Dec 15

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It’s time to relax with friends during OSRS Christmas event 2020. This year you are asked to help goblins learn what the holidays are about. Once the Christmas event is completed, you can be awarded giant boulder, goblin decorations and previous years rewards.

How to complete OSRS Christmas event 2020?

Christmas event 2020 has begun on Dec. 9. And below is a guide to help you complete the event quickly:

1. Speak to Scrubfoot by the large Christmas tree in the north of Falador.
2. Head to Goblin Village.
3. Speak to the Generals and go through all chat options.
Then you need to collect loads of items listed below:
1). Decorations: Enter the cave in the northwest corner of the village and equip the sled to make your way along the path. While reaching the bottom, pick up 1 red firefly and 1 green firefly and then exit the cave via the crack in the wall by the waterfall. Please note that the tiles with the lines can let you go quicker.
2). Tree/Boulder: Head east, outside of the village, and then pick up the stick on the ground and use it on the boulder.
3). Gifts: Inspect the chest in the southwest building, then go through the options and get things. You need to choose 3 items. Upon the completion, take the bag of the presents to the generals.
4). Food: Speak to the chef underneath the eastern house. Then search the cupboard to the northwest, shelves to the southeast and sacks to the east to get all food items(rotten meat, stale bread, mouldy sawdust). Next put these items into the cauldron and inspect the cauldron to cook the food into a stew.
Finally you can come back to the generals and give them items. The event is completed. Congratulations!

OSRS Christmas event Rewards

After completing the Christmas event, you can be able to obtain:
1. Giant boulder: a cosmetic reward giving a unique animation. It’s not for members and can be stored in the toy box of a costume room.
2. Goblin decorations (for members): It can be used on already-existing furniture items like pool, fireplace, curtains and spirit tree spaces inside a player-owned house to change the furniture cosmetically to look Christmas-themed.
3. A Cosy Cabin wall decoration for Player-owned houses, which costs 35,000 coins.
4. Two partyhat sets
5. Two Santa hats
6. Two Christmas crackers
7. Winter holiday music tracks (from previous events)
8. Other rewards from previous year’s Christmas events, such as Christmas tree costume, snow imp costume, santa outfit, etc.
9. Access to sled racing

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Dec 10

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A player-owned house (frequently abbreviated to POH) is the focal point of the Construction aptitude. It tends to be purchased from a Real Estate Agent for 1,000 or is given to the endless supply of the Daddy’s Home mini-quest. Players’ homes are situated in Rimmington naturally, however, can be moved to one of 8 distinct urban communities for a charge, if the necessary Construction level is met. The level prerequisite isn’t bootable. Players can go into the house through POH gateways, marked on the world guide as House entry symbol.

House Styles

Home specialists can likewise rearrange the outside of a player’s home for a charge. Alongside a complete refurbishment of a house, each house style accompanies an interesting tune that plays after going into the house. These House Styles are regardless of the area your home is in. For instance, you might have a whitewashed stone house style while your POH is arranged in Yanille.

The Rooms

There is a wide range of rooms that can be added to houses. The house player purchases will start with a nursery and parlour, yet more rooms can be added. Various rooms will require diverse Construction levels and will cost cash. New rooms can be added by right-tapping the entryway hotspots or utilizing the watcher while in building mode.

Building Mode

To start tweaking a house, a player must go into their home with building mode turned on. This should be possible either by entering entry in building mode or by changing the structure mode settings in house choices of the alternative’s menu. Changing the setting in the alternative’s menu while not in a house, the player will naturally be in building mode whenever they cast Teleport to House. The player can’t drop things while in building mode and pets are not permitted. Building mode can’t be turned on while visitors are in the house.

Adding New Rooms

While in building mode, players will see white entryways in the gateways of every one of their rooms. Right-tapping on these and choosing assemble will permit the player to see a menu of the apparent multitude of rooms that can be fabricated joined to that entryway. The player will likewise observe the level prerequisite and the cost of the new room. At the point when a room is chosen, the player will see an apparition variant of the new room and will have the option to turn the space to any ideal pivot given that the entryways line up. On the off chance that a room is involving the detect the player needs to construct, they are given the alternative to eliminate it, except if it is a zoological display or outfit room, where it is moved rather to that area for the structure charge.

