Tue. May 17th, 2022

While below you will find the best enchants and consumables, updated for Patch 9.0.We had made the best package for you, You can check details in the link below.

Shadowlands Enchanting Package
Shadowlands Consumable Package

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9.0 Enchants
Enchant Boots – Eternal Agility
Enchant Boots – Speed of Soul
Enchant Bracers – Eternal Intellect
Enchant Bracers – Shaded Hearthing
Enchant Chest – Eternal Bounds
Enchant Chest – Eternal Bulwark
Enchant Chest – Eternal Skirmish
Enchant Chest – Eternal Stats
Enchant Chest – Eternal Insight
Enchant Cloak – Fortified Avoidance
Enchant Cloak – Fortified Leech
Enchant Cloak – Fortified Speed
Enchant Cloak – Soul Vitality
Enchant Gloves – Eternal Strength
Enchant Gloves – Shadowlands Gathering
Enchant Ring – Tenet of Critical Strike
Enchant Ring – Tenet of Haste
Enchant Ring – Tenet of Mastery
Enchant Ring – Tenet of Versatility
Enchant Weapon – Ascended Vigor
Enchant Weapon – Celestial Guidance
Enchant Weapon – Eternal Grace
Enchant Weapon – Lightless Force
Enchant Weapon – Sinful Revelation
Infra-green Reflex Sight
Optical Target Embiggener

9.0 Potions, Flasks and Consumables
Potion of Deathly Fixation
Potion of Divine Awakening
Potion of Empowered Exorcisms
Potion of Hardened Shadows
Potion of Phantom Fire
Potion of Sacrificial Anima
Potion of Shaded Sight
Potion of Soul Purity
Potion of Specter Swiftness
Potion of Spectral Agility
Potion of Spectral Intellect
Potion of Spectral Stamina
Potion of Spectral Strength
Potion of Spiritual Clarity
Potion of Unhindered Passing
Potion of the Hidden Spirit
Spiritual Healing Potion
Spiritual Mana Potion
Spiritual Rejuvenation Potion
Spectral Flask of Power
Spectral Flask of Stamina

Deadly Jewel Cluster
Masterful Jewel Cluster
Quick Jewel Cluster
Versatile Jewel Cluster
Straddling Jewel Doublet
Revitalizing Jewel Doublet

9.0 Augmented Rune
Veiled Augment Rune

9.0 Food
Fried Bonefish
Crawler Ravioli with Apple Sauce
Tenebrous Crown Roast Aspic
Sweet Silvergill Sausages
Banana Beef Pudding
Surprisingly Palatable Feast
Feast of Gluttonous Hedonism
Seraph Tenders
Smothered Shank
Pickled Meat Smoothie
Butterscotch Marinated Ribs
Phantasmal Souffle and Fries
Cinnamon Bonefish Stew
Meaty Apple Dumplings

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