I love Diablo and am obsessed with it in a manner


I believe that we have many methods of thinking about the best way to achieve this goal, but our goals are very similar and D2R Items in line with them.

The concern from a player’s from a fan’s perspective is if there’s an eventuality at which it appears that Diablo League can’t sustain the kind of interest it needs then does Activision suddenly change its mind to “Well, you’ve got to come up with the next thing,” and that’s where the clash of ideology could take place, and it’s like,”Well we’re working in a way where you might never see another Diablo for the next 10-years.” Are you in a position where you make the decisions on your games, and you won’t be given instructions on how to make these games, or be required to create these games in a different method to satisfy demands.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I believe that’s the way that Blizzard has always worked. this type of bottom-up approach to the kind of games we’d like us to develop and progress towards are and that’s important. This is so fundamental and deeply embedded in the very DNA of Blizzard I’m not sure how Blizzard can be successful in a different way.

You know, I believe the fact that a developer was put in charge of the company following Mike and I believe the fact that we promoted Ray Gresko to be the chief development officer really speaks to more than just what Blizzard believes in, but is also a sign that Activision Blizzard understands what’s important to Blizzard.

I love Diablo and am obsessed with it in a manner that I’ve not experienced in any other Blizzard game. And I’m sure that’s the case for many other. It’s clear that creating new IP works for the company, but you have this collection of classic games that fans really are looking for more of. Like StarCraft and Diablo. What is your opinion on creating new games versus relying on the classics? Are you still planning to explore older material like you have done with a classic game or is there still something to explore in buy D2R Ladder Items and whatever may come next?

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