Removing the Rooms

A room can be taken out in building mode by right-tapping the entryway to the room and choosing the construct choice. This raises a brief inquiring as to whether you need to eliminate the room. You can’t eliminate a room on the first floor that is supporting another room on the second floor. This standard doesn’t make a difference to prison rooms under the first-floor rooms. It is fitting to eliminate all the manufactured things in a room prior to eliminating the room. Much of the time, nothing is picked up by eliminating things, yet sometimes things are recuperated. For instance, shield, blades, and capes that are essential for a showcase can be recuperated.

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Dec 10

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It’s been a November to remember, huh? As we round off this month and move on to the next, you’ll get to learn more about Raksha, the Shadow Colossus of Orthen, open the first windows on your Advent Calendar and watch your favourite content creators get their nerd on with a RuneScape-themed Dungeons and Dragons adventure! buy runescape 3 gold

Did you get all that? Then let’s go!

In this week’s news, Raksha’s on a rampage, the first of our Premier Club 2021 drops arrives, and the RuneScape Advent Calendar makes a triumphant return!

Raksha, The Shadow Colossus of Orthen: Coming Soon!

Raksha will be one of the biggest challenges RuneScape has to offer, fitting squarely between Araxxor and Telos in terms of difficulty. You’ll want to bring your best gear and your strongest strategies, ’cause this beastie means business!

Eager to learn more? Our bravest content creators will be a playing a special RuneScape-themed game of D&D this Wednesday, December 2nd, and they just might turn up some nuggets of information on their adventure. See all the details in the Community Tab!

RuneScape Advent Calendar

Can you believe it’s this time of year again already? The RuneScape Advent Calendar is back, and it’s chock-full of goodies!

For those of you who are new here, the RuneScape Advent Calendar is a time-honoured tradition. Open one door each day until Christmas and reveal the presents within!

Every time you open a door on the same day as the number written on it, you’ll get a free Treasure Hunter key, as well as progress towards the grand prize: an adorable Sir Coalington Embers plushie! Much less dangerous to snuggle than the real thing.

There’s also a different Treasure Hunter promotion every day of the Advent Calendar – so it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on any rare prizes you missed throughout the year.

Steam Awards: Vote for us!

Now that RuneScape’s on Steam, we’re eligible for the Steam Awards, which kick off in December. Personally, we think we fit nicely into the ‘Sit Back and Relax’ category, but you can nominate us for whichever category you think suits us best.

To cast your vote, just go to our Steam page and click the ‘vote’ button. Thanks a million!

Premier Club: December Drops

It’s not even 2021 yet, but the Premier Club monthly drops are already kicking off! If you’re a Premier Club member, then you’ll receive the following freebies for December:

A Yak Track task skip
A large mystery box
1,000 oddments
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OSRS Tale of the Righteous quest is one of the newest OSRS quests made by Jagex, OSRS Tale of the Righteous quest was released on 21 March 2018 and it was added to the Great Kourend quest series. But enough with the history of this quest and let’s continue with this guide. buy rs3 gold

The story of the OSRS Tale of the Righteous quest is that King Shayzien VII made an expedition to Mount Quidamortem but something went wrong because the expedition never returned and it was assumed that all members perished in the field. So your task will be to join another expedition led by Phileas Rimor to find out what happened with the first one.

Quest and Skill Requirements

The quest needed for OSRS Tale of the Righteous quest is the completion of the Client of Kourend quest and 20% of Shayzien favour quest. Skills needed are:

10 Mining
16 Strength

Items Needed For The OSRS Tale of the Righteous

Runes to cast any magic combat spell
Ranged weapon with ammunition. Darts also work.
1-3 Stamina potions
Weapon and food
Weight-reducing clothing
Xeric’s talisman
Dramen staff or Lunar staff for the fairy rings
Skill necklace
Ability to use Lovakengj Minecart system and 50 to travel to Mount Quidamortem

Searching In The Archives

To start this quest you need to talk to Phileas Rimor in his house just north of the Shayzien bank. Ask him if he needs any help, and he will tell you that his ancestor, Magnus Rimor, led an expedition to Mount Quidamortem in the Kebos Lowlands over a thousand years ago and never returned.

But he received a parcel from an unknown individual containing an old journal written by King Shayzien VII, with a note on the parcel claiming the journal was stolen from the Tower of Magic during the uprising against Xeric in the 47th decade. Phileas will ask you to help him find out what happened, so agree to help by asking him what he needs?

He will tell you to try and learn more about the expedition by visiting the Library Historical Archive. Go to the Arceuus Library (you can go there by Arceuus teleport, fairy rings code CIS or games necklace to the Wintertodt Camp), in the main floor go next to the transportation sign.

