RFH 355nm UV laser peeling paint and marking LOGO on the plastic surface of the shaver


RFH 355nm UV laser peeling paint and marking LOGO on the plastic surface of the shaver

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Ultraviolet laser is a non-contact marking technology. Nowadays, when the development of traditional compliance technology is hindered and shows many shortcomings, the ultraviolet laser marking technology mastered by RFH can deliver new power to the marking process.

RFH UV laser marking technology can deliver new power to the razor peeling process

Mr. Li from Guangzhou came to RFH recently, hoping to visit the production of UV lasers and understand the performance of its work, and to replace the plastic surface marking technology of razors on the assembly line of his own factory.
In the past, Mr. Li’s factory used ink marking technology. Ink marking technology, as a traditional process, requires ink consumption and frequent replacement of ink cartridges during the marking process. Work under special supervision will still pollute the environment, and ink splashes will affect the production environment.

RFH 3W5W10W UV laser creates higher value for razor-growing companies

The production of RFH UV lasers can liberate the hands of employees to the greatest extent. The non-contact marking method only needs to be plugged in to run, and it can run stably for 24 hours without special supervision. The ultra-high speed fully meets the requirements of a flying assembly line. use. In addition, the UV laser will not produce any garbage during operation to pollute the environment, nor does it cause any harm to the human body. In this case, the marked images and texts can be permanently retained, with high accuracy and high efficiency.

RFH UV laser

Mr. Li decisively chose to participate in his own assembly line. Although capital was invested in the replacement of the machine in the early stage, he quickly recovered the cost in the efficient operation and created higher value for this growing company.


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