Mon. May 23rd, 2022

RFH 35W green laser marking refrigerator LCD glass display surface and LOGO

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Glass and LCD screens are extremely fragile and fragile materials, and we need to be careful when using them, not to mention marking and engraving on these materials. Therefore, manufacturers who generally produce these products have to use laser means to mark or engrave these materials.

Excellent technology and good after-sales service are the prerequisites for RFH green lasers to be recognized by customers

However, the respective R&D teams and technical levels of laser manufacturers are also uneven. If the laser marking product technology is not strong enough, it may not only cause poor marking effect of the products produced by the customer’s factory, lower the overall grade of the product, but also increase the loss of materials. rate, thereby increasing the cost of the customer’s factory. Therefore, choosing a laser marking supplier with excellent laser technology and good after-sales service to cooperate is the common pursuit of every manufacturer producing the same type of products.

532 nm green laser with wide repetition rate coverage (10kHz to 200kHz)

RFH is such an industrial-grade laser manufacturer that has been deeply involved in laser technology for 15 years. Its 35W green laser can easily complete the processing of most materials such as glass, thin films, and metals.
532 nm green laser with wide repetition frequency coverage (10kHz to 200kHz); excellent beam quality (M²<1.2), strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges; pulse width <25ns@50k, small heat-affected zone during processing ; Unique Q-switching control technology, suitable for various laser application control needs; using all-digital intelligent power control technology, simple operation, convenient monitoring, also supports communication with a computer, and can control the laser externally through RS232.

No need to be careful anymore, 532nm green laser heat affects small marking glass without bursting

It is worth mentioning that RFH Laser has a laser R&D team, which is an industrial-level R&D team composed of professors, experts and doctors at home and abroad. In addition to talents, RFH has established an application process R&D department, a laser R&D department, an electrical R&D department, etc. The department specializes in laser service and after-sales for its research and development.
On Monday, a customer from Shandong placed an order to buy 5 sets of 35W green lasers, which are mainly used for marking the LCD information and LOGO of refrigerators. Thank you for your trust.


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