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Firemaking is a skill mainly used for ignition, usually used to burn logs to produce fire for cooking raw food. Training firepower also allows players to use light sources when exploring dark environments. In the sense that logs obtained from woodcuts can also be burned to train fire, making fire is the companion skill of woodcutting.

Another reason Firemaking OSRS is an important skill for training is that it allows you to grill fish and cook fish and meat on the spot. This is very useful if you need to cook raw food that can heal your health. As players upgrade, they can gain the ability to burn better logs and use more efficient light sources.

Firemaking OSRS can also help you train Herbore OSRS. Burning out the fire will leave a lot of ashes because it is a component of 207 serum potions, so it can be used for power training for Herbore. You can also make money by burning cheap logs you bought or chopped down, and then selling the ashes to the Grand Exchange, where players who train Herblore can buy ashes from there, or trade them directly to players.

The burnt fire left ashes. Ashes sell well on the Grand Exchange, mainly because they are necessary ingredients to make Serum 207 potion. Many members use it for power training for Herbore but are completely useless in other ways. It is possible to profit from burning cheap logs and collecting ashes, but doing so can effectively prevent any major progress in training skills.

With Firemaking, you can light various lanterns and oil lamps to increase visibility in dark places, but this does not bring you any Firepip XP. Training Firecraft OSRS can also provide you with a mode of transportation if you have completed the Enlightened Journey mission and have a certain number of logs, you can (depending on your level) go to Entrana, Taverley, Crafting Guild, Varrock, Castle Wars, And the big tree through the balloon.

If you are a junior player, you can fight large rats to train their combat skills, then cook raw meat and eat it to restore life. Killing Wintertodt is the only way to obtain Fire Mage equipment. If you have some understanding after reading this guide, you might as well enter the game now. Besides, RS3gold will also sell cheap OSRS Gold and runescape 3 gold to provide players with high-quality services. Fast delivery and 24/7 online are our most basic pursuits.
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