Right-click on Archeio and choose the teleport option, talk to Pagida, and he will tell you that King Shayzien VII spent more time in the Tower of Magic than any other king, and oversaw construction of various new sections, including a prison, which was built around the same time as the expedition, but has been abandoned for many years. Ask if you can access the prison, and he will teleport you there.

Head to the middle of the prison and right-click on the big cristal, push the strange device as far west as you can, then stand on the north side of the device and attack the device using magic. Then, standing on the south side of the device, attack it using melee (your fists work).

Push the device all the way east, and attack the device using ranged from its south side.Once all the crystals are turned white the north prison cell will open, go inside and you will see a skeleton. Investigate the skeleton by clicking on it, and you will discover some writing on the floor stating “Lizards on the mountain. Do not trust the King. The altar is a lie.”
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Runescape fans have been able to relive the adventure of this ultimate MMORPG ever since Old School Runescape was officially released in February 2013. Among the three combat classes, warrior, hunter and mage, there is one skill that is particularly important. : magic. rs3 gold

A lot of players haven’t played Runescape before, and some were no doubt not in-depth leveling experts. Having a strong level of magic comes into play in defending against magic damage, enchanting items, teleporting and even earning money with high level alchemy. As one of the best ways to earn coins in the game, knowing how to improve this skill is essential.

5 Pest control

This cooperative method of magical experience is also very safe, making it a great choice for magical experiences. Players using this magic training minigame should try to cast Ice Burst as it provides the best experience possible. Ice Burst can also be useful in training the manic monkeys in Monkey Atoll.

4 High level alchemy

Players looking to try and earn coins while gaining experience will want to try this method if they can. The High-level Alchemy spell converts items into OSRS gold, and by choosing the right items, clever players cannot suffer losses. Going to the Alchemist’s room in the Mages Training Arena may result in no spell launch cost to lower the cost. This method can also work well when training other skills as players can convert other different items that they pick up during training.

3 Leather tanning

To use this method, players must have access to the Moon’s Spell Book and complete the Hard Fremenik Journal. Then all you need to do is cast Tan Leather and get 81 magical experience in one throw. Seasoned players will use this method on the Grand Exchange to easily buy and sell the materials they need. Players should also avoid cheating when trying to buy or sell their goods – players can make not only a profit but also a potential of 120,000 experience per hour.

2 Superheat Items

For players who are not so great in combat, using the Item Overheating spell is a great option to gain magical experience. When optimized, this method can yield 97,000 experiments per hour. However, this method is quite risky in terms of the number of coins to spend. If done carefully, players can make a profit or at least break even. Players just shouldn’t be surprised if they lose early.

1 Stringing Jewelry

This method provides not only 150,000 Magic Experience per hour, but also 6,265 Crafting Experience! Players with access to the Moon’s Spellbook can cast the String Jewelry spell. Players need a large supply of amulets to work with, so the use of a mud cane is recommended to reduce potential costs. Players can earn this Staff by defeating Dagannoth Prime and earning it as a drop.
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A cart of a travelling trader was attacked by local outlaws, he is now stranded south of Varrock and needs the help of a hero to recover his lost documents. But wait, that’s not all? The Varrock Palace Secret Guard (VPSG) are on a trail of treacherous dealings with the Monks of Zamorak! rs gold

How will you help the VSPG and uncover what lies below? Ah yes, this guide can help you through your journey in completing the quest. So, Goodluck.

Quest Requirements

Rune Mysteries (A novice level Free-to-play quest)

Skill Requirements

35 Runecrafting

42 Mining to use the shortcut to Chaos altar (Although, it’s not required if you’re using the Abyss).

Items Required

A Bowl Bronze Pickaxe (Specifically required, if you don’t access through the Abyss)

15 Chaos Runes

A Chaos Talisman or Tiara (If you have access to the Abyss, you don’t need one)


A weapon to kill the Outlaws

Chronicle or a Combat Bracelet for teleports to south Varrock

Varrock Teleports

Axe (hatchets) to use canoe

Amulet of Glory or Ring of Wealth to teleport to the outlaw camp

High enough combat skills, decent armour and weapon to defeat 5 Outlaws (Level 32) and King Roald (Level 47) is also recommended.

