It’ll be a permanent part of WoW’s Dungeon roster


The History of World of Warcraft So FarSee MoreWoW WoTLK Gold: Dragonflight Talent Trees Will Allow For “Very Bad Builds”Final boss in the new Uldaman wing is a Dragon by the name of the Crono-Lord Deios and is part of the time-hopping Infinite Dragonflight. There has been speculation about who and what the “big-bad” for the Dragonflight expansion is, with many theorizing the leader of the Infinite Dragonflight, Murozond, could be the primary villain. It’s still too early to know for certain but the fact the Crono-Lord Deios is the final boss of the pre-patch-dungeon could surely mean that it. Infinite Dragonflight has a large role to play in the game’s story, which is largely kept from the public by Blizzard.

It’s not yet clear if Uldaman’s Uldaman’s new Uldaman wing will be available only for the Dragonflight pre-patch which typically takes a few weeks and if it’ll be a permanent part of WoW’s Dungeon roster. Blizzard is confirming that the initial Mythic+ season dungeon list for Dragonflight includes four dungeons from the current expansion and four from older ones, but it’s yet to be seen the extent to which Uldaman will be included in the lineup.

Blizzard has a different approach for WoW alpha testing with Dragonflight which will focus its tests on smaller portions of content, and at a quicker pace than usual. Dragonflight is set to launch before the end in the calendar year. A XP boost program will be running for the next two weeks , to help players who have played before level up their characters in preparation for Shadowlands Season 4. and Dragonflight.

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