Something not-quite-right is apparently going down


The Glaivier wields a spear and obviously, a glaive, with each weapon giving her a different posture and set of skills. “The shorter spear can be used to unleash a furious blast of energy in the Focus stance, while more powerful glaives make use of the Flurry posture to unleash lethal striking and sweeping attacks” in the patch notes(opens in new tab) are read.

If the Glaivier sounds appealing to you, you should check out her profile to Lost Ark Academy(opens in new tab) to get a better understanding of her stances and skills, and also some suggestions to help you get started.South Vern, which you’ll be able to explore once you reach item level 1340, is the Lost Ark’s newest region, and was once an uninhabited land before the settlers made use of technology from different races to transform it into a beautiful landscape. Something not-quite-right is apparently going down, however, due to the continent being locked down by the senate. The senate also established a knightly order. “The South Vern storyline will be concluded with a huge battle, with the power to change the direction of Arkesia,” Smilegate promises.

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