To start the quest, Talk to Rat Burgess on the road between Varrock and Lumbridge, by the crossroads to the Exam Centre. He will tell you that a bunch of Outlaws have attacked his trading cart and stole five papers from him. Asking for your help, he will hand you an empty folder to keep them in.

Now, head over to the Outlaws. They are located south of the fairy ring, west of Grand Exchange; from the Grand Exchange, you can use a shortcut (Requires 21 Agility) to get to the location easily.

Once you’ve reached their camp, kill five of the outlaws to retrieve Rat’s papers, and then use them on the folder to complete it. You should now return to rat and hand him over the folder, he will then ask you to deliver an item called ‘Letter to Surok’ to Surok Magic in the library of Varrock Palace.

On the north side of the 1st floor of the palace . Give him the letter, he will then destroy it and tell you that he can turn plain clay into OSRS gold bars. But he’ll need two items, an ordinary bowl and an infused wand . Before you leave, he’ll give you Sin’keth’s diary and a wand so you can infuse it with chaos.

In the next part, you’ll have 3 options to choose from, according to the advantages (requirements) you already have.

First, head over to the Chaos Altar which is located in level 9 Wilderness, just north of the Edgeville Monastery. You’ll need a chaos talisman, chaos tiara or access to the Abyss. Don’t forget to bring the required 15 chaos runes to use on the altar.

Option 1

Make your way through the maze after entering through the entrance of the Chaos altar that is in the wilderness. This may be time consuming as the maze can get frustrating.

Option 2

You can read the Sin’keth’s diary and then go east of Varrock. Head towards south – west of the Lumberyard and west of the Earth altar. There, you will find a statue of Saradomin. Talk to the NPC named Anna Jones there, and she will give you a bronze pickaxe. Use the pickaxe to excavate the statue and an entrance to the Tunnel of Chaos will reveal. Entering the tunnel, you will find out that the Dagon’hai organisation lives there, keep heading north until you see a portal. Now, this portal will lead you directly to the second level of the Chaos Maze. Head east by clicking the platform with a ladder that you can climb up but do not climb up this ladder. Next head slightly south, then west to the ladder that you can climb down. Lastly, walk east to reach the altar.
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Earlier this year we presented Tempoross to you, our first iteration of the Fishing Skill Boss. Since then we’ve made some changes based on your feedback, and are excited to share more about this angry sea spirit once again! We’re talking about this well ahead of release to give us plenty of chance to react to any feedback you have – so please let us know what you think using the links found below! runescape gold

ATTENTION ALL SKILLED FISHERMEN: We, The Spirit Anglers, need your help!

Seafarers have for many generations told chilling tales of the very ocean itself coming to life. Such stories speak of waters amassing into colossal shifting forms that whip the waves into a raging storm. Perhaps you have heard talk of a vengeful Spirit of the Sea wantonly attacking sailors unprovoked? Or maybe you have heard, as some believe, that this Spirit is simply a guardian of the oceans, intent merely on fending off those who are disrespectful of its waters and wildlife?

Whatever the reason, talk of this Spirit is indeed correct. This is no mere story but in fact the work of Tempoross, the Spirit of the Sea. Much remains unknown, but our research thus far suggests the Spirit could be as old as Gielinor itself. And crucially, after lying dormant for centuries, it has finally awoken.

We of course seek to understand the reasons behind its sudden resurgence, but there are also more pressing concerns. The Spirit is coalescing once again, causing intense storms that make crossing its path a perilous task. As such, The Spirit Anglers have been formed to investigate, whilst keeping it subdued to quell the storm and allow safe passage.

We need your help! Join us and save the seas!

Tempoross Overview

Tempoross is an all new, fun and sociable way to train Fishing. Available to all members with at least level 35 Fishing, we’re aiming to create an accessible, social Fishing Skill encounter that offers an alternative to the current hands-off levelling methods. With this in mind, our intentions for this boss were:

Scalable and accessible

It should support group sizes from 1 to 40+.
Higher level, experienced players shouldn’t feel hindered by lower level players and these lower level and/or new players should still feel useful to their team.
10HP accounts, level 3s and HCIM should be able to participate without risk.
There should be a risk of failing the encounter if players aren’t pulling their weight.
Existing Fishing methods have a lot of downtime, so Tempoross should be a faster experience. It should, however, still be grindable without being exhausting.
However, this is an alternative to existing Fishing methods and the current meta, not a replacement:
The boss shouldn’t give the best XP and best fish rates. We don’t want to stop everyone from Fishing around Gielinor as that adds life and character to the world!
Rewards should compliment traditional Fishing.

