other threats. This service works better for others looking to make some quick money couple of times without having to stress in laundering it.

In what currency will I receive the funds?
You will receive the money in your local currency upon pick up or deposit.

Do you use hacking software/tools or bugs to do the transfers?
Methods of western union bugs or hack tools do not exist. We do not use bugs or tools to hack into banks or money systems to do transfers. We spam and phish credit card and bank data from victims to do the transfers. Don't believe in downloading tools or software from hackers or fake sellers luring you into buying these tools. They do not exist! You cannot compromise money systems other than to pay using stolen data. Be safe when you see these types of scams.

[[ how to pay? ]]

Answer : We are now accepting all types of crypto currency.
forum escrow is accepted. deal will be safe against scams using the guarantor middleman service on the platform

[*]bitcoin cash
[*]all cryptos

Prices for Payza, PayPal, Ucard, EgoPay, Moneybookers :


290$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 2000$ PayPal
390$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 3000$ PayPal
490$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 4000$ PayPal
590$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 5000$ PayPal
690$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 6000$ PayPal

Prices for Payoneer:
390$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 2000$ Payoneer
490$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 3000$ Payoneer
590$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 4000$ Payoneer
690$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 5000$ Payoneer
790$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 6000$ Payoneer

*NOTE* :
Only for first deal with me:

1] If Order above 490$ you will receive +200$ Payza, PayPal, Ucard, EgoPay, Moneybookers, Payoneer GIFT
2] If Order above 590$ you will receive +400$ Payza, PayPal, Ucard, EgoPay, Moneybookers, Payoneer GIFT
3] If Order above 690$ you will receive +600$ Payza, PayPal, Ucard, EgoPay, Moneybookers, Payoneer GIFT

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4658591129326109=21112219370000000001 pin 5844
Hello Guy's i have New Offer Bulk Price

Dumps UK code 201 clone cards fullz info

Track 1: %B4659022608902018^J/cave/Jodey^28111010000884000?
Track 2: ;4659022608902018=28111010000044748840
Pin atm : 6013
Details for BIN 465902
BIN 465902
Card Brand VISA
Card Type DEBIT
Card Level CLAS
ISO Country A2 GB
ISO Country A3 GBR
ISO Country Number 826
Issuers Contact +44 (0)1604 230 230
Mother Maiden Name : cutshall
Social Security Number : 163-17-4822
Birth Day : 25
Birth Month : 8/August
============EUROPE & ASIA ============
[code 101 – non chip]:
[code 201 – chip]:

Price for Dumps with Pin, Track 1/2 :

– Dumps with Pin, Track 1/2 ( US ) : $80 / 1pcs
– Dumps with Pin, Track 1/2 ( UK ) : $100 / 1pcs
– Dumps with Pin, Track 1/2 ( CA ) : $80 / 1pcs
– Dumps with Pin, Track 1/2 ( AU & EU ) : $110 / 1pcs
– Dumps with Pin, Track 1/2 ( China ) : $100 / 1pcs

-Minimum Order 5Pieces : 300$

Price For Dumps With ATM PIN And Without Good Balance :
Mininmum with PIN: 5pCS 300$
Minimum Without PIN: 10pcs 200$


1pcs and more =20$/each
100pcs and more =15$/each
500pcs and more =10$/each

ICQ : 683485306
Telegram: @bigshop79
Whatapp : : +84932475671

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