In that regard there is a change to the Emblem technique in WotLK will be slightly modified and simplified.


Blizzard developers have today announced WOW WoTLK Classic Gold updates on the plans they have for WoW WOTLK Classic Wrath of the Lich King including an in-depth look at their concept regarding “#SomeChanges.”

While the primary goal of Classic when it was launched in the year 2019 was to provide “#NoChanges” to the experience but it became apparent quickly that the idea though well-intentioned was a bit misguided.

When the game was moved into the Outlands to play Burning Crusade, Blizzard began to make small adjustments in altering TBC from its original state in order to provide players with a experience that made players feel as if you were getting most from Classic without destroying the basic base of the game’s content.

Preparing for WotLK, Blizzard explained its three pillars to the #SomeChanges approach and gave some examples of what players can expect in Northrend. The three pillars of #SomeChanges’s philosophy are to “nurture and safeguard social interactions,” keep the game “approachable and familiar” and make “the the world” the “main player.”

“One important aspect to this is ensuring ‘Social Presence which is a key component of our game or what cognitive scientists call ‘Repeat serendipitous interactions that are a result of ‘Repeat Serendipitous Interactions” the blog post stated. “You have to engage in multiple conversations over some time and with same people in a manner that makes you feel happy or beneficial. … If we make adjustments to Wrath of the Lich King Classic We will make changes that help maintain Social Proximity, and in so doing, nurture and preserve social interactions.”

The social element of Classic is largely the reason that the dedicated players of old servers are still playing. In attempting to preserve that as a determining factor for how to improve WotLK, Blizzard is trying to preserve perhaps one of the main characteristics of Classic in comparison to WoW.

Also, ensuring that the system is accessible and comfort “works to minimize the changes made, since familiarity can be easily damaged,” according to the developer. “But it also encourages us to consider making changes when a system that is too complex can be made simpler and more appealing to comprehend.”

In that regard there is a change to the Emblem technique in WotLK will be slightly modified and simplified. The boss that is the final one of each raid tier will drop one Emblem that is able to be used to purchase an item with capability that is equivalent to that of the raids. Emblems will also be dropped in dungeons and older raids that could be used to get lower-powered gear.

Blizzard ended its post by reaffirming its foundations and the way they are linked to four objectives they have to accomplish in their game:

“Foster an active player ecosystem that is active in all WotLK incidented media”
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“Maintain the proper amount of players who are enjoying Heroic Dungeons across the entire expansion.”

“Preserve nostalgic itemization elements.”

“Provide a consistent itemization strategy throughout all expansion phases.”

The post that was written by Blizzard provides a level of transparency for the company as it looks to cultivate an enduring relationship with its Classic player base that is packed with players who are typically openly doubtful and critical of Blizzard. WotLK isn’t yet set with an officially announced launch date, however it’s expected to roll out by the end of the year.

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