XP rates would scale based on your Fishing level. We expect that levels 35-70 would offer some of the best Fishing XP available in the game, albeit at the cost of receiving fewer fish – and being more intensive. Here’s a breakdown of the approximate experience rates you should expect:

35 Fishing – 30k XP per hour
70 Fishing – 70k XP per hour
99 Fishing – 80k XP per hour

Note: The above experience rates are approximations to give a better understanding of how Tempoross would compare to existing content. They are not exact and are subject to change based on testing, balancing and player feedback.
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Dec 01

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If someone tells you that he likes to collect scorpions what will be your reaction? To be honest, I’m a bit scared of scorpions, if you are like me I’m sure that you’re happy that this quest is in the game and not in real life. The OSRS Scorpion Catcher quest is about a wizard who apparently loves to buy runescape 3 gold and collect scorpions.

The wizard Thormac has lost his scorpions friends and he will ask you to help find not one but three of them. Somehow they manage to escape and they are on the loose somewhere. The good thing is that if you manage to find them all, he may just be able to perform an important service for you.

Skills and Quest Requirements

For the OSRS Scorpion Catcher quest, you will need the completion of Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl quest. The skills needed for the OSRS Scorpion Catcher quest is 31 Prayer.

Items Needed For The OSRS Scorpion Catcher

Dusty key (not needed if you have level 70 Agility)
Anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire shield (not needed if you have level 80 Agility)

1 Antipoison
Weight reducing gear and food
2 Stamina potions
Skills necklace
Camelot and Falador teleport
Games necklace
Combat bracelet

Catching The Scorpions

To start the OSRS Scorpion Catcher quest go to the Sorcerer’s Tower south of Seers’ Village and talk with Thormac on the top floor of the Sorcerer’s Tower. He’ll tell you that his rare Kharid Scorpions have escaped and are currently running loose.

He will give you a Scorpion cage to catch the scorpions in and tells you to go talk to the Seers that live just to the north. Teleport to Camelot and talk to any Seer in Seers’ Village, tell him your friend Thormac sent me and he will tell you about a secret room with nasty spiders nearby.

You need to wait for the Seer to be done with checking his mirror, don’t move and just wait for him to start talking to you again. Now make your way to the Barbarian Outpost and make sure to have completed the Grimhand’s Barcrawl mini-quest and go through the gate. Enter into the eastern building and on your mini map you will see a yellow dot, that is our scorpion, use your cage on it and you will catch it.

Once you catch him go to the Edgeville Monastery, enter into the east building and run to the southeastern ladder (You’ll need to have 31 Prayer to go upstairs), climb up the ladder. Next to the ladder you should see a scorpion on the floor next to the door use your cage on the scorpion to catch it.

The Last Scorpion

Go to the bank and take some food, an anti-poison potion, an anti-dragon shield, and the dusty key if you have one. Head to the Taverley Dungeon, climb down the ladder and you will find two shortcuts. If you have level 80 Agility, use the shortcut to the poison spiders or If you have level 70 Agility, use the shortcut to the blue dragons.


1 Quest point
6,625 Strength experience
The ability to have Thormac turn a battlestaff into a mystic staff for 40,000 coins
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Dec 01

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Druidic Ritual Quest is a short, initial OSRS mission designed to help the Druids restore the Circle to Varrock. Druidic Ritual is a quest that sends you on an adventure to help the druids found north of Taverley. You must help them make a potion that will allow them to return to the circle south of Varrock. There are a few key conditions, so keep OSRS gold,runescape 3 gold and meat on hand if needed.

Requirements for OSRS Druidic Ritual Quest

What do we mean by meat? Well, the only OSRS item required for this short OSRS druid ritual is raw meat, including raw bears, rats, beef, and chicken. Since this is just a short beginner’s mission, that’s all you need to get the job done. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Druidic Ritual quest itself.

Kaqemeex at The Stone Circle

First, go to the stone circle north of Taverley and talk to Kaqemeex. You can find it east of the path that leads to Burthorpe. Here you will learn that the stone circle in Varrock once belonged to them, until it was conquered by the dark wizards. From here you will be asked to go to Sanfew and talk to him.

Go south to Sanfew

To the south, you’ll find Sanfew’s octagonal Herblore store above. Tell Sanfew that you have been ordered to assist with the ritual that will clear Varrock’s stone circle. To do this, you need to put raw rat meat, raw beef, raw chicken meat, and raw bear meat into the Cauldron of Thunder to continue.

