Madden NFL 23 All Madden Edition by switching from PlayStation 4


EA Sports has dropped a ton of Madden NFL 23 news including a release date and much more. This latest update covers details on the dual entitlement program that is available to players who want to switch between the last and current generation consoles.

For those who aren’t familiar, Dual Entitlement means players can upgrade copies of the Mut 23 coins All Madden Edition by switching from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S without additional cost. In simple terms, it grants gamers the ability to play on two platforms: PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. or Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Madden NFL 23 Dual Entitlement Programs

Dual Entitlement is only accessible in conjunction with the purchase of The Madden NFL 23 All Madden Edition. However, the Standard Edition of Madden 23 doesn’t come with Dual Entry. It means that those who purchase Madden NFL 23 Standard Edition on PS4 and upgrade to PS5 afterward will need to purchase it as a PS5 version to play.

As usual as is the norm, Dual Entitlement only covers consoles within the same gaming family. That means PS4 and Xbox Series X Xbox Series X does not work. Furthermore, gamers are required to purchase Madden 23 All Madden Edition that is available only digitally to be able to take advantage of the Dual Entitlement offer.

With Dual Entitlement, player is able to play Madden 23 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 version of Madden 23 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 as well as the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S version of Madden NFL 23 on Xbox Series X|S. Players are able to switch between both versions that the game is available, providing they’re both on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S.

While player will see preorder content transfer between consoles, there is no internal cross-play within the families of consoles.

Additional items

Franchise & Face of the Franchise: Franchise & Face of the Franchise specifics don’t carry over.

Madden Ultimate Team: Everything in Madden Ultimate Team carries over aside from the competitive mode’s progress.

The Yard: All progression in The Yard carries over.

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