For these OSRS items, it is best to transfer your OSRS gold to the Grand Exchange. If not, teleport to Varrock and go east. Around the mining areas you will find a giant kill rat in the southeast and a bear in the south. Continue south towards Lumbridge where you can kill both chickens and cows in the pasture. They can also be found at the southern entrance of Falador if you don’t want to go the previous route.

The last option is to buy four meat products from Meat Emporium Rufus after unlocking the road to Canifis. Regardless of the method chosen, the next step is to reach Cauldron or Thunder.

Enchant the Meat at the Cauldron

You can find Cauldron or Thunder in Taverley Dungeon. Go south of Taverley and go down the ladder. Head north past the skeletons where you will find two armor on level 19. You can kill them or make a donation to see where the cauldron is. Use the meat from your inventory on it, it will turn blue and create enchanted versions.

Return with Enchanted Meat

Once you have the enchanted flesh, exit the dungeon after entering and talk to Sanfew. He will take the meat off you before asking you to talk to Kaqemeex again. You will thank Kaqemeex and learn more about Herblore’s skills.


You will receive four quest points for completing the OSRS Druidic Ritual quest. It also provides access to the Herblore skills and 250 Herblore XP. It is also required to complete Recruitment Drive, Eadgar’s Rose, and Jungle Potion.
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Nov 27

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You voted, we counted, and the winners of the 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards have been revealed! But don’t fret if you missed our Award Ceremony livestream – we’ve got a big list of all the winners right here.

But first, let’s take a moment to thank everyone in the RuneScape and Old School RuneScape communities for making our games such a wonderful place to be. This year has been difficult, but here at the Golden Gnome Awards we’re celebrating all our community members who gave their time and energy to make it that little bit easier, whether they be musicians, artists, video creators, streamers – or just a player with a lot of community spirit.

We’d also like to thank everyone for participating in this historic Golden Gnomes Award. You voted, you viewed, and you talked up a storm – so without further ado, let’s see the winners!

Video Awards

These talented folks turned YouTube into TheirTube and filmed their way to a fabulous prize! Congratulations to the following video creators:
Best New RuneScape Video Creator: Hanannie
Best RuneScape Video Creator: Maikeru
Best RuneScape Video: ProtoxxGaming: RuneScape 3 – 1-99 Archaeology Guide
Best New Old School RuneScape Video Creator: 9Rain
Best Old School RuneScape Video Creator: J1mmy
Best Old School RuneScape Video: xzact and Rendi: 3 Combat Fire Cape

Streaming Awards

Whether they’re new to the scene or a veteran twitcher, these streamers really stood out from the crowd. A big congratulations to:
Best New Old School RuneScape Streamer: Synq
Best Old School RuneScape Streamer: Odablock
Best New RuneScape Streamer: mika279
Best RuneScape Streamer: Maikeru

Art Awards

Here at Jagex we love seeing fan creations, and art is no exception – but these artists and their work really stood out from the crowd. Congratulations to the following:

Best New RuneScape Artist: Suizzy
Best RuneScape Artist: Willoway
Best RuneScape Artistic Creation: mavrick882: Invention
Best New Old School RuneScape Artist: CrumbOSRS
Best Old School RuneScape Artist: 7thSleeper
Best Old School RuneScape Artistic Creation: Lilsmokey: Avatar Intro but it’s RuneScape
Best Music Creation: J1mmy: Sandy Confession

Cosplay Awards

Loads of you submitted images of yourselves in your fabulous costumes, wielding mighty props of all stripes, but the following two cosplayers really threaded the needle:

Best Cosplay Costume: AltF4’s recreation of the Valkyrie Outfit
Best Cosplay Prop: NoxiousIRL’s recreation of the Noxious Scythe

Community Champion

This year’s Community Champion award goes to the RS and OSRS Wiki!

The Wiki team and their contributors go above and beyond to make the tremendous depth of our games more accessible to everyone. We’d particularly like to highlight their work with the Archaeology and Steam launches for RuneScape and Leagues II – Trailblazer for Old School RuneScape. We’ve been consciously aware of the Wiki’s value for a while and have accordingly implemented more in-game visibility in both Old School RuneScape and RuneScape this year. Here’s to many more years of sharing the knowledge, Wiki team! Much of our success is owed to you, and we love you for